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Purpose & Meaning


Everything on improving yourself and being a more conscious human being. Learn to live consciously, be a better version of you, and manage your life.

Conscious Living

Character Building

Life Management

Important Life Skills


General Inspiration

Emotional Mastery

Emotional mastery is the ability to recognize, understand, and address any negative emotion, be it stress, anger, disappointment, or fear. Learn to understand your emotions, address them, and not let your negative emotions overcome you.

How To Stay Positive

Managing Stress

Managing Disappointment

Managing Fear

Managing Anger

Managing Life’s Adversities

Goal Achievement

Achieving your goals isn’t just about talent or luck — it’s about having the right mindset and system you can follow to achieve consistent success. Guides on goal setting, developing your goal strategy, having the right mindset, dealing with naysayers, and more.

Goal Setting

Goal Strategy

Developing a Mindset for Success

Overcome Obstacles

Skill Building


Everyone has 24 hours every day — it’s how we use this time that matters. Focus on being productive, not busy. Read my guides on how to prioritize, stop procrastination and get things done.


Get Things Done

Dealing With Social Media

Routines & Habits

Improve Your Tools & Environment


Learn important work skills to excel in your work, including how to build an edge, build good relationships with co-workers, and choose your battles. Get advice on career crossroads, whether it’s a mid-career switch or you’re right out of school. Also, guides on how to address your fears and start your business, and how to pursue your passion and become very successful in it.

Build Work Skills

How To Manage Co-workers/Clients

Career Crossroads

How To Start Your Business

Strategies and tips on starting a business. Interviews with successful entrepreneurs, tips on entrepreneurship, how to get media coverage, and more.

More in Pursue Your PassionGoal Achievement, and Productivity sections

How To Pursue Your Passion

How do you pursue your passion and earn money doing it? I walk you through the steps to find your passion, get started with it, and succeed in your journey.

Love & Dating

Frustrated with love? Or are you facing some hurdles in your relationship? All great relationships take time and effort to build. Articles on everything about love: from dating and finding your soulmate, to building your best relationship with your partner, to building a thriving marriage.

Dating Tips

Finding Your Soulmate

Being in a Relationship

Sexuality & Intimacy


Dealing With Heartbreak


Family isn’t always defined by blood, but by the people who are by our side when we need them most. While not all of us have perfect relationships with our family, we should always seek to improve them. Learn to address family conflicts, support your family, and make the best out of family relationships.

The Fundamentals:

Family & Personal Growth

Marriage & Family

Dealing With Family Conflicts

Losing a Loved One

People Skills

What does it take to have great people skills? Building meaningful relationships isn’t about manipulating others to get them to like you, but about first treating people with love and respect. Articles on how to improve your people skills, build lasting friendships, deal with difficult people, and more.

The Fundamentals:

Making Your First Impression:

Nurture, Not Shame:

Important People Skills:

Building Friendships

Dealing With Difficult People




Past Challenges

I used to conduct challenges at PE where thousands of participants around the world took part. Here are the archive posts for some of the past challenges. While they are over, the tasks are timeless and you can do them in your own time.