Join the 14-Day Healthy Living Challenge! [Sign Ups CLOSED]

This is the announcement post for the 14-Day Healthy Living Challenge held in Jan 2015 where we work on improving our diet and fitness for 14 days. The challenge is now over but you can do the tasks in your own time. Visit the overview page for all the tasks.

Healthy Living Challenge

Are you ready for the start of a new year? Do you wish to eat healthily and get your diet on the right track? Is healthy eating (or even weight loss) part of your new year’s resolutions?

If so, you’re at the right place. The upcoming Healthy Living Challenge is just for you! :D

14-Day Healthy Living Challenge, Starting Jan 1!

Back in Jan 2011 and Jan 2012, I launched “Live a Healthier Life in 21 Days Challenge” (21DHL in short) to encourage everyone to live healthily. The challenge was a huge success each time, with hundreds of participants signing up and kicking off their year to a healthy start!

After two years, I thought it’s a perfect time to conduct a new run. After all, healthy living is a constant goal and we can never declare ourselves “done,” can we? :) The other reason is that year-end festivities like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s celebration tend to encourage unhealthy eating and over-eating, and I thought this will be an excellent chance to help everyone reset their palate and start their new year on a healthy bang. And here we are! :)

So come Jan 1, 2015, I’ll be conducting an all-new 14-Day Healthy Living Challenge! Doesn’t matter who you are, your dietary habits, your current fitness level, your age, or your nationality — ALL OF YOU ARE WELCOME! :D Also doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, maintain your weight, gain weight, become fitter, etc. — as long as your goal is to be HEALTHY and live a HEALTHIER life, this challenge is for YOU!

The 14-Day Healthy Living Challenge isn’t about weight loss or ab-building per se (though weight loss may well be a benefit you’ll experience). It’s about living a HEALTHIER LIFE that you and I can maintain every day. About having a healthier body, being a healthier you, and having a healthier life. This challenge is for everyone, because no matter how your diet or exercise is like currently, you can always make it better.

Unlike past runs which were 21 days long, I’m making the challenge 14 days long this time. From experience, challenges that are three weeks long tend to lose momentum in the final week due to the length, so I believe a 14-day challenge, while shorter, will be more effective.

So what will we be doing in these two weeks? ;)

  1. Create your healthy living plan (Pre-Work; Dec 30) — All of us have different dietary preferences, dietary needs, and ideal fitness regimes. Because of that, it’s necessary for us to create OUR individual healthy living plan as we prepare for a healthy two weeks ahead. I’ll be posting a worksheet template on Dec 30 where you’ll created your healthy living plan, including your dietary plan and fitness regime (if you like) for the 14 days. More on this on Dec 30.
  2. Act on your plan (Jan 1 to Jan 14) — Having created your plan, your task is then to act on what you’ve set for yourself in these 14 days! From eating healthily to exercising (if you’ve set any exercising targets), the goal is to embrace your healthiest lifestyle in the two weeks!
  3. Doing the assigned challenge task for each day (Jan 1 to Jan 14) — During the 14-day challenge, I’ll be posting a challenge task every morning, 7 am Singapore time (GMT +8). Each task will typically take no more than 30 minutes, and is a universal task tied to healthy living. For example, it can be as simple as to drink eight glasses of water, eat fruits and vegetables, and floss your teeth, to something informational like to create your calorie list and to identify your negative eating triggers.Your task is to complete the task within the day itself, then post a comment in the comments section for that day sharing your progress in your healthy living plan and the results of your task!
  4. Round up your progress (Jan 15) — At the end of the challenge, I’ll round up the challenge and post a conclusion post. You’ll round up your progress in the two weeks, identify learning lessons, and identify your next steps to live your healthiest life in 2015!

By the end of the 14 days, you should be healthier, fitter, and happier than you were before the challenge. You should also have cultivated new healthy living habits that’ll help you to live healthy and stay healthy throughout 2015 and beyond. Get ready to embrace the new healthier you in 2015! :)

3 Easy Steps to Join [100% Free!]

Participation is easy, and best of all, free. Yes, 100% free! :D I’ll be providing all the tasks, the online platform (PE, the blog you’re reading now), and my time/energy in running this course at zero cost on your end.

In return, I sincerely ask for your active participation and commitment to be true to achieve your best health in this challenge. Not just to sign up but not check in subsequently on the tasks. Not just to do it for one day, but to stick through to the end.

Because I want you to GROW and FLOURISH in GOOD HEALTH and WELLNESS. Because a rich life starts from having good health. That’s the very reason why I’m starting this challenge. Because if we don’t even cherish our body, then how can we expect it to function well and support us in our goals?

So if you think this challenge is for you, here’s how to join in 3 easy steps!

  1. Reply to this post now with your intention to sign up! Post your comment here.
  2. Join the FREE PE newsletter to receive all challenge updates via email! Sign up here: Free Personal Excellence Newsletter. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and my RSS feed to get the challenge updates on the other platforms too!
  3. Spread the word, please! Be it Facebook, Twitter, G+ or email, share the link for this post with your personal networks and get them to join in! Here’s the URL:

Spread the Word!! Let Others Know about the Healthy Living Challenge!

Good health is best enjoyed when others around us share that same great health. For the new year, let’s rally our friends and family to join us in this #HealthyLivingChallenge. After all, what’s better than kicking off the brand new year with our loved ones to a life of great health? :)

So, share about the challenge in any way you wish! Pass the link for the challenge announcement page be it via Facebook, Twitter, and/or G+: Let’s get all people we know working towards our healthiest life, shall we? ;)

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Get Ready To Live Your Healthiest Life Ever in Jan 2015!

After signing up and spreading the word, you’re set to go. :D

Hop on to Day 0’s task here: Create Your 14-Day Healthy Living Plan! Let’s RUMBLEEEEE!!! :D

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