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Through my content and courses, many readers have transformed their lives for the better. Don’t take my word for it — here are just some out of the many feedback I have received over the years from PE readers and clients:

“Absolutely love your writing. Your articles resonate very powerfully with me and I look forward to reading and continuing my leadership and skill development using your advice and experiential wisdom. Thank you for helping this 35-year-old father of 2 become the best father, professional, leader, and all round person he can be.” – Greg, United States

“Celes, I came to know of you when I accidentally stumbled on your esteemed site ‘Personal Excellence’ on Google. I felt as if I’ve dug out a diamond in a jungle.” – Kevin, United States

“Hi Celes! Just wanted to let you know that thanks to your podcast, I was motivated enough to draw and just finished wrapping up the first 5 chapters of my manga as Volume 1. 🙂 Been doing that since March. Right now I’m starting Volume 2. So glad to be working on something I love.” – Jessica, Puerto Rico

“I took part in your first Soulmate Journey course. I recently got attached and will be getting married next year. Thanks for your coaching as I feel blessed to have found my soulmate cum hubby-to-be. Thank you!” — C, Singapore

“Hi Celes, I follow your writing and recommend your blog to my friends and colleagues here in Casablanca, Morocco. Your blog has changed many things in my family and work. Thank you.” — Nezha, Morocco

“Your articles have been an eye opener. I have subscribed to many personal development sites and blogs, and most of them just seem to rehash, rewrite and publish the same advice over and over again. But I was surprised to see that you don’t do that. I feel that you really live the life of higher consciousness from what you have written. The clarity and truth of your writing resonates deep. I have to say, I am one step ahead in my enlightenment just from reading your blog. ” — Dr. Nishida, India

“I have been reading PE for almost a decade ago now. I don’t like self-help books or sites and I don’t remember which article of yours I clicked on from Google, but you were totally different from everyone else. So I started reading everything! You have helped me through many things: prioritization, identifying toxic relationships, saying no, improving communication skills, accepting myself, etc. There are not enough words to express my gratitude. Thank you for doing what you do and for helping complete strangers live better lives and be better people.” – A, USA

“Hi Celes, I did your purpose exercise. As a true skeptic I thought it would never work, however in less than 30 minutes I was crying my eyes out. Thank you for being the person that you are. You are doing an amazing job at living your life purpose. 🙂 ” — Leonie, Sweden

“For years, I’ve read books, tried hypnotherapy, and engaged a coach to overcome procrastination. I even went to see ‘expert Doctors and Professors.’ Each time, I would leave with more weight added to my shoulders. Your Anti-Procrastination Course has made all the difference for me.” — Craig Scott, UK

“Hi Celes, next month I’ll be taking on a new job which pays 40% higher than what I currently earn in a top MNC. This is a testimony of the unbelievable results just after two months of taking your Anti-Procrastination Course. Thank you! =) ” — Alex, Singapore

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