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Self-awareness is the first step toward living a conscious life. Articles on how to be a more conscious human, including how to find your life purpose, develop your inner self, manage your life better, master your emotions, build your self-confidence, and develop a positive self-image.

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Want to pursue your passion? Thinking of starting a business? Want to move ahead in your work? Start here.

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Goals & Dreams

Everyone has goals. What’s the best way to set goals and achieve them with success? What if there is a systematic process behind successful goal achievement? These articles will get you started.

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Got a bad habit to quit? Want to cultivate a new, positive habit like jogging, healthy eating, sleeping early, and meditation? Get my tips to break bad habits and cultivate new positive ones.

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Never neglect your body; it’s the only one you have to live in. Get tips to improve your eating habits, improving your lifestyle, and achieving your ideal weight. Work on a healthier you, starting today!

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Frustrated with love? Not sure whether you’re ever going to meet the one? Learn how to find your ideal love and bringing your relationship to the highest level: from dating, to finding your soulmate, to achieving your best relationship, to marriage.

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Have trouble dealing with critical folks in your life? Want to get the best out of your interpersonal relationships? Everything from improving your people skills, to having more best friends, to meeting like-minded people, to improving your relationships with your parents here.

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Everything about time management, how to be more productive, and getting things done!

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Are you a student? This section is dedicated for you — learn how to achieve academic success, overcome distractions when studying, and make the best out of your schooling life.

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Money isn’t everything, but money is important. I don’t write much about money because I see it as a result of giving abundant value to the world, but every now and then I have some nuggets to share about money.

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Looking for inspiration? From inspiring quotes, to things to do before you die, to inspiring graduation speeches, to beautiful wallpapers, to inspirational music, you’ll find something for yourself here.

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PE Readers Meetups

About Celes

Random articles about Celes that aren’t already listed above. 🙂

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PE Challenges

I used to conduct 2–4 week long challenges as a value-add to the PE community. Here are past challenges on PE (click on each link to get access to all the tasks issued during the challenge):

If you find these challenges helpful, then you can’t miss Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program and Be a Better Me in 30 Days Program! They are my premium 30-day programs to transform your life and be your ideal self. More here:

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