Customer Care FAQs

Thank you for your¬†purchase/interest in the PE products! ūüôā Your support¬†is very important to me.

Due to a high volume of customer enquiries, I’ve created this customer FAQs page¬†to better help you. This page addresses almost all the questions ever received with detailed instructions.

Please read through the questions first before contacting support. And if you can’t find your answer here, please contact us!

Pre-Sales Questions


I don’t use Paypal. How do I pay by credit card¬†/ debit card / online bank account?

Even though the checkout¬†button¬†says¬†“Checkout with Paypal,” click it anyway. When you reach the next screen, Paypal will give you 2 options: (1) Pay with Paypal (2) Pay with your credit card, debit card, or online bank account¬†directly, without a Paypal account. See screenshots below:

1) Click “Checkout with Paypal”:

Shopping Cart - Checkout with Paypal

2) Select the option that says “Pay with an online bank account, debit or credit card, or Paypal credit”:

Other Payment Options at Checkout (Customer Care FAQs)

You can then pick your desired method, key in your details, make your payment, without a Paypal account.

However, there are some countries that do not have the option to check out with debit/credit card only ‚ÄĒ after selecting your country, the option to check out without a Paypal account disappears. This is likely due to individual regulations of that country with Paypal. In such instances, there is unfortunately no other option but to create an account with Paypal.¬†It doesn’t take more than a few minutes and Paypal is widely accepted online for payments and transactions.

If you have a credit/debit card, you can use this to pay on the same checkout screen where you specify the details of your new Paypal account. If you don’t have a credit/debit card, creating a Paypal account¬†should allow¬†you to transfer bank funds there, after which you can use these funds for the purchase.

Do you accept payment from X country?

Our default payment gateway is Paypal, which accepts payments from Paypal accounts, credit cards, debit cards, and online bank accounts (see answer to previous question). For the full list of countries supported by Paypal, click here.

Paypal is not available in my country / My country is not available when I try to check out with my credit/debit card. Do you accept other forms of payment?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. Independent e-payment processors have very high fees (which are inadvertently passed on to you) and are also very complicated to set up. We also do not accept payments by bank account transfer.

What we¬†recommend is¬†to ask¬†a friend or family member who has an international credit card to make the purchase on your behalf, after which you can manually transfer them the cash. While a bit of a roundabout method, it has helped¬†customers who couldn’t pay by the default gateway to purchase PE products with no problem.


Are your products/courses physical or digital products?

All PE books and courses are in digital format. With a digital product, you can easily access it across multiple devices on the go, even when you are halfway across the globe. No need to wait for shipping. Digital products are also environmentally friendly which aligns with our values as a business.

What is the currency of the prices?

All prices are in USD.

Are your products/courses compatible with tablet/Mac/smartphone/[insert device]?

All our products are created in mainstream, acceptable formats, which are .pdf, .doc, .mp4, and .mp3, depending on the product you are purchasing. Our video courses generally come with mp4/mp3/PDF files while ebook courses like 30DLBL and 30BBM come in PDF format.

Because of that, as long as you are using a device with software that can open PDF (Adobe Acrobat reader), DOC (Microsoft Word or any word editing tool), MP4 (any modern video player), and/or MP3 (any audio player), you should be able to access the files fine. Even if your device can’t open these files by default, you can simply download free software online that can open these file formats, and you’ll be able to open them.

For customers purchasing video courses, each video course with complimentary access to a courses portal. Regarding our courses portal and device compatibility, our website and portal have been designed to be mobile responsive, which means they load optimally in smartphones and tablets, on top of PC/laptops. Because there is a large number of devices out there, it is not realistically possible for us to test out the portal in every single computer and device version. However, we have received great feedback from customers who use iPads, Android tablets, and mobile smartphones. As long as you are using a relatively modern tablet/smartphone (meaning, nothing from 1990s or early 2000s), you should access the portal fine.

