The Fasting Series

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This is overview to the most complete fasting series you’ll ever find online.

Meditation at the beach

As the fasting series has quickly expanded into a huge colossal of articles, I’ve created this as a content page to line up all the fasting articles. Select the topic of your interest and begin from there:


Disclaimer: Note I’m not a fasting expert or medical doctor and everything I share here is based on my personal research and experience on fasting. This information is provided purely for informational purposes only. If you’re interested to learn about fasting, please read the extensive resources I’ve already provided via this series. FASTING COMES WITH RISKS. YOUR USE OF THIS CONTENT AND INFORMATION IS AT YOUR SOLE RISK AND I DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS OR ANY CONSEQUENCE FOR YOUR USE OF THIS RESOURCE. YOU SHOULD NOT USE FASTING AS A FIX FOR EMOTIONAL EATING OR BAD DIETARY HABITS OR ISSUES (I recommend that you work on addressing your eating issues instead, starting with my emotional eating series instead). Please do not approach me for fasting advice as I’m not in the position to offer any of that. Thank you!