Buchup Week 1


Some of you may have noticed that updates at PE have been slow of late. There have been lots that I want to share, but…
PE New Layout - 2016 (Screenshot)

New Layout, New Beginning

Hi everyone! 😀 First off, sorry for the slow updates lately. I’ve been busy working on a number of things, many of which are meant…
Personal Excellence Forums

Closure of PE Forums

Hi everyone! Today I have a sad announcement to make regarding the PE Forums. After almost 6 years of having the forums (the launch post…
Personal Excellence Book

Retiring Personal Excellence Book

Hi everyone! This is a quick update to let you guys know that I’m retiring the Personal Excellence Book. (Update July 1, 2016: The book…
Purple Flower

Closing Blog Comments at PE

Hi everyone! Today I’d like to announce the closing of blog comments at PE. I’ve actually already made the shift a month ago, but am…
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