How to Lose 25kg in 8 Months (Interview with PE Reader Michal Adamski)

Interview with Michal Adamski

It’s been a long while, but here’s a new episode on Celes.TV, where I interview Michael Adamski (add him on Twitter @MichAdamski), a PE reader who lost 25kg in just EIGHT months (from 99kg to 74kg)!!

Michal resides in South Africa and he has been reading PE for a while. I met him during the Johannesburg PE readers meetup earlier this year, along with other African PE readers. (He told me that he enjoys the PE podcasts, as he can listen to them while working out or doing other stuff!) 

Johannesburg PE Readers Meetup: Sandy, Me (Celes), Samantha

African PE readers: Sandy, Myself, and Samantha

Johannesburg PE Readers Meetup, Group Shot

Group shot: That’s Michal on the right row! (He’s the only Caucasian in the photo.)

My first impression of Michal was that he seems very energetic, fit, and in the pink of health. Just one look at him and you’d think that this guy has been in shape all his life, because he just looks effortlessly lean.

So imagine my shock when Michal revealed that he used to be 25 kg heavier: not 10 or 15 years ago, but merely two years ago!!!

And the second shock followed: He lost all that weight in just eight months.

Oh wait, there’s one more: He stayed that way and never regained the weight.

The other readers must have had the same first impression of Michal as I did, because everyone was reverberating with shock when I related his story. One of the attendees, Tsungai, (whom I was staying with) went back home after the meetup and prepared salads and fruits to eat, when she normally wouldn’t make a deliberate effort to eat healthy. Why? She said she was inspired by Michal to eat healthier.

I was really struck by Michal’s weight loss story even after I left South Africa, to the point where I decided to schedule a Skype interview with him after returning to Singapore, despite preferring to conduct my Celes.TV interviews in person. His story is simply too great for me to pass it by.

Well, in today’s Celes.TV interview, I have Michal here to share his story of how he made the change to a healthier and better him, and how you can do so too. 🙂 Get ready to learn:

  1. Michal’s diet and lifestyle in the past (hint: it was definitely not of the healthiest food!)
  2. His turning point in Dec 2009 when he decided “This was it” and he was going to turn his health and life around
  3. His experience going jogging for the first time in his life and how it became a weekly habit
  4. Why obsessing about achieving your goals in X time or Y manner will make you fail, and how to succeed instead
  5. The ONE thing Michal did which helped him to jump-start his diet
  6. How Michal lost 25kg in just 8 months (hint: it was actually not even something he was deliberately going for)
  7. His current diet and fitness regime which sustains his new weight
  8. Michal’s top tips for sustainable weight loss and healthy living

* Excuse the jerkiness of the video at some parts; I’m on a high-speed internet connection and this was the best I could get in our Skype call together.

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