Since 30DLBL/30BBM is in digital form, how do I edit the workbook?

Both¬†30DLBL and 30BBM¬†each comes with¬†(1) a PDF guidebook, (2) a PDF workbook, and (3) the same workbook in .doc format. The .doc workbook can be opened¬†with Microsoft¬†Word or any standard word editor that supports .doc, after which¬†you can edit¬†directly¬†inside the document.¬†The¬†.pdf format is provided in case users want to print out the workbook and write on paper, as .doc files can have different alignments¬†depending on the software used. So whether you want to do the program on your PC or on paper, you get to choose. ūüôā

Since¬†each program¬†is meant to be timeless and¬†can be¬†done as many times as you want, you can create a new copy of the .doc workbook¬†and specify the date whenever you’re doing a run ‚ÄĒ¬†such as 30DLBL_Workbook_Jun2016.doc if you’re doing it in June¬†2016, and subsequently 30DLBL_Workbook_Dec2016 when you do it¬†6 months later. This way you can look back and review your progress through the months/years.

I have some questions about 30DLBL/30BBM.

Please refer to our individual FAQ pages for 30DLBL and 30BBM:

If you have other 30DLBL/30BBM questions on top of what’s on the FAQs pages, contact us.

After Purchase Questions

I didn’t receive any email?

After payment, our server automatically generates a confirmation receipt to the email that you specified during checkout. This happens in a matter of minutes. If you used Paypal, you will get a mandatory email from Paypal itself, which means you should get 2 emails.

If you didn’t receive an email from us, there are¬†3¬†possibilities:

  1. The mail went into your junk/spam folder.
  2. Your inbox is full, causing emails to bounce.
  3. There was a typo with your email address during checkout. Since there was a typo, the email was sent to the wrong address.

95% of customers who report not receiving their email fall in the first category. Please check your junk/spam folder.

If you don’t receive any email from us after 30 minutes and there’s nothing in your junk/spam, please contact us via the customer service form below with (1) The name of the product/course you purchased, (2) Your full name used at checkout, and (3) The email address used at checkout.


I got the email, but I’m not able to download the materials.

If your download pauses/breaks when downloading halfway, this is unfortunately due to a weak internet connection on your end or a bad connection between your Internet Service Provider and our host. We are hosted on a very high speed server and customers from around the world have downloaded our materials without issues.

We recommend the following:

  1. If you’re using wireless, move yourself next to¬†your wireless router so you get the¬†strongest connection. If you have an ethernet cable with LAN connection, use that and ensure you are connected via LAN (not wifi). Then,
  2. Reboot your computer. Disconnect from all your downloads/uploads on other sites and software. Ensure your connection is not being used for anything. Then, try again. Click once, wait for the link to load, and then wait for the file to download fully.
  3. Or, get access to a faster¬†connection, such as from a friend’s place, a cafe with good wifi, or a library.

If you are still unable to load the files after doing the above, please contact us.

My download link has expired. Help!

This only applies to 30DLBL/30BBM purchases.

For 30DLBL/30BBM purchases, you are sent a download link to download the files. This download link is functional for X days or a certain number of downloads, whichever limit happens first. This limit is specified in the confirmation email and is set by the system to prevent mass/fradulent downloading.

The reason you received the expiry message is likely because (1) you failed to download the material within the time limit or (2) you clicked on the download link too many times (the system tracks each click on the link as one download, even if the files were not fully downloaded).

To reactivate the download link, let us know via the customer service form below with (1) The name of the product/course you purchased, (2) Your email address used during payment, and (3) Your transaction ID.

I lost my downloaded materials.

If you’ve purchased a video course, simply relogin to the members portal to redownload the materials.

If you’ve purchased an ebook product like 30DLBL/30BBM and your purchase was made over one year¬†ago, we are not able to¬†provide support for loss of files, such as¬†due to computer data loss or personal misplacement of files.¬†We recommend all customers to always backup their computer information and files regularly via an external hard disk¬†or a thumb drive to prevent any unexpected data loss. However, please contact us via the customer service form below and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Technical Issues

I can’t login to the members portal for XX course!

