PE Manifestos

In this section, you’ll find image manifestos of some of the all-time classics at PE.

A manifesto is a declaration of intentions or principles to achieve a desired objective. An image manifesto is a manifesto in image form.

Image manifestos are great since they provide a quick visual summary of life lessons and are easy to refer to. It’s a simple way to stay on course in our personal growth. Since a lot of the content on PE consists of timeless tips for personal growth, I thought it’d be great to create image versions of the best posts to make it easier for you to peruse the content.

Click the images to see the full size versions!


The Self-Reflection Manifesto Bucket List: 101 Things To Do Before You Die, Page 1 [Manifesto]The Self-Confidence Manifesto How To Tell If You Are a Perfectionist [Manifesto] How To Overcome Perfectionism [Manifesto]

Emotional Mastery

The Happiness Manifesto Daily Setbacks Manifesto How To Manage Work Stress [Manifesto] The Happiness Manifesto The Unhappiness Manifesto The Unhappiness Manifesto

Goal Achievement & Productivity

How To Achieve Your Goals with Success [Manifesto] 8 Habits of Highly Productive People [Manifesto] How To Finish What You Start [Manifesto] The Resolution Manifesto The Productivity Manifesto Email Management Manifesto Brainstorming Techniques [Manifesto]

Cultivate Good Habits

21 Tips To Wake Up Early [Manifesto] Prevent Waste [Manifesto] 14-Day Kindness Challenge [Manifesto] 14-Day Gratitude Challenge [Manifesto]

Love & Dating

Finding Love Manifesto The Soulmate Manifesto Time To Move On [Manifesto]How To Move On [Manifesto]

People Skills

How To Create More Meaningful Relationships [Manifesto] How To Say No Manifesto The Constructive Criticism Manifesto How To Naysay the Naysayers [Manifesto] How To Deal with Critical People [Manifesto]How To Deal with Energy Vampires [Manifesto] How To Deal with Rude People [Manifesto] 10 Rules of a Great Conversationalist [Manifesto] 10 Tips To Improve Your Body Language Manifesto

Work & Studies

How To Manage Work Stress [Manifesto] The Customer Service Manifesto How To Get On The Dean's List [Manifesto]


The Healthy Living Manifesto Signs of Emotional Eating [Manifesto] Why You Are Not Losing Weight (... Yet) [Manifesto]

How To Use the Manifestos

  • Put them up on the wall in your room
  • Pin them on your fridge
  • Put them on your vision board
  • Place them in your organizer
  • Place them in your life handbook
  • Set your favorite manifesto as your desktop wallpaper
  • Share them with your friends/family on social media

It’s a great way to refresh yourself on the principles of growth and to follow them in your daily life!

If you think any of the manifestos are helpful, please share them with your friends and family. Please leave the source URL intact as the manifestos are copyright of PE. Thank you, I really appreciate it! :)