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Below are all my articles at Personal Excellence, grouped them into key categories for your easy viewing. These are all-time classics with my best lessons on living our best life.

Don’t attempt to read them in one shot – rather, bookmark this page and return regularly to check out the posts. If there’s a topic you wish to see but isn’t covered here, let me know!


Everything on being a better person. Articles on how to find your life purpose, develop your inner self, build your confidence, and more.

Finding Purpose

Living Consciously

It can be said that our entire life’s journey is about growing in consciousness and eventually reaching enlightenment. Articles on how to be a more conscious being, increase your self-awareness, and understand your role in the universe.

Character Building


Important Life Skills

Emotional Mastery

The ability to master your emotions helps you act consciously in every situation. Learn to master your emotions, including stress, disappointment, fear, unhappiness, and anger.

How To Stay Positive

Managing Stress

Managing Disappointment

Managing Fear

Managing Anger

Dealing With Life’s Challenges


Goal Strategy

Achieving your goals isn’t about luck — it’s about having the right system to achieve massive success. Read my guides on goal setting, developing your strategy, and more.

Set Your Goal

Develop Your Strategy

Develop a Success Mindset

Overcome Obstacles, Setbacks


Want to get more done for your time? Read my best productivity tips to get things done.


Get Things Done

Dealing With Social Media

Productivity Routines & Habits

Improve Your Tools & Environment


Family are the people who love us unconditionally no matter what happens. We may not have the most perfect relationship with our family members now, but we can certainly work on improving them. Learn to address family conflicts, resolve differences, and build your best relationship with your family members.


Family & Personal Growth

Dealing With Family Conflicts

Losing a Loved One


Love & Dating

Frustrated with love? Or are you attached and looking to build your best relationship with your partner? Finding your soulmate and building a thriving relationship isn’t something that happens by chance — it’s something you actively work on and make happen. Read articles on dating and how to attract your highest partner. If you have found your ideal partner, learn how to build your best relationship with him/her.

Dating Tips

Finding Your Soulmate

Being in a Relationship

Dealing With Sexuality & Intimacy


People Skills

Want to get the best out of your people relationships? Everything from improving people skills, to improving family bonds, to building lasting friendships, to dealing with difficult people.

People Skills


Dealing With Difficult People/Situations


Learn important work skills on how to be the top in your field and how to build good workplace relationships. Get career advice on how to deal with career crossroads. Also, in-depth guides on how to pursue your passion with success.

Career Decisions

Important Work Skills

Managing Co-Workers & Customers

How To Pursue Your Passion

How do you pursue your passion and earn money doing it? I walk you through the steps to find your passion, get started with it, and succeed in your journey.


Strategies and tips on starting a business. Interviews with successful entrepreneurs, how to get media coverage, and more.

Start Your Business

Run Your Business

Coaching/Blog Business

Interviews with Successful Entrepreneurs

Principles of Earning Money

Inspiration and Lessons



School & Studies


I used to conduct challenges at PE with thousands of participants around the world taking part in them. Here are the archive posts for some of the past challenges. While they are over, the tasks are timeless and you can do them in your own time.