Hi there, thank you for your interest in contacting me! ūüôā

Due to the volume of requests,¬†it’s not possible for me to offer personalized help/advice,¬†give free consultations, or receive/respond to individual feedback. As there’s only one of me running this site and I do not have a team¬†or an army of assistants writing my emails for me, I need to be strategic in how I spend my time to¬†create the best stuff for you.

Please refer to the following for your request:

  • Media Interviews. If you’re from a media publication, I’d love to contribute. Visit my Media section.
  • Speaking.¬†I¬†love to share¬†in conferences/talks depending on your event. No online events, webinars, or telesummits please. Visit my Speaking section.
  • PE Products/Courses.¬†Your support means the world to me!¬†Please visit¬†my customer FAQs page, which consists of detailed, step-by-step instructions to almost all the questions¬†ever received.
  • Article usage. Credit me (Celestine Chua) and provide a¬†link back to www.personalexcellence.co¬†and the URL of my article, where the material will be used. Same for usage of article snippets and translations. Please ensure the message/content isn’t changed.
  • 1-1 Coaching. I no longer take on¬†1-1¬†clients.¬†Do¬†check out¬†my courses¬†— I created them specifically to help more people than I ever can with 1-1 coaching and they consist of my best content on each topic. Each course¬†has taken me years of self-research, experimentation, hard work, and production¬†before ever going live!
  • Meetups. No¬†meetups, personal or business, long or short, local or¬†elsewhere.
  • Advice/Thank you.¬†If you’ve a question seeking help/advice or you just want to share a thank-you,¬†go here.
  • Everything else: 99.9% of emails sent to me are about collaboration, requests to promote someone’s book/app/stuff, affiliate¬†pitches, PR/marketing messages, promoting infographics, guest posts, requests for personal¬†favors, buying ad space, selling ad space, and so on. It’s¬†all a no. Because of continuous messages sent through despite stated instructions, any of such¬†emails sent through will have their IPs blocked and banned.

If none of the above answered your query, I’m sorry. Years¬†of¬†fighting¬†in my inbox and trying to be there for everyone caused me to be there for no one, much less you. Due to the large volume of messages I receive, I realized that¬†in order to¬†say a big “Yes!” to my life’s mission and create¬†the best stuff for all of you, I need to say no to all messages/requests that come my way. I hope you can understand!

Last but not least, I want to thank you for reading PE. I created PE¬†because I’m passionate about helping you grow. I hope you’ll continue reading¬†the site¬†as I work hard to create more great value content to you. Thank you! ūüôā