How to Overcome Writer’s Block

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Having been blogging/writing for 8 years, I’ve experienced times when I have a “writer’s block.” You know, when you desperately want to write something, but nothing comes out? When everything you write feels like crap. When you are already behind deadline in your to-dos but your mind isn’t cooperating.

I feel you. In this episode of The PE Podcast, I share 7 tips to break out of a writer’s block and get into the flow of writing. 🙂 These tips will apply not just for writing, but any form of work that involves creation: drawing, composing, podcasting, video creation, entrepreneurship, software development, etc. Learn

  • 7 timeless tips to address writer’s block
  • The importance of your environment in writing/creating quality work
  • What to do when you have an article/topic that isn’t working out
  • What to do when you’re stuck when writing a chapter of a book
  • What is “filling your tank” and why you must always do it
  • What it means to have energy that is “murky” and how to have peak energy instead
  • The one sure way to stifle your creativity… yet everyone does it all the time!
  • Difference between (negative) comparison and benchmarking, and why the former is bad
  • Why 10-time Grammy Award Winner Adele’s music is so hugely successful
  • How mega companies like Airbnb and Whatsapp got founded
  • The increasing noise of the internet and what to do about it
  • One thing that was blocking me from creating in the past year and how I tackled it

Addressing writer’s block shouldn’t be about “waiting for inspiration to strike” because inspiration may well never strike. By proactively modifying your environment, changing your mindset and changing your writing approach, you will find that prolific writing is something that can happen right away. This podcast will help you do that. 🙂

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