Profile Picture: Celestine ChuaHi there!  I'm Celestine Chua, the founder of this site. Call me Celes, please! 🙂

Personal Excellence is where I help others grow and become their highest self. With over a million pageviews a month and readers from over 200 countries/territories, PE is one of the largest personal development blogs online today.

If you're here, you must be wondering who I am and what I do. I share my story below. 🙂

H ave you ever wondered why you're here? Why you're on Earth and what you're meant to do?

Since I was young, I've been a very results-focused individual. I believe that we should only do something if we believe in it. And if we're going to do something, we should do the best we can.

Hence, I adopted this attitude in everything I did. As a little girl, I was introduced to the world of video games, and would play games to the highest level — from remembering minutiae in every interaction to getting consistent high scores. When I was 15, I explored the world of web design and created a network of websites with over half a million visitors/month, from self-learning in the areas of web development and design. As a student, I was dedicated to my studies and got onto the Dean’s List in every academic year. I would eventually graduate as the top student in Marketing in NUS Business School, one of the top business schools in Asia.

My implicit life goal as a teen was to get a well-paying job, earn lots of money, and become extremely successful in the corporate world. This was what I was repeatedly told by teachers, media and society as the highest things to aim for; this was what I was implicitly and explicitly taught in a material-centered society that is Singapore. Two years before my graduation, I secured a prestigious job in Fortune 100 company over a thousand applicants in the region. I had secured what was considered a very good salary, and I was entering into a very highly regarded role with great prospects.

A year before I graduated however, I started to think about life.

I thought about what I wanted to do, not just now, but in my 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and even 70s and 80s.

I thought about where my current life path would take me, and whether it would help me lead a life of highest meaning.

After months of introspection, I realized that continuing my current life track and assumed goals would not give me the highest meaning in life. Material wealth would not significantly change my life other than improve my lifestyle choices. Being extremely successful in the conventional sense will not significantly change or impact the world, except my one life and the few people around me. Being bla·sé or uninformed about the sufferings of people and other living beings, not just where we live but in the entire world, will not change the fact that there are others out there suffering, be it first-world or third-world problems, and there are more meaningful things to do than enter into an endless chase for money, nice clothes, material wealth, whatever. Artificial competition and self-imposed scarcities and pressures will not make anyone happy, only create a deep divide between humans and prevent people from getting together to help other living beings and truly improve the world for everyone.

The world may be far from where we may want it to be, but that doesn't mean that we should stand and watch it pass us by.

And it all starts with us.

So in 2008, I quit my corporate job and started this website, Personal Excellence.

Over the years, I've built this site and poured my heart, body, mind, and soul into building the best platform for people passionate about pursuing their growth. Today,

  • We receive over a million pageviews a month with readers from over 200 countries/territories.
  • I've coached tens of thousands of people to achieve excellence in their life, relationships, career, health, and personal goals through my coaching, courses, challenges, and trainings.
    Celes coaching (Soul Sisters Feature)
  • I speak on personal development and entrepreneurship. Some organizations I've worked with include the Wharton Business School, Dove, Ministry of Defence, JobsCentral, National Library, NUS Global Alumni Network, People's Association, and Singapore Institute of Management.
    Entrepreneurial sharing session at National Library (Workshop)

    Sharing my entrepreneurial story at National Library Board

    Dove Camera Confidence Workshop: Interacting with participants

    Led the Dove Camera Confidence Workshop in their Camera Confidence campaign

  • I've been featured over 70 times in media, including CNN, Channel News Asia, Asia One, Straits Times, Today, Business Insider, Her World, Sunday Age, and CBS.
  • Besides my courses, I regularly share my tips on personal growth through my blog, my podcast the Personal Excellence Podcast, and my video channel Celes.TV.

M y purpose is to help you achieve your highest potential, be your best self, and live your best life.

To do so, it requires me to do a few things:

  1. Create the best, meaningful content that changes you and the world
  2. Focus on digging into root causes vs. dealing with effects, of which the latter is what much of self-help tends to be about these days
  3. Being truthful in my writings to you
  4. Making sure every piece of my content counts vs. adding to the noise
  5. Focus on scale-based ways to help you and change your life

I do not claim to know all the answers. However, you can be guaranteed that I will do my utmost best to help you live your best life. And I hope you will allow me to support you and walk with you in your life's journey. 🙂

How Personal Excellence Works

"Just want to say thank you for your words of wisdom about dealing with anger within families. You basically saved me from needing a lifetime of therapy and showed me a way to reflect and grow instead."

