Million Dollar Tip Series

This is overview page for the Million Dollar Tip Series. If you have financial goals in life, you’ll find this series a perfect resource to achieve them.

Money notes

Starting from this week, I’ll be launching an all new Million Dollar Tip Series. :D


The Million Dollar Tip Series is meant as a bonus resource for any of you who is interested in earning more money in life. Every few days, I’m going to post a tip that will help us in our goals toward financial abundance. These tips are based on all my personal experiences with wealth generation in my life so far. Not only that, since I’m also been actively pursuing my financial goals, I’ve been picking up many lessons in the process. I’ve no doubt these will be useful to others who have the same goals too.

As with all content on PE, the tips will be based on timeless principles and behaviors on wealth generation. These are not tips on specific wealth generation devices such as trading, internet marketing, investment, real estate, and what not. These devices are merely some ways/channels people use to earn money – there are many different mediums to earn money in life. What I’ll be sharing will be the higher-level messages that will be consistent no matter who we are or what we do.

Since wealth generation and achieving financial abundance is an ongoing life goal, the tips series will go on infinitely, until I feel that we’ve captured the key tips on the topic. I’ll start off by sharing my key lessons on earning money first, after which I’ll share new lessons as I go along the journey.

Here are all the tips to date:

  1. Money is Value
  2. Leverage on Your Current Skills
  3. Address a Need
  4. Scale Up Your Work

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