Gratitude Challenge Day 9: Share Something You are Grateful For with Someone

This is Day 9 of the 14-Day Gratitude Challenge where hundreds of participants around the world gathered to practice gratitude for 14 days. This challenge was conducted in Aug 2013 and is now over–however, you can still do the tasks in your own time! Visit the overview page for all Gratitude Challenge tasks and posts.

Gratitude Challenge

Hi everyone, welcome to Day 9 of our 14-day gratitude challenge! :D We have five days left till the end of our challenge (how time flies, aye??). Let’s get started!

Day 9: Sharing


Sharing… what has sharing got to do with gratitude?

On Day 4, I asked you the question: “What does the word ‘gratitude’ mean to you?”

Many, if not all of you, expressed gratitude as a state of thankfulness (Marsha), appreciation (Calae), and acknowledgement (Jeanne) of all things positive in your life. I agree with all of you. In fact, I would go as far as to say that everything in our life is actually positive–it’s just a matter of whether we can see the positivity or not.

Sharing is related to gratitude, because it’s when you share that you spread your gratitude to the world out there. While it is great to feel thankful for and appreciative of something in your life, within your consciousness, it is even more powerful when you share your gratitude of something with other people. Sharing multiples your gratitude, rather than limit or divide it.

Take for example, this gratitude challenge. I was in Glasgow, Scotland, when I started this challenge. Because I had some time on my hands (turning my business into a passive-income business has given me time to focus on things that truly matter), I thought about meaningful projects I could take on in the two weeks I was in Scotland and waiting for my engagement photo shoots at the end of my stay.

The idea of a gratitude challenge came to me because I love life and I want all of you to feel the same way as me too, because–really–our lives is a holy gift blessed upon us at the end of the day (I say this without any religious connotation). And so I kicked off the challenge after three days of having the idea. 9 tasks (including Day 0′s task), nearly 700 comments, and over 200 sign ups later, it’s undeniable that my original feeling of gratitude has become larger than I could have imagined.

Another example is my constant sharing of my personal struggles and how I overcame them on PE. From my femininity issues, to my body image issues, to my beauty issues, to my emotional eating issues, I have continuously opened up about myself because I’m grateful to have overcome these issues after years, if not decades, of struggling with them and I want to share my lessons with all of you in hopes that you can gain from them too.

Because of this relentless sharing, many have gained tremendously. Many overcame (or are on their way to overcome) their struggles in these same areas after reading my revelations and how I overcame those problems. Many have their eyes opened as they never realized they were struck in those problems to begin with. Yet many more have their lives changed as they realize they are not alone in their problems (or in this world together) and we are all in this together.

A simple act of sharing can do more than you think. When you share an object of your affection/gratitude, you share your gratitude for that thing with others, which in turn allows others to (hopefully) experience that same gratitude you feel, if not more. You help to spread more love in this world, which is one step towards eliminating fear and hate out there.

Today, your task is to share something (or even someone!) you are grateful for with someone!

Your Task: Share Something You are Grateful For with Someone

  1. Think about something you are grateful for, be it your favorite cafe, recipe, food, book, website, blog article, latest business idea, knowledge, movie, or music. The object of your gratitude can even be someone actually, be it your partner, your friend, or your acquaintance!
  2. Good stuff should never be kept to just us. I would like you to share this item/person with at least one person. How you share is up to you. For example:
    • If it’s your favorite cafe, make this the venue of your next appointment with your friend(s). (I have brought along tons of people to my favorite cafes before because I believe love for something should be shared with others out there! It’s about living with a mindset of abundance, rather than scarcity!)
    • If it’s your favorite movie, book, or song, make a recommendation to your friend, then offer to pass along your DVD/book/CD to him/her the next time you meet. You can even send him/her a digital copy if you have that available!
    • If it’s something intangible like a knowledge, an insight, an idea, or an emotion, then share it by way of conversation.
    • If it’s a person, then introduce him/her to someone else whom you feel can gel well with him/her. For example, I often link up my contacts with other people whom I feel share similar interests, worldviews, or can potentially hit it off. I use Celes.TV as my way of sharing great people and their knowledge with the world out there, because I think more people should get to know about them!

