How To Pursue Your Passion Series

This is the overview page for the How To Pursue Your Passion series, where I share how you can pursue your passion and earn money doing it.

Heart in hand

(Image: Romel)

Pursuing your passion sounds like some far-fetched dream, but it is possible — I have done so.

It is important to know that it’s not a one-step journey. It’s not a binary process, where one day you’re not pursuing your passion, and the next day, you’re successful and earning money doing it.

Rather, it’s a deliberate process, one that you strategize, plan, and take steps to make happen. Reviewing, adapting, and iterating. All the way until you succeed.

I have detailed my passion journey in quite a few posts on PE, as well as covered different aspects of pursuing your passion. I’ve compiled all of them here to guide those of you pursuing your passion.

How to find your passion

If you’re not sure what your passion is, then start here.

Frameworks to design your ideal career

Nobody starts off in a perfect career that they love. This was true for me.

If you are like most people, chances are you are unable to find that one job that you love, that meets everything you want. I realized that it’s about first designing my ideal career based on my needs. Here are my three frameworks to help you.

Concerns before pursuing your passion

There are certain concerns that people have about pursuing their passion, and these include whether they’re too old, the fear of loss, and whether they will even succeed. I address them here.

Issues when pursuing your passion

Here, I share the different stages I went through in my passion journey, as well as address common concerns during the passion pursuit.

How to take your passion to success

Finally, posts on how to take your passion to success (on top of everything I’ve written above).