There are several possible reasons. The 3 common ones are:

  1. You’ve¬†used¬†the wrong username/password. Please copy and paste the login information, sent to you in the confirmation email receipt, into¬†the¬†respective fields. Copy/paste the information exactly, without spaces or other characters. As long as there is an extra space/character, it’s considered a wrong login. The login is case sensitive.
  2. Your browser doesn’t accept cookies so the login popup keeps appearing again and again, prompting for the login information (username and password). If your browser isn’t set to accept cookies, it¬†can’t save the login information,¬†which is why¬†the popup keeps appearing again and again. Change your browser settings to accept cookies and the issue should be solved. If the issue still persists, try a different browser with cookies enabled. Our portal is compatible with all modern day browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.
  3. You exhibited user behavior that is similar to a spammer’s and¬†got blocked by¬†our server¬†firewall.¬†Usually this happens when a user tries to login many times with the wrong information or tries to download a mass number of files at one go.Don’t worry though ‚ÄĒ simply contact us via the customer service form below with (1) The name of the product/course you purchased, (2) Your email address¬†used during payment, (3) Your transaction ID, and (4) A screenshot of the error message when using the form, and we’ll look into it.

The video doesn’t play when I click “play” in the course portal.

This is possibly due to a weak internet connection on the user end. The course files are very large in size due to the high quality (each video file is 200-300 meg in size on average, while the course audio files about 100-150 meg each), and it can take a while to load depending on your internet connection speed. An ethernet LAN connection will be faster than a wireless connection.

I recommend the following:

  1. Load the module page with the video, and click “Play” on the video player. Wait for¬†the video to load for about 10 minutes, even 15 minutes. You should see the video streaming/playing at this point.
  2. Download the files directly to your device. The big¬†buttons below the video player for each module is a direct downloadable link to the¬†respective files. If you’re using a PC, right clicking each link allows you to specify the file name and the location to save it to, before downloading it.¬†The PC also shows the progress of the download of each file at the bottom of the window, and the speed of the download depends on your internet connection and size of the file.To ensure a fast download, download one file at a time. Only download the next file when the previous one is done. After you download the materials,¬†you can now use them whenever you like,¬†without dependency on the internet.

If you are still unable to load the files after doing the above, please contact us.

I can’t access the entire PE website. Help!

If so, I assume that you must be reading this with a different device, since you wouldn’t be able to see this FAQs page if you can’t access the PE website! That said,¬†I need your help to check the following:

  1. What is the exact URL where you get the error? Is it on every single page of Personal Excellence (, or just specific pages? If so, which page(s)?
  2. Are you able to load other websites, such as Forbes, Guardian, Business Insider, etc. on the very same device?
  3. Are you able to load the PE website on other browsers and devices?
  4. Are you able to load the PE website on¬†a different internet connection, such as a¬†wireless connection at a cafe or at¬†a¬†friend’s place or workplace?

If (1) you’re able to access PE using other internet connections, (2) you’re able to access¬†other websites fine¬†using the offending¬†internet connection, and (3) it’s only through the offending connection that you can’t access the entire PE website, it’s possible that your IP address¬†may have¬†been banned. This happens when our server detects spammer-like behavior from your¬†IP or if there has been a spammer who had used the same IP as you before.

If so, please email us via the customer service form below with the following information:

  1. The name of the product/course you purchased
  2. Your email address used during payment
  3. Your transaction ID
  4. A screenshot of the exact error message that comes up, and the URL where this error occurs
  5. The IP address of the offending internet connection. You can check your IP here. An IP address should be in the form of XXX.XXX.XX.XX, where X is a number. An example of an IP address is

I can’t get the course materials to print properly.

All the documents for PE books/courses have been specially formatted for optimal viewing on the computer, as well as for printing. Many of our customers have printed the materials fine without issues.

Any kind of printing issue, such as margin misalignments, is typically caused by one’s printer setup. Unfortunately we are unable to assist with printing problems¬†as it is out of our support scope. Please adjust the margins using¬†your¬†printer settings or¬†via¬†the “Print Preview” page, depending on your device. The printed output should basically be how it is viewed on the computer. If it doesn’t work, please contact your printer company for help.

I can’t¬†open the zipped files on my iPad?

The PE products and portal are compatible for use in iPad, Android tablets, most modern smartphone browsers, and PC. The issue that certain iPads have with zip files is an issue with the iOS and is not related to our files. It seems that iOS versions earlier than version 7 are not able to unzip zip files automatically, as there is no built-in zip support.

Based on the recommendations on an Apple forum, you can download a third party app to unzip files:

  1. iUnarchive Lite:
  2. Winzip for Mac:

Both are free and simply downloading one of the two should work. As this is a device-specific issue with zip files (which is a universal file format), not a problem with our product files, we are not able to offer further support on this matter. We recommend to contact the Apple support or your device manufacturer for assistance.


I purchased [X] course before but I can’t find the login anywhere on the¬†courses¬†page?

At PE, I’m constantly evaluating the course lineup and ensuring that we have the best selection of personal growth tools for you. As new courses are launched, there are times when certain courses get retired as they are no longer supported, which are then removed from the courses main page. Doing so helps me focus my energy on creating the best courses for you.

Blogging Success Program and Passive Income System were retired in Aug 2015; their retirement was announced here. Members were given a 2-month period to download the materials from the portal which was later extended to 6 months. You should have downloaded the files during that period and backed them up accordingly.

For the other video courses, even though the login links have been removed from the courses main page, for now you can still access the portals using the link, userid, and password provided to you in the¬†confirmation email sent to you after your purchase. If you lost this email, please refer to the question “I lost my downloaded materials.” above, under “Download-Related” category. If you have any problem getting the details, let us know through the email at the bottom of this page.¬†Please download the materials accordingly and back them up.

For the courses you purchased, the course files are yours to keep forever. When a course gets retired, it just means that new¬†customers cannot purchase them anymore ‚ÄĒ but you can certainly still peruse them in your own time, within usage rights from your single purchase. The lessons are timeless and will apply whether you are reviewing the materials now or 5 years down the road. Note that the course materials¬†are meant for your personal learning, application, and¬†usage. Please do not upload, distribute, re-adapt/modify, use them in your own work, or share them with anyone as it¬†is against copyright law. Please backup your¬†files accordingly. Personal Excellence is not liable for data losses due to personal hard disk crash, misplacement of files, etc.

Other Questions?

I have a question not listed above.

For us to help you in the fastest way possible, please provide the following information:

  1. The name of the product/course you purchased
  2. Your email address used during payment
  3. Your transaction ID (for existing customers)
  4. Details of the problem/query, along with screenshots if applicable

Reach us via the form below.

  • Note that this form¬†is only for product-related enquiries, and is not for guest post enquiries, commercial pitches, requests for advice, etc. Please read the Contact Section for other contact purposes.
  • Any ticket without the above information will cause a delay in the resolution. Please note that we receive many enquiries, and every¬†customer problem¬†is very different due to the difference in devices, computer setup, and so on. So the more information you can provide, the better.
  • If you’re not an existing customer but you’re inquiring about one of our¬†products/courses or problems receiving¬†the newsletter, simply let us know your question(s)¬†in the email. ūüôā

*Required fields

Your email is very important to us¬†and you should get a reply within 2 working days¬†(our customer support¬†hours are Monday to Friday, 9am‚Äď5pm GMT +8, excluding public holidays and eve of public holidays). Thank you and we look forward to serving you! ūüôā