Million Dollar Tip Series

This is overview page for the Million Dollar Tip Series, where I share tips on earning money.

Money notes

Post Note: This million dollar tip series was created in 2011, as a resource for readers who were taking part in my Million Dollar Challenge (also held in 2011).

I’ve since ended this series as it was meant as an experimental series and wealth generation simply isn’t a topic of large interest on PE. I’m still leaving the posts up as some of you may find them helpful in your financial journey.

The tips here are based on timeless principles on wealth generation. These are not tips on specific wealth generation vehicles such as trading, internet marketing, real estate, investment, etc., which are merely some mediums people use to earn money. You’ll find the tips below applicable no matter what you’re doing.

Here are all the tips I’ve written:

  1. Money is Value
  2. Leverage on Your Current Skills
  3. Address a Need
  4. Scale Up Your Work

Since this series ended, I wrote the post How To Get From Earning $6/hr to $1,000/hr in 2012 which consolidates my best advice on increasing your earning power, and serves as a nice complement to this series.