With expansive social media tools on top of our usual communication platforms (e-mail, mobile, in-person contact, etc.), you have countless ways to share. The intent here is to share something (or even someone) you are grateful for with someone else, to spread your appreciation for that thing/person with others!

Daily Journaling: Write 3 Things You Are Grateful for Today

On top of today’s task, identify 3 things you are grateful for today. These 3 things can be events that occurred today, mishaps which could have happened but didn’t happen, or simply things which have always been in your life but which you suddenly came to feel grateful for today.

3 things I’m grateful for today:

  1. Resolving a key blockage to my wedding plans for next year. Originally we (Ken and I) wanted to wed on 25 June 2014, which is my birthday and exactly one year from his proposal, however 25 June 2014 is a weekday which has been causing me much planning headache since we are limited only to central locations and only a night-time wedding.

    After much thought, I suggested shifting to a weekend today. Ken suggested 25th May (2014) which is a Sunday and a date of ’5′s (25 = 5×5, May = 5). This fits perfectly with one of our relationship themes, where the number ’5′ is an important mark in our relationship (we became a couple on 5 May, 5:55am).

    I’m currently checking out wedding packages with some vendors, but this new Sunday option should open up significantly more options!

  2. Finally finished my proposal to an important client. Shall await their response! Fingers crossed that all is well.
  3. Getting proper rest after returning home to Singapore. I just slept for a good six hours from 11am to 5pm.

Plus one more!

  1. That today is yet another beautiful day with my wonderful fiance. There could be things that could go wrong today, mishaps which could happen, but they didn’t. Rather, I woke up to a lovely weather, a beautiful man in my life, and a beautiful community (PE) whom I get to serve till the day I die.

Share Your Results!

What is the thing or person you would like to share with others? How have you chosen to do the sharing?

What are 3 things you are grateful for today?

Share them in the comments section! :)

(Check out a related article to today’s task on sharing, which is: Are You Emotionally Generous?)

Once you’re done, proceed to Gratitude Challenge Day 10: Give a Gratituity Tip.

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  • Bette


    I have shared my appreciation for my dear friend Mark with our new friend Bob. I radiated gratitude for the beautiful friendship that Mark and I share and for his incredible creativity and his artistic gifts. Mark’s creativity spills all over everything that he does. He is a gifted artist…doing paintings of all kinds, creating his famous chandeliers-amazing and gorgeous totally one-of-a-kind pieces, colorful jewelry, mixed media sculpture, and unique cabinet knobs and pulls.. Plus, he is a gifted writer. I have always encouraged him to write a book of his experiences with the Quechua Indians in the High Andes of Peru. Perhaps some day. Mark is also an organic farmer both here in North Carolina and in Puerto Rico.

    Whatever Mark does, he does it with his own style allowing the ideas to just flow through him and take form. He is a brilliant channel that I am always in awe of, and expressing that awe and appreciation to anyone I meet. And when people actually meet him and see his work, and the diversity of his work, they are also amazed and in awe. I am grateful to have been in the midst of such a creative spirit for 33 years now…

    Bob, like many others, can see for himself all the creations here in the studio, but he also heard my admiration and gratitude for this wonderful artist, my friend Mark.

    I will post photos that give a taste of the diversity and beauty of Mark’s work…splendid chandeliers that he has sold internationally, his beautiful artwork, jewelry and knobs and pulls. A feast for the eyes to be sure!!! ENJOY!
    P.S. That’s Mark with the bunch of bananas.


    1. How fortunate I am to have great friends! My new friend Bob surprised us today with some beets from his garden, as well as some chia seeds. He shared how the chia seeds were SO extremely beneficial for one’s health in SO many ways! It was amazing when we googled chia seeds and shared all the info!

