How Do I Prepare For My Comeback in Life?

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“Hi Celes! I want to make a big comeback in the game of life, I really want to live the life of my dreams. I’m tired of being a spectator just existing and not living on this earth. How do you suggest I prepare for my comeback?” — Desiree

How can one prepare for a comeback in life?

My answer is simple — just start living it.

To prepare for a comeback, it sounds like there’s a desire to stage a big entrance and blow people away. As exciting as that sounds, it sounds like it’s done as a display or front for others, when really, the only audience you should care about is yourself.

You don’t live life for anyone else. You live life for yourself.

So if the only audience in your life is you, what do you care to do then? What would you like to see? What would you like to achieve? How can you start living life?

The first place to start off would be to design your ideal life. Those who have Live a Better Life in 30 Days (30DLBL) will recognize this as the task for Day 2. Think about what your ideal life is – including your ideal career/business, ideal relationships, ideal income level, your ideal home, ideal lifestyle, and so on. Set your highest vision on what you want your life to be.

Following which, create your life map (Day 4 of 30DLBL), which is your map of where you want to be in the next 1, 3, 5 years of your life.

When that’s done, identify your top goals, and create your action plan for those top goals (Day 5 of 30DLBL). Depending on your goal, set your yearly/monthly/weekly targets. Get down to action. And start bringing those goals to life (Day 6 is where you spend the whole day taking action on the action plan you just created). Have a weekly review with yourself. (Day 7)

In time, you will start to see results. Most important of all, because you are taking action, you are living life. You are no longer watching it pass you by.

I highly recommend you check out Live a Better Life in 30 Days, which is essentially a program to live a better life in just 30 days. I created this with my best strategies and principles in life development. 30 tasks for 30 days, for a month of conscious action.

While there have been many challenges conducted at Personal Excellence in the past year, but this remains the premium, life-changing program ever. Hundreds and thousands of people have taken part in it and had their lives transformed as a result.

All the best in creating and living the life of your dreams! *hug* :)

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