How To be Productive, Not Busy

How to Be Productive, Not Busy

In today’s world, it is so easy to be busy rather than being productive. That’s because we have so many notifications, alerts, to-dos, things screaming…
A crushed ball of paper

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Having been blogging/writing for 8 years, I’ve experienced times when I have a “writer’s block.” You know, when you desperately want to write something, but nothing…
Saying No

How to Say No

Do you hate to say no? Do you often find yourself saying yes because you don’t like to make others feel bad? Well, I do, and…
Graph: Law of Diminishing Returns (Total Input vs. Total Output)

Law of Diminishing Returns

Have you heard of the law of diminishing returns? It’s a concept that I learned while studying Economics. I find the lessons very applicable to personal growth.…
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Regarding Distractions

Many things in our world today seem important, but are really distractions in disguise. For example, the internet has become a place for trolls, dissemination ground for…
Man feeling stressed at his work desk: Dealing with Digital Burnout

6 Tips to Deal with Digital Burnout

Recently some readers told me that they have been feeling overwhelmed by the flood of information online these days. I feel the same. This is why…
Craig Scott: Child to Adult

From Procrastination to Massive Productivity in 1 Month [Craig Scott]

Have you ever had the problem where you would start on something, procrastinate, and then give up? And then you would switch to something else, try it for a little while, and then give up? If so, you are not alone. For over 15 YEARS, this was what Craig experienced. Read how he turned things around and became a massive action taker, even today!
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