    2. It’s not just that Bob surprised us and shared with us the chia seeds and important info about them that will be so helpful to us.

    Most importantly, Bob is a deep and thoughtful soul who appreciates both Mark and me, and we are just very much on the same page and being friends is effortless. What a gift!

    3.Bob even came into my garage sale area and motivated me to place things in different ways that would call attention to the items and they would be then more likely to be sold. YAY for that!!! I am now much more enthusiastic about the garage sales that I am having tomorrow and Saturday. Thank you Bob! Oh and P.S., Bob bought a hand mirror that Mark had designed…very fun and happy surprises for everyone!


  • Karin Heimel-Heck

    I am grateful for my friend Anne. She has brought a world of insight into my life. I thought I would be teaching her but instead it has been an equal exchange of support, knowledge and love. She has taught me things in a way that is so inviting and keeps me hungering for more. She has opened up about herself in the most painful of ways and has trusted me with the pain. I in turn have trusted her with my pain and for that I am forever grateful. I do not believe it was by chance that she was brought into my life. I believe a Higher Being helped to make this happen and I am thankful for that Spirit. Anne has been a breath of fresh air to me and I always look forward to our phone calls. She is a dynamic person

  • Madalina Sraier

    Reading this in the morning before leaving home I took with me some of the Japanese oysters that I received a few days ago from a friend and I shared them with two other friends. Also, following one of your suggestions, Celes, I recommended some songs to someone. I always try to share, even if it’s sharing something sweet to eat, lending a book, buying a friend tea, and so on. It feels good to give.

    3 things I’m grateful for today:
    -I tried peanut butter for the first time in my life! It was really good.
    -I got to know better a mate from the NGO; she’s actually quite nice and funny
    -nature. I know it may sound strange, but today I really felt happy and grateful to be able to enjoy nature. Especially now that autumn is approaching, it’s amazing to watch the changes around you.

    • Celestine Chua

      Wow Lina! Is there a reason why you have not tried peanut butter before today? Have you consciously avoided peanut butter in the past?

      • Madalina Sraier

        I’ve never avoided it, it’s just that peanut butter isn’t popular in my country, so you don’t find it in many stores (we don’t even have as many options as Americans do when it comes to peanut butter, crunchy, creamy, organic etc.; here it’s just peanut butter and that’s it, haha).

        • Moonsparkle

          I like peanut butter but don’t have it that often. We have “ordinary” peanut butter and crunchy in the UK, I expect organic too but dunno about creamy. I suppose it would be just extra creamy and thicker maybe?

          Do you have Marmite in Finland? I like it but it’s an acquired taste because it’s quite strong and bitter. People say you either love it or hate it, lol.

          • Celestine Chua

            We have Marmite in Singapore! And we use it with porridge. You are right that it’s quite strong; you either love it or hate it! (I grew up having it in my porridge, so I’m fine with it!)

            • Moonsparkle

              I usually have cheese and Marmite sandwiches, or Marmite on toast. I’ve never had it with porridge! Will have to try that some time. :)

          • Madalina Sraier

            Yes, the creamy one that I have is thick, but smooth in consistency.

            I’m not from Finland and I’ve never heard of Marmite. Now you made me curious, I’ll have to Google it.

            • Moonsparkle

              I’ll have to try the creamy peanut butter one day, they might do it in some shops here.

              Oh sorry, you mentioned a Finnish word but after I posted I thought you might not actually be from Finland! Where are you from? :)

              Marmite is a dark brown paste and has a strong savoury flavour. In Australia they have Vegemite, which I’ve heard is similar.

    • Sulthana

      I tried peanut butter after I watched the movie Meet Joe Black where a delectable Brad Pitt kept eating spoonful of the stuff in all his scenes (he made it look so yummy!) Unfortunately, I disliked the taste and have not had it since.
      PS I love Autumn, especially the color changes in the leaves and go out of my way to step on the crunchy ones!

