I’m Scared of Losing My Parents. What Should I Do?

Mother and daughter hugging

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were to lose your parents one day? Do you feel scared at this thought? Reader Sumedha asks this question:

“Lately, I’m getting too emotional over my fear of losing my parents. I just get stricken from a strong sense of guilt that I’m not doing anything back for them and I owe them a lot. I’m too attached to them and I just can’t help myself from feeling this way. I know they’re doing a lot for me and I’m grateful for that but this feeling just gets too much. I’d really be thankful to you if you can help me get over this feeling. Thank you so much.”

How do you overcome fear of losing your parents, or even your loved ones for that matter? Beyond burying our heads in work and miscellaneous distractions, and ignoring this sinking feeling of something that we don’t wish to face, what can we do to tackle this fear?

In this personal episode of The PE Podcast I share

  • The nature of death
  • 2 key reasons why most people feel (heavy) guilt or fear of losing their loved ones
  • How to tackle each reason
  • Why the answer to addressing your fear of losing your parents (or loved ones) isn’t really about tackling the fear — and what to do about it instead
  • 2 question to ask yourself to start loving and appreciating your parents (or loved ones) — starting today

Listen here:

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