Living in Ubud, Food: Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant Reviews

This is part 4 of my 5-part travel series on Ubud where I share things to note as a traveler living in Ubud and how to make the best out of your trip here.

  1. Living in Ubud Series: Introduction, Visa, Accommodation
  2. Environment: Nature, Climate, Villages, Animals
  3. Transport: Scooters, Taxis, Go-Jek
  4. Living in Ubud, Food: Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant Reviews
  5. Others: Insects, Language, Internet Speed, and More (Conclusion)

Food in Ubud

Ubud: Warung Sopa Nasi Campur

Nasi campur with brown rice, and a tamarind with ginger lime soda

Food in Ubud is AMAZING. I constantly feel like an outlier in Singapore because of my diet. Once you make the choice to go vegetarian (don’t even talk about being a vegan) plus to be a healthy vegetarian without all the refined/sugary/fried stuff like fries and doughy street snacks, you’ve effectively cut out 95% of the food options in the country. If you want to be vegan and a healthy vegan, you literally have almost nothing to eat unless you’re willing to constantly travel out.


But reaching Ubud, I felt home. “Home” in the sense of being in an environment where the people recognizes and prides healthy eