10 Meditation Tracks to Bring You Back to Nature

Meditation at the field

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Did you know that being in nature can calm your mind, heal your body, and improve your mental functions?

  • In a study by Japanese researchers, it was found that walking or staying in a forest (a practice known as forest bathing) decreased hostility and depression significantly while increasing liveliness significantly among participants.[1]
  • A University of Michigan study found that short-term memory of test subjects improved by walking in nature, or even just by viewing pictures of nature.[2]
  • In a University of Sheffield study, it was found that natural, tranquil scenes (beach) enhanced connectivity between different brain areas, whereas non-tranquil scenes (motorway) disrupted connections within the brain.[3][4]
  • A study revealed that among patients recovering from gallbladder surgery, those assigned to rooms with windows looking out to a natural scene required a shorter stay, needed less pain medication, and had fewer post-surgical complications than those facing a brick wall.[5][6]

While the best thing to do would be to move to more natural living environments, for many of us this may not be possible as we may be living in highly urbanized cities with no nature in sight.

Fret not. 😀 If we can’t be near nature right now, let’s bring nature TO US through the power of the internet. In this post, I have compiled 10 powerful, free meditation music videos for you. From waterfalls to rainforests, teleport yourself right away with the click of a button! 🙂 Watch these videos on your laptop or phone before you sleep and feel yourself calmed instantly. Also great as white noise if you live in a busy environment!

1) Waterfall Meditation Music

My favorite track of all time. This is a HD video of a gentle waterfall to several soothing music tracks. The music starts off quiet with the sound of a waterfall, followed by nature sounds, and then builds up to a wonderful mix of people humming, tribal music, and upbeat tunes. Amazing.

2) Sea Waves

Teleport yourself next to a sea now without a plane ticket. No music, only the sound of sea waves and a video of gentle waves and a palm tree swaying. Project this full screen on your TV/laptop and sit back, watch, and relax; OR play this while lying on your bed (with your eyes closed) and feel like you’re right next to the vast blue sea. Next to the real thing, what more do you need?

3) Celtic Meditation Music

This one made me feel like I was in the Lord of the Rings ?. This Celtic piece is composed by Peder Helland and contains gentle flute and harp tunes. The video is a collage of different pictures of nature (rather than a video clip of a nature scene like in #1 and #2). Its gentle, soothing tune is great for relaxing or to send you to straight to sleep.

4) Relaxing Piano Meditation Music

This gentle piano piece is accompanied by the gentle sound of a water stream. Like Track #3, the video is a collage of different pictures of nature. I play this as a relaxing background music such as when I’m showering or resting on the bed. Also composed by Peder Helland. If you like this, check out this track with a more sweet and romantic vibe.

5) Deep Sleep Meditation Music #1

This video is epic — it is a collage of different clips of nature, from sheep running across a mountain to flowers swaying in the wind to snowy landscapes to even the Earth in orbit! Just watching the video is consciousness raising. It reminds us that we are one speck in this universe, that we have a responsibility to care for this Earth, and not to get lost in our problems. The music is very grand and is composed by Peder Helland as well. I recommend to listen to the music and watch the video at the same time. Perfect to stay present in the moment.

6) Deep Sleep Meditation Music #2

Great for stress relief. This soft, calming piece is accompanied by a static image of a silhouette staring right up into the sky, like he is the only person left in the universe. Great to send you to sleep.

7) Rain

Do you like the sound of rain? If so, this track is for you. A 10-hour clip of just rain sounds — play it while on the bed and you should fall asleep enough. 🙂 Great to calm babies and send them to sleep. If you prefer gentler rain sounds, use this instead.

8) Rainforest

Most of us here have probably never been to a rainforest. If you have, you would have experienced the beauty and serenity of being surrounded by lush trees, river streams, and Mother Nature. This video brings you right into the heart of a rainforest, with nothing but water stream and animal sounds. The video itself is taken right inside a rainforest. If you prefer just a track with water stream sounds (without animal noises), click here.

9) Harp Music

Charming harp music by Peder Helland. Relax your mind and slow down your chain of thoughts after a long day.

10) Flying Through Clouds

Last but not least, time to do some flying. Do you like to see the clouds float by when you’re on a plane? This video brings you right to the sky — it’s a 3-hour clip of you floating over white clouds as you fly toward the sunset (or sunrise, depending on how you see it). Watch this calming clip and feel like you’re far away from your problems, your issues, and toxic people.

If the sun is too much for you, here’s a night flight to the moon! 🙂

These videos are great for all-round use. You can use them…

  • As background music when working
  • As meditation music, when you’re meditating
  • In a noisy environment — excellent way to mask unwanted noise
  • While showering/bathing
  • When you’re waiting to fall asleep. You can either close your eyes and listen to the music, or watch the video and listen as you slowly fall asleep. 
  • Whenever you feel anxious or just want to relax. Launch the video in full screen mode and watch it while listening to the music. If you have a TV screen, even better — put it on the big screen, increase the volume, and feel like you’re right inside Mother Nature! Do this every day for a week and you should feel yourself more centered with less anxiety.

If you’re looking for a way to play YouTube music in the background while on your phone, check out Stream (Android only) — it’s free. It lets you play a YouTube music video as a small floating popup, after which you can surf the net and check emails on your phone.

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