16 Things Successful People Do at the Start of Every Workday [Infographic]

Successful people have certain common routines and habits that they follow daily. Today’s infographic shares 16 common things that successful people do at the start of every workday:

16 Things Successful People Do at the Beginning of Every Workday [Infographic]

Click image for larger version (Infographic by Business Insider)

My favorite ones are saying no (#11), helping others (#9), stretching and moving around (#5), and being grateful (#16).


Just saying no has helped me regain hundreds of hours that I’ve been able to devote to my Q2 activities.

Helping others energizes me — even when I’m very busy, I try to find a time pocket to do a kind deed for someone, including giving a simple email reply with advice — and that perks me up after that.

Stretching is super important — given that my work is all digital, I take frequent breaks and walk around as much as I can during my non-work hours.

And gratitude allows me to constantly remember how lucky I am to have what I have and appreciate the good things in life. 

What do you do at the start of your workday? 🙂 Any tips above that you can incorporate in your own workday? Check out my resources on creating your best routine:

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