How to Create Your Vision Board

Do you have a vision board? A vision board is a powerful tool that’s meant as a real-life visualization of your goals.

I LOVE vision boards. It’s an amazing tool that helps you get in touch with your goals, and serves as a constant reminder of what you want to achieve. My vision board is hung right in front of my work desk, so I see it EVERY DAY when I get to work. In fact, I’m looking at it right now as I’m typing this email to you! 🙂

Back in 2011, I created my first vision board tutorial here. Since then, I’ve achieved my goals, and I did a vision board update where I updated my old goals to new ones, and in the process, updating my entire vision board. And what better way to walk you guys through the process than through a video tutorial? 🙂

Watch my updated vision board tutorial above. Here’s my vision board logo that I created for myself. Feel free to use it for your own board! 🙂

Creating your vision board is one of the tasks in Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program, my premium life-transformation program. Read more about it here: Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program

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