"I found your site while trying to find a way around the incredible over-analysis I have done throughout my entire life. When I read #6 of your guide, I could not help but burst out in tears. Your one paragraph opened up a very personal part of me that I was ignoring and helped me admit these issues to myself. THANK YOU."

Majority of this site is free. In fact, 99% of this site is free — from my over 700 of articles that I've poured my heart and soul into writing over the years to my podcasts, videos, and manifestos. These free materials have changed lives around the world, with some telling me that they're even better than the stuff they have paid thousands of dollars for out there. There are also many school portals that use my articles as add-on resources for their students.

That said, I need to make money from my work. You will find that my free sections have advertisements, displayed sparingly throughout each page, and these help fund some of my business costs. They allow me to write and provide my articles, podcasts, and videos for free. If you're using ad-blocking software, I kindly request that you don't use them on this site. The ads help keep the site free.

I also create premium courses, available in my Courses section. These contain my best material on the subject, where I share practical tips, advice and frameworks to bust that particular area in life. Many of my course participants have received transformative results from taking my courses. If you find my free material helpful, check out my premium courses — they are the closest alternative to getting personal coaching with me, which is something I don't offer anymore due to my busy schedule.

All the content on Personal Excellence is created by me. Many of my lessons come from self-experimentation, taking action on my goals, focusing on what works, and coaching others to achieve success in their goals and lives.

You will also find that there are few to no comment channels on this site, no social media accounts linked, and no public email channels except for specified purposes. That's because these are not the best ways for me to add value to you. Most online communication today is noise, and I want to focus on what I do best — create mind-changing, life-changing content that makes a difference to you and the world — not deal with trolls, filter spam, and wade through noise each day. The best way to stay in touch with me is to sign up for my free newsletter, where I send you my latest updates and announcements of new courses.

Last but not least, Personal Excellence is run by myself, Celestine Chua. All the content is created by me, and same for all the site coding, design, and maintenance. In some places you may find that I use "We" to describe my site operations, and it's because I find it easier to speak in a collective voice sometimes. I also see this site as one that is made up of all of us vs. just me.

Other Information

  • I was born and raised in Singapore. I'm based here but travel throughout the year.
  • I'm vegetarian by choice, with a near-vegan diet. I became a vegetarian in 2008. I do so for cruelty-free reasons, greater mental clarity, and a healthier life.
  • I believe in reducing our carbon footprint in the world. I feel that most material countries today, including developed nations often lauded by the world, have incredibly wasteful practices. I'm now working toward a low-waste, energy-saving, and plastic-reducing lifestyle.
  • I was born in 1984. I'm a June baby. 😊
  • I'm a world traveler and have traveled to Western/Eastern Europe, the United States, Asia, South Africa, and India. I believe the world should have no boundaries and I find traveling one of the best ways to grow.
  • I'm married. For more on how I met my soulmate, read: How I Found My Soulmate in Life ♥
  • My values are Truth, Love, and Excellence.

To know more about me,

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  • Watch this documentary episode about me below, a feature on Soul Sisters, which is a show about inspiring women in Singapore. It is an excellent summary of how I came to pursue my path and some of my usual activities in the first 5 years of my journey:

Through my material, many readers' lives have changed for the better:

“Hi Celes, during 2012, I was going through hard times. During that time, I found your site. I went through almost all of your articles every day and it motivated me greatly. Today I have accomplished so much and I can’t believe myself. Even my critics are motivated by me! Very few people are reasons behind my success and you are one of them. Thank you. ” - Praveen

“Every day I can’t believe how far I have come, and it’s all thanks to you. I’ve landed an amazing career, doubled my income, and I get to spend all my time doing what I love. You’ve helped me become someone with purpose, and I am truly enjoying my journey of ‘personal excellence’!” - Kimberly

"I usually have a lot of contempt for self-help sites because they tend to have only a single good message that they keep repeating in different forms. But Personal Excellence is different. Every single concept that you covered has been covered so thoroughly that it gives complete satisfaction. Different readers can take away different messages, and you cater to them all! You seem to have the inhuman, almost computer-like ability of looking for a better solution to a problem even if you already have a good, working solution." - Adwaith

“Celes, I came to know of you when I accidentally stumbled on your esteemed site 'Personal Excellence' on Google. I felt as if I've dug out a diamond in a jungle.” - Kevin

"Just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done so far with Personal Excellence. It has been a great inspiration and resource for me in my journey from (miserable) corporate employee to (blissfully happy) entrepreneur. Please keep up the good work!" - Rob

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