      • Madalina Sraier

        It is indeed a matter of taste. I love peanuts so I found peanut butter to be really yummy.

        Autumn is a season of colors. You know there’s a word in Finnish, “ruska”, that translates to “autumn colors”? I think it’s a beautiful word.

    • Kiki Maria Valera

      Yes! I love the autumn! I’m actually looking more forward to it now more than ever this year. And peanut butter is amazing, girl. You should try mixing nutella and peanut butter. It’s like having a Reese puff. I agree. It feels good to give!

      • Madalina Sraier

        Autumn is great: all the colors, the fruits and veggies, plus fall fashion is gorgeous and comfy. I might try that when I get a chance, thanks for the suggestion!

  • Drew Tracy

    1. Podcasts
    2. Mentors
    3. Good Coffee
    I’d like to share my wife’s artistic ability with a camera so that she can move forward with her talent. Thanks for creating such a great blog keep up the good work!

  • Annamarika

    I shared my appreciation for making your own decisons and following one’s intuition. I picked my daughter up from kindergarden an hour earlier than usual as I had finished all I had planned. She was having a blast with a friend there and they asked if her friend could go home with us. At first I was thinking, that I didn’t plan this etc, but didn’t act in such boring adult way. Instead, I picked up my phone, called to my daughters’ friends’ mum and asked if I coud take her with me as well. She agreed and I took both of the girls with me. We ended up having a fun afternoon and even a girl from our neighborg came to play here.

    Because children have so little to say about their own life, I’m doing my best to give my child the opportunity to train decision-making when possible. …and this is the way I act myself. A friend calls and I end up inviting him/her over to eat or something. I’m happy my daughter is adopting this attitude of recognising the moment and going with it :)

    (I also gave myself a pat on the back for noticing I was going to say no for no reason at all and was able to change my behaviour.)

    Three things to be grateful today:
    1. I found a dog running wild and was able to catch it and finally find his owner. The owner was so grateful he gifted us an expensive bottle of cava. You can’t even buy that brand from Finland. I’ll let it wait for some special occasion :)
    2. I went to my first-ever energy healing session today. It was amazing. I’ve never met the healer before and it was as if she already knew everything about me. It took 1.5 hours and I feel so relaxed and happy now!
    3. Me and my husband planned a presentation for a production company about a documentary we are working on and they are going to meet us to hear what we have planned. Fingers crossed, they’ll like our ideas and will be willing to produce and sell what we are making!

  • Moonsparkle

    3 Things I’m Grateful For Today:

    The walk on the beach I had earlier
    The fact that I live near beaches

    Since I’m grateful for the beach, here’s a picture I took at sunset a few summers ago
    (I wasn’t there at sunset today, otherwise I could share a newer one but I really like this pic):

  • Annette Hatley

    Agnes is a new friend, so we’re going through the “honeymoon” stage where we learn about each other’s lives. She tells me funny stories about her husband; I make her laugh with stories about the kitty. We found out that we both loved the show, “The Gilmore Girls” although neither one of us had seen all the episodes. When I told her I had all the seasons, she asked if she could borrow Season 1. My “silent” alarm sounded. I’ve had plenty of bad experiences lending something special to someone and not getting it back or getting it back damaged. A split second later, I answered her, “Sure! I’ll bring it in tomorrow!” I figured I wasn’t going to get the CD’s back any time soon, but after four days, she returned them and thanked me for them! I am glad that I thought enough of myself to give this new friend a clean slate and not make her suffer for other’s insensitivity.

    Three Things I am Grateful for Today
    1. Someone at work gave me their time willingly despite the fact that what I was asking for was a last minute job that was my fault for leaving it for so long.
    2. Laughing and joking with co-workers and the boss. We’re a synergistic group and every day gets better. I am SO blessed to be with them! They make my work days easier and my tasks lighter.
    3. Anticipating my sister’s arrival. She’s driving to my house this evening to spend time with me this weekend. Yay! Perfect end to a long but productive week!

