Regarding Distractions

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Most of the things in our world today are really distractions in disguise.

Email is, by and large, a distraction from what matters.


The internet has become a noisy ground for trolls, sharing of frivolous news pieces, and marketing channel for endless businesses.

Most newsletters are distractions.

Majority of the things put out there by the beauty industry, including makeup, most skincare products, and idealized notions of beauty, are distractions.

So are advertisements, others’ demands, random requests from people, most criticisms, most Whatsapp and chat messages, most of the “recommended” and viral content today, most blog content, notification alerts, seemingly urgent to-dos, urgency-driven sales promotions, and many aspects of the fashion industry.

Even the clutter of food options we have today are distractions. Consider this: how much time do you spend thinking about what to eat, where to eat, and what to order each day? Even with this time spent, how many times do you end up with truly healthy food that nourishes and serves your body?

For you, it’s your role to figure out what’s a distraction and what isn’t. The next time you get involved in something, ask yourself:

  • Will this serve my goal?
  • Will this support me in becoming a better person and living a better, more fulfilling life?
  • Will this help make the world a better place?

If “no” to the above, perhaps it’s not something worth investing your time in. Perhaps it’s really a distraction in disguise, designed to seem important and life-changing, but wouldn’t make any real difference to your life at the end of the day.


Push past the clutter. Align yourself with the things that matter. And devote yourself wholly to them.

As for the things that don’t, don’t get sidetracked by them. Just because someone tells you that something is important doesn’t mean that it is. It’s your life. You make the call. Use your limited time on earth to do the things that truly matter to you, that are going to move the needle in this world.


Image: Bench in a park



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