[Delete] Button

Delete Button

What [Delete] Button Does

In the realm of personal computing and information processing, the [Delete] button is where we remove unwanted information. We use the delete button countless times a day. Whenever we make a typo, we hit [Delete]. Whenever we have unwanted data, we hit [Delete]. Whenever we stop having use for certain documents, we hit [Delete].

What if there is no [Delete] button installed with our computers? Our computers will become an essential mess, and that is a severe understatement too. We will have hard disks that are cluttered with a huge pile of junk which we have no use for. We will have documents that are incoherent despite the value information that is captured inside, due to all the useless data that are weaved in as well. We will have bloated hard disks which are loaded with unwanted files. Within a short period of use, our computers will be reduced into near-useless scraps of metals.

Our Minds as Computers

That’s actually what happens to many people’s minds. Let’s imagine our minds are like our personal computers. Think of the thoughts that we have every day as the data in a computer. The negative, fear-based, non-constructive thoughts that appear in our minds are the irrelevant, useless data which we have in our computer. The positive, love-based and constructive thoughts in our minds are the valuable data which we want to hold on to.

Just like a computer without a functioning delete button, you may have lots of valuable thoughts, but if it’s cluttered together with the negative thoughts, you are not going to get much value of what’s there in your brain. Instead of being able to fully utilize the capacity of your mind, you end up using a large proportion of it for useless engagements. All the non-value added thoughts swimming around in your head clutter up your brain and and prevent you from accessing your value-added thoughts which are deeply embedded inside. At the very best, you can only extract a small fraction of the value, and that’s only after spending copious amount of energy and effort making sense of the non-value added stuff to sieve out the value-added stuff.

Using [Delete] For Our Minds

And that is where the [Delete] button comes in. Imagine you have a [Delete] button for your mind. Start using that for every single non-constructive thought that comes in. Having negative thoughts about something? [Delete]. Not feeling confident of yourself? [Delete]. Developing mental fear about something? [Delete]. Thinking of procrastinating on your work? [Delete]. Your brain loading up on ‘Buts’? [Delete] Mulling over something that’s already happened in the past? Hit [Delete].

For everything that serves no positive impact, delete them right away. No questions, no hesitations, no further thinking. Don’t waste your time or energy entertaining those thoughts, because every time you do that you are cluttering up your mind and reducing its value to you. By deleting the useless, non-constructive thoughts/doubts, you stop becoming held back and ruled over by them. You now dedicate your mind to focus on your more valuable, more productive thoughts. 😀

Note that the [Delete] key is used specifically for non-constructive thoughts which do not serve you a particular purpose. There are times when you have thoughts which address valid issues. For those instances, put all of these thoughts out on the table so you can properly assess them. It is just like when you are writing a document/article/report, where you lay everything out and start constructing the pieces together. Delete the thoughts that are not useful and keep the ones which are. When you are done, make sure the non-constructive thoughts stay deleted and don’t suddenly pop back up. If they do, just delete them again.

What non-constructive thoughts do you have today? Start deleting them to make space for your valuable thoughts. 🙂

Image: Delete Button