  • Melody K

    I’m so glad I read this post before heading off to work. I love doughnuts and cinnamon rolls so I decided to buy a box to share with the folks at my workplace.

    Three things I’m grateful for today: 1) being home; 2) watching “Solty Rei” with the family; and 3) my bed.

  • Kiki Maria Valera

    Hey guys!

    I love this post! Thank you Celestine for the articles by the way ;D

    Okay, today I was feeling unusually cranky today. You know when you don’t want to be bothered after a long week of work. My little sister was playing around with me, but I didn’t want to be bothered. Eventually, I was making dinner, and she asked if she can help. Immediately I wanted to say no, but I remember the gratitude article(because I did read it this morning), and I choose this time as a opportunity to show gratitude. I let her cook with me, and even had some quality time with her. While she was combing my hair, I said, “I love you a lot! I’m glad you’re my sister!” She responded in her cute little baby voice, “I love you too!” I felt bad for getting annoyed her earlier, but instantly felt better afterwards. I even got her favorite drink! Iced Coffee

    I also gave my mother money for the week.

    What I looked forward to today!

    1. Going to the gym. I felt great after exercising it takes off the stress, and you feel like you accomplished something.

    2. Spending time with my sisters. I had a day off today, and I spent it to the fullest. I love daysoff

    3. Tomorrow is a pool party! I’m so excited. There’s going to be food, drinks and good company! Ah! Good way to finish the summer with a bang! hee hee

    Thank you Celestine! I received your emails also! I really appreciate the kind gesture. You’re the best! ^_^

    Have a good day everyone!!

    • Celestine Chua

      Thank you Kiki for being a part of this challenge!! :)

      • Kiki Maria Valera

        thank you! ^_^ and thank you for starting the challenge

  • Carol

    I am grateful for being told about a cute vintage shop in Morris, IL. My hairdresser told me about it. I told my friend Julie and we went there together. I got a really cute birds nest type vine for over my headboard. The shop owner told us about a cute place to have tea — Letty Mae’s Tea House. It is so cute and the food is delicious. I told my neighbor about it because she had a friend coming in from college to visit and I suggested the tea house. She has already been there with her mom and an aunt! I just love when everything is connected and comes around full circle like that. I love that we can all share even the smallest thing such as a shop or a tea house and it can bring such joy.
    3 things I am grateful for today:
    1) I am off starting this morning for 7 days!
    2) More beautiful here in the Midwest in the U.S.;
    3) I am completing tasks in preparation for my annual party I am having Saturday night.

  • blessedart

    I am truly grateful to have run across the Personal Excellence blog site and also the 14- Day Gratitude Challenge. I feel like the gratitude challenge is actually therapeutic and revealing while inspiring me to become more aware of things that I may have otherwise took for granted. I simply feel inspired to take action when I go on the (PE) site and I can appreciate that. I sent an email invite to both my sister and “Sweetness” to share (PE) because it’s something I’m grateful for…How wonderful is that;-)

    Daily Journaling: Write 3 Things You Are Grateful for Today

    1. I’m grateful for being able to multi-task (for the most part anyway;=)

    2. I’m grateful for positive relationships and ideas.

    3. I’m grateful for taking opportunities to be a blessing to others.

    • Celestine Chua

      That’s so awesome, blessedart!! Thank you so much for sharing the blog with them; I truly appreciate it! :)

    • Rasel

      feel, express and share your

  • Derrick R Kearney

    Share Something Grateful for with Others

    I have
    had a hard time figuring out one thing I could share. The problem is not that I am ungrateful but
    instead that I lack immediate people willing to take what I can share. The
    greatest gift we can give as humans is our time. I offer that, along with all that I have to
    others on a daily basis. Many times I am
    either flat out rejected, ignored or told that it will be accepted then left
    behind to wonder what I may have done wrong when they never respond. A great example is that I often post invites
    to friends about concerts happening in my area.
    I am a big live music fan and attending shows is almost a spiritual
    experience for me. The problem becomes
    when you are standing there enjoying a moment alone, only to realize that
    others have people with them while you are stuck feeling lonely. Still it is something that I offer to those
    in my life. Regardless of how many times
    it burns me in the end, the things I enjoy will always be available for others.

    A good example that I can use for today is my upcoming
    vacation. The friend that I am staying
    with has an open door policy for his friends to come for the week, and extends
    that to the friends of his friends if any are available. One year I did have a guest join me and I
    thought this would be a good year for another guest. I have extended the invitation to a few
    friends, each of which have expressed interest and shown a need for a week long
    international vacation. One I even
    offered to help with expenses, even though it would take away from my own
    funds. Though each maybe has expressed
    interest, none have actually gotten back to me to finalize plans. None! This is something that has happened several
    times this past year with various items going to waste or for a loss due to
    never hearing back. It makes you want to
    evaluate your friends each time it does.
    The reaffirming thing that drives me back though each time is when it
    does work out for the best. That
    hopefully is the case happening with two offers I presented today. One was for a friend to visit me here at my
    home for a weekend. Though plans do not
    work for this coming weekend, they look good for next. The other is for a concert in November. Learning from the past I decided for this show
    to buy myself a general admission ticket first, and then I would ask that
    anyone joining do the same. Well someone has from a few states away and they
    are now making travel arrangements to meet me for the show. Though life can happen between now and then I
    feel like this could become something.
    Yep, sucked back in! I also had a
    person from my school days contact me about meeting up for karaoke. I haven’t seen them in years and we both have
    been through a lot since those days.
    This actually seems a bit more reliable than some of the other
    situations because of what we both have been through in our lives and the time
    between us. We will see though how
    things go in the future.

    Three things grateful for today

    Payday!!! I was able to catch up on a few bills
    including getting a sound component out of pawn. I also purchased much needed
    film to repair the shell of my lights on my truck.

    Ran into my roommate while on a short break from
    work. I was able to collect rent from
    him, which given some recent problems he has had is a blessing all to
    itself. I also helped him fix his
    eyeglasses during the moment together. It was a good thing for me to do for
    another person.

    I had time tonight to sit down for my dinner
    break at somewhere was not my desk. That
    rarely happens since I often have to go home to let my dog out and run errands
    during the hour.

    • Spešl Pavrs

      You said: “I lack immediate people willing to take what I can share” and “Many times I am either flat out rejected, ignored or told that it will be accepted then left behind to wonder what I may have done wrong when they never respond”.

      I understand that you would feel better (about yourself) if people would respond to the things you share with them. I think you do not need to worry about their response. Their non-response has nothing to do with you; you have not done anything wrong. I think the point of todays task is not to share gratitude and than wait for a big thank you and appreciation from the other person, with whom we have shared. I think the point is just to share; maybe the other person even does not like what we had shared, maybe even hates it. But that is OK: the reason for not liking/hating is inside that person (he/she does not like it cause of her personality, her past experiences, her values, her interests, …).

      Their non-response does not equal you doing something wrong. Success of sharing does not equal response of others/the number of responses. Success of sharing and non-response does not equal your self-value.

      If you try to share unconditionaly (not expecting anything in return, not even a thank you) and than not focusing on response of others, you may recognize the new opportunities, for example: although you are alone at the concert, that does not mean you cant try to find yourself new friends there at the concert (ultimately, you all share the same interest -live music).

      • Derrick R Kearney

        Now that I figured out how to reply to you and not just myself. Haha. Thank you though for your reply. I thought about it more on my drive home. It is not like you said that I am doing anything wrong. Sometimes you just need someone to point that out. Like I said suckered back in. I am not looking for a thank you but rather just for someone to actually use the offer. Right now people are and that feels good. This has been an internal battle of mine for a while and it is nice to get it off my chest.

      • Celestine Chua

        Very well said, Spešl Pavrs!! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • Derrick R Kearney

      Well an update to that post. The weekend visit has been booked. You are right in that I should though not worry about the response. I felt though that sharing the why it was hard was important for me today. Sometimes we need to hear though that what we do impacts someone. This entire challenge is not something that will be mastered overnight.

  • Hanna

    I am grateful for a yoga music cd I own after someone recommended it to me. I am thine by jai jagdeesh. I am going to lend it to my yoga teacher as music is very special to her.

    1. I am grateful for having got so much done at work today in preparation for my holiday.
    2. For the flask I got for £5! I had wanted it for ages and it was always more expensive than this…
    3. For having my own bedroom – my own space, this is very important to me.

  • Rainbow


    I am very grateful for my knowledge of computers and internet and email, and how to use it all – I am not expert, but still quite proficient – enough for my daily needs anyway ! I was so pleased that today when I went to see my mum, who is very new to computing (she only got a laptop for the very first time a few weeks ago), that I could hep her with sone queries she had, and share my knowledge with her. I now think that I should take the time to write her a very simple set of instructions, that she can refer to , which I am sure she would find helpful.

    Three things that I am grateful for on day 10 of the challenge :

    Waking up early and enjoying my cup of tea in bed when it was still hot!

    That it didn’t rain and was a beautiful sunny morning.

    The time to start reading a book I had been meaning to read for ages.

    Thank you x

  • 家梅 李

    Ah… I’m late again. Yesterday I was tired, so I managed only to update the comment of Day-8. Now, I just get back home, and I will update the comments of Day-9 as well as Day-10 in the respective post. :)

    Day-9′s task, to share what I grateful for with someone else. I guess, I always do that in my daily life. I’m now a talkative person, and I always share my happiness to people around me, including my family, colleagues, friends, or sometimes even to some strangers who I just met. XD

    Let’s talk about my students again. Yesterday, I had a BBQ dinner at my dad’s house with my students. That group of good students that I always mention~ There are 10 of them. I praised about them a lot to all people around me. And yesterday, my parents praised about them to me too. My parents saw them doing all the jobs automatically to get the BBQ done, and they kept everything neatly after finishing the BBQ. They are very cooperative~

    While studying, they had the same attitude too! They form a study group or so called tuition group. The students with good results teach those who are weak patiently. They always hang out in 10 people, have discussion in 10 people, enjoy in 10 people, study in 10 people. Whenever you see them, they are mostly in 10!

    Their high school results were not good, so they could only take up the certificate course before entering into Diploma course. But, their attitude in learning new things are definitely better than those who entered into Diploma course directly with good grades in high school! They catch up the knowledge very fast. The only weakness of them is language subjects. They are not good in Bahasa Melayu and English. That was why they did badly during high school. But when come to practical subjects (such as Programming subjects) which needs to twist their minds, they perform much better than others! And the most important, they are willing to learn and they are aggressive to learn. :)

    Enough in praising them. I would remember, they are just like my sons! (Yes, they are all guys… Haha) I sincerely appreciate having nice moments with them. :)

    Yesterday, 3 things that I was grateful for:

    1. Definitely, it was the BBQ dinner sessions with my students! My students did all the work and clean up nicely for me. They BBQ for me, and we enjoyed the moments a lot!!

    2. One of my students helped in entertaining my two little nephew and niece (two little monsters…) for few hours non-stop! My nephew and niece liked him so much!

    3. My parents too enjoy the BBQ session, and they were so happy to invite my students to have BBQ at their house at the country side. :)

  • Cary

    I’m really grateful for all of the books and websites out there on the subjects that I’m interested in. There were times when it would have been difficult if not impossible to study “new age” type subjects such as witchcraft, crystals, psychic possibilities, astrology, and various philosophies. I’m grateful to live in a time and a place that makes the exploration of such topics possible.
    I always mention books that have inspired me to others when it comes up in conversation, but I’ll make a point to do it today :)

  • Eli

    This challenge must be more than just a coincidence. There is a person I want to introduce to my friend – my beautician. She is a wonderful woman and chatting with her during the beauty treatment usually makes me feel relaxed and calm. The last time I went to see her, I also got a very important life insight during a long talk with her. And I would really like my best friend to meet her and have a talk because my friend needs some help at the moment that I cannot give her :-( I have already tried getting her to go to my beautician a few days ago under the pretense that I had a voucher I could not use myself but she was reluctant to go. So i will obviously need to think of something else.

    This was supposed to be the end of my assignment but then I read Derrick’s post and realised I was having a similar problem :-( I am also willing to share with people but often many people express interest but in the end it comes to nothing. For example I have shared the link to PE blog with some friends but as far as I know none of them has checked it yet :-( I also like to share books, films, series that I like … but again it very rarely happens that somebody actually checks them out and starts reading or watching them. There have also been concerts that I have really wanted to go to but couldn’t find anybody to go with me.

    So a few months ago I have started looking into this issue and search for the causes. It could be that I am not sharing things with the right people or not in the right way. Maybe I am just a bad PR :-( or I don’t know how to present things enthusiastically enough. Also I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about my life and relations and I have realised one very important thing: I have no right to expect people to live their lives according to my expectations. So I try to share less and instead take more interest into people’s lives to see what they like and not necessarily expect they should like the same things
    I like and try to share with them. Hope this helps :-)

    3 Things I am grateful for today – Day 9
    1. Helped my aunt with some work in the field and her crops were better than expected
    2. Didn’t get annoyed with the waitress today at lunch although she made some small mistake in my order which left me pretty much hungry :-(
    3. Heard from a friend I haven’t heard from a long time

  • Calae

    Yesterday (which was Day 9), I managed to share some really funny YouTube videos with my friends. I’ve found that for whatever reason, only certain things make me laugh and I always feel awkward when people are laughing and I don’t find it funny, so when I -do- find something that makes me laugh, I’m always very excited! Much to my happiness, the friends I showed it too thought the video was quite funny as well. I was glad to share the laughs with them, especially as we were all quite tired from adjusting to just moving into our apartments.

    Three things I was grateful for yesterday:

    1) Had a significant portion of the day to myself, as my other roommates weren’t here yet and the others had training to go to for their various jobs. I didn’t accomplish much, but after an extremely hectic few days of packing and moving into my apartment, I was very excited just to chill with myself and have some quiet.

    2) Got to order some Chinese food, which I’ve been craving for a while!

    3) Got a chance to talk to my best friend over Skype. It didn’t start so well, because when I told him I had a funny story to tell him he made a remark that he didn’t care (based on who the story was about), but the way he said it really hurt my feelings. He ended up apologizing and saying he was sorry for being insensitive (I’m used to his sarcasm, but it was quite hurtful that time!), and I was really glad for that because I thought that I was overreacting even as it was happening. I felt like it was good though, because it showed some honesty between the two of us (I can be super sensitive, and he can be mean without meaning to be).

  • Anuj Grover

    To share about the culinary skills of one of our close friends, and to help her get more visibility in one of our friend circles, we decided to have her cater food for the party yesterday.
    Everyone liked the snacks and the food – the whole range of it and we hope that this attracts more business for her.

  • Andi-Roo

    LOVE-LOVE-LOVE sharing joyful things with others! This was hardly a stretch for me, as I really enjoy giving others the same thrills I experience when finding something that brings me happiness. Giving, lending, sharing… nothing is mine, as I’m just passing through, therefore I can afford to be generous with the smiles. I’ve posted the following on my Pinterest board, “Gratitude-ish Things”.

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