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101 Ways To Live Your Life To The Fullest Ebook

Download 101 Ways to Live Your Life to the Fullest Ebook How do you feel about your life today? Are you living every day in excitement? Do you love what you’re doing? Here are 101 timeless tips to live your best life. As you live in alignment with them, you’ll find yourself more conscious, more alive, and experiencing life on a whole new level.

101 Ways To Be a Better Person Ebook

Download 101 Ways To Be a Better Person Ebook How does one become a better person? In this ebook, I share 101 ways to be a better person. 🙂 If you just follow a tip a day, you’ll go a long way toward becoming a better, more likable person. This isn’t about making yourself liked by others – but about becoming someone you love and adore, which will in turn attract the right people and opportunities into your life.

101 Questions to Ask Yourself in Life Ebook

Download 101 Questions to Ask Yourself Ebook What questions do you ask yourself every day? The kind of questions you ask determine the kind of life you lead. Here are 101 important questions to ask yourself. Many are questions that I ask my 1-1 clients during our coaching sessions to uncover their inner self. Focus on what’s important with these questions.

101 Things To Do Before You Die Ebook

Download 101 Things To Do Before You Die Ebook What do you want to do, see and experience before you die? Everyone should have a bucket list of the things they wish to do before they die. Create your bucket list plus get 101 bucket list ideas — from travel to helping others to learning a language to falling in love and more!

45 Tips to Live a Healthier Life Ebook

Download 45 Tips to Live a Healthier Life EbookHow healthy are you? Do you have a healthy diet and lifestyle? Our body is our temple, and we need to take care of it to have a healthy life. Good health isn’t just about healthy eating and exercise — it also includes having a positive mental health, a healthy self-image, and a healthy lifestyle. In this ebook, I share 45 tips to live a healthier life.

How To Find Your Life Purpose Ebook

Download How To Find Your Life Purpose EbookDo you know what is your life purpose? Finding your purpose is the first step to living a conscious life. In this in-depth 7-part series, I share 5 important reasons why you should have a purpose, why earning money isn’t your purpose, and an important exercise that will help you discover your highest meaning in life.

How To Stop Procrastination Ebook

Download How To Stop Procrastination EbookUse a timer. Stop being lazy. Discipline yourself. Create a timetable. These are things that many productivity gurus teach to address procrastination. Yet, how well do they work? In my years of coaching, the #1 thing I tell my clients is that procrastination is a symptom, not the problem. In this guide, I get you started on understanding procrastination and tackling it — at the root.

How To Achieve More in Life with 80/20 Ebook

Download How To Achieve More in Life with the 80/20 Principle EbookThe 80/20 rule is a principle that I often talk about on PE, and it’s an essential principle to achieve more with less in life. It’s about focusing on the important and cutting out the unimportant. In this 3-part series, I go into detail about the 80/20 concept, why it’s important, and step-by-step tips to apply it.

How To Give Constructive Criticism Ebook

Download How To Give Constructive Criticism Ebook“People seldom refuse help, if one offers it in the right way.” – A. C. Benson. In work and in life, there are times when we need to offer feedback, whether to help others improve or to achieve a common objective. Knowing how to give feedback the right way is a crucial skill. I share 6 important tips to give constructive criticism in this ebook.

Decision Making Ebook

Download 8 Tips to Break Out of Analysis Paralysis EbookAnalysis paralysis is the state of over-thinking about a decision, to the point that a choice never gets made. Many of us experience analysis paralysis today as we are faced with life choices. The ability to make great decisions quickly helps us close dilemmas quickly and move on. Learn how to break out of analysis paralysis and make smart decisions in the face of uncertainty.

How To Overcome Perfectionism Ebook

Download How To Overcome Perfectionism EbookAre you a perfectionist? Do you often seek to achieve a perfect standard in your work, even at the expense of your health and well-being? Contrary to what some may think, perfectionism has its downsides, and it’s important to manage it. In this 3-part series, I share the hidden downsides of perfectionism and 8 tips to overcome them.

Your Guide to Making True Friends Ebook

Download Your Guide to Making True Friends Ebook Making friends, especially true friends, is not easy in today’s world. What does it take to build strong and lasting friendships? In this ebook series, I share tips on how to easily make new friends, how to remove social anxiety, and how to have more best friends in life.

How To Overcome Anger for Life Ebook

Download How To Overcome Anger for Life Ebook Do you struggle with anger? Do you deal with angry people in your life? I hear you, for I spent three decades dealing with angry people. In this 5-part series, I share my history growing up in an angry household, how I let go of my anger, along with a detailed guide to overcome anger.


How To Deal with Disappointment Ebook

Download How To Deal with Disappointment EbookDisappointment is an inevitable part of our lives. This 4-part series shares why disappointment is good and 5 steps to deal with disappointment.

How To Move On From a Relationship Ebook

Download How To Move On From a Relationship Ebook Is there someone from your past you have not completely let go of? Are you trying to move on from a relationship? This series shares my story of how I liked someone, had my heart broken, and eventually moved on from my broken past, and how those in similar situations can do to start moving on.