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Conscious Living

Conscious living is about being conscious of who you are, your role in the universe, and making the best out of your life. Here, you’ll find articles on how to be a more conscious human, including how to find your life purpose, develop your inner self, and better manage your life.

Life Purpose

Conscious Living

Manage Your Life


Character Development

Emotional Mastery

The ability to master your emotions helps you to act consciously in every situation. Read articles on how to master your emotions, including stress, anger, disappointment, fear, and unhappiness.

Goal Achievement

Everyone has goals. What’s the best way to set goals and achieve them with success? What if there is a systematic process behind successful goal achievement? These articles will get you started.

Know What Your Goal Is

Having the Right Mindset

Goal Strategy

Overcoming Obstacles

Dealing with Unsupportive People

Developing Your Skills

Career, Business & Passion

For most of us, we spend the most time on our career and work in our entire lives. Given that, it’s pertinent that we give our best performance at work and do what we love. Whether you’re still figuring out your passion or already doing what you love, get my tips on workplace excellence, detailed and comprehensive guides to pursue your passion, and tips to start/grow your business.

General Career Posts

Pursuing Your Passion



Want to get the best out of your interpersonal relationships? Everything from building lasting friendships, to finding love, to improving your family relationships, to improving your people skills.



People Relationships


Frustrated with love? Not sure whether you’re ever going to meet the one? Learn how to find your ideal love and bringing your relationship to the highest level: from dating / finding your soulmate, to achieving your best relationship, to marriage.

Dating Tips

Finding Your Soulmate

Being in a Relationship


Dealing with Heartbreak


Learn to be a better time manager, how to be more productive, and to get things done!


Never neglect your body; it’s the only one you have to live in. Get tips to improve your eating habits, improving your lifestyle, and achieving your ideal weight.


Studies & School


Life lessons, travel-related posts, and my past challenge archives.

Life Lessons


Challenge Archives

Between 2011 and 2015, I conducted many public challenges at PE with hundreds to thousands of people taking part for each challenge. Even though the challenges are over, the tasks are timeless and can be done by yourself at any time. Here are the archives for some of my past challenges at PE (click on each link to get access to all the tasks issued):

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