Hi there, thank you for your interest in contacting me! 🙂

Due to the volume of requests, it’s not possible for me to offer personalized help/advice, give free consultations, or respond to individual feedback. As there’s only one of me running this site and I do not have a team or an army of assistants writing my emails for me, I need to be strategic in how I spend my time to create the best stuff for you.

Please refer to the following for your request:

  • Media Interviews. If you’re from a media publication, I’d love to contribute. Visit my Media section.
  • Speaking. I love to share in conferences/talks depending on your event. No online events, webinars, or telesummits please. Visit my Speaking section.
  • PE Products/Courses. Your support means the world to me! Please visit my customer FAQs page, which consists of detailed, step-by-step instructions to almost all the questions ever received.
  • Article usage. Refer to Section 4 of our Terms of Use regarding usage of free content on Personal Excellence. Simply follow the guidelines stated in Section 4.2. No need to ask for additional permission.
  • 1-1 Coaching. I no longer take on new 1-1 clients. Do check out my courses — I created them specifically to help more people than I ever can with 1-1 coaching and they consist of my best content on each topic. Each course has taken me years of self-research, experimentation, hard work, and production before ever going live!
  • Meetups. No meetups, personal or business, long or short, local or elsewhere.
  • Advice/Thank you. You’re very welcome to send me questions seeking help/advice or share a thank you (I’d really appreciate it)! I do read your messages, but due to the volume of messages I’m not able to reply personally. Please go here.
  • Everything else: 99.9% of emails sent to me are about collaboration, requests to promote someone’s book/app/stuff, affiliate pitches, PR/marketing messages, promoting infographics, guest posts, requests for personal favors, buying ad space, selling ad space, and so on. It’s all a no. Because of continuous messages sent through despite stated instructions, any of such emails will have their IPs banned.

If none of the above answered your query, I’m sorry. Years of fighting in my inbox and trying to be there for everyone caused me to be there for no one, much less you. Due to the large volume of messages I receive, I realized that in order to say a big “Yes!” to my life’s mission and create the best stuff for all of you, I need to say no to all messages/requests that come my way. I hope you can understand!

Last but not least, I want to thank you for reading PE. I created PE because I’m passionate about helping you grow. I hope you’ll continue reading the site as I work hard to create more great value content to you. Thank you! 🙂