Write a Letter to Your Future Self (Review of my Past Letters and Tips to Write Your Letter) [Video]

Writing a letter to your future self [Video]

Writing a letter to your future self is a concept I first wrote about in 2009, in my article of the same name. It is also the task for Day 29 of Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program. As I was recently reviewing the letters from my past self (in 2008) and writing my next batch of letters to my future selves, I thought it’s the perfect chance to record a video tutorial of the process and show you guys how you can do the same too! 🙂

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Free Giveaway!! [OVER]

As a thank-you to all my viewers and to encourage you guys to write a letter to your future selves too, I’m giving away two beautiful letter-writing sets, each set consisting of a set of beautiful metallic envelopes and a matching B5-size notebook, to two lucky winners (one set each)! This giveaway is open to ALL viewers from around the world!

Simply watch the end of the video for the instructions to be included in the giveaway. Two random lucky winners will be selected after one week (from the date the video was published) and I’ll let you know by replying to your YouTube comment.

Winners who don’t respond within three days with details will be forfeited and new winners will be selected. So keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube video page for the winner update!!

Update Aug 29, 2014: The giveaway is now over and the two lucky winners “Cindy Ella” and “Farah Miri” have been selected! Thanks everyone for participating, and please continue to share your one-year goal in the comments — I’ll love to read them!

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