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Through my content and courses, many readers have transformed their lives for the better. Here is just some feedback I have received from readers and clients over the years:

“Absolutely love your writing. Your articles resonate very powerfully with me and I look forward to reading and continuing my leadership and skill development using your advice and experiential wisdom. Thank you for helping this 35-year-old father of 2 become the best father, professional, leader, and all round person he can be.” – Greg, United States

“Celes, I came to know of you when I accidentally stumbled on your esteemed site on Google. I felt as if I’ve dug out a diamond in a jungle.” – Kevin, United States

“Hi Celes! Thanks to your podcast, I was motivated enough to draw and just finished wrapping up the first 5 chapters of my manga as Volume 1. Been doing that since March. Right now I’m starting Volume 2. So glad to be working on something I love.” – Jessica, Puerto Rico

“I took part in your Soulmate Journey course. I recently got attached and will be getting married next year. Thanks for your coaching as I feel blessed to have found my soulmate and hubby-to-be. Thank you!” – C, Singapore

“Hi Celes, I follow your writing and recommend your blog to my friends and colleagues here in Casablanca, Morocco. Your blog has changed many things in my family and work. Thank you.” – Nezha, Morocco

“I have subscribed to many personal development sites, and most just rehash the same advice over and over again. But I was surprised to see that you don’t do that. I feel that you really live the life of higher consciousness from what you have written.” – Dr. Nishida, India

“I did your purpose exercise. As a true skeptic I thought it would never work, however in less than 30 minutes I was crying my eyes out. Thank you for being the person that you are. ” – Leonie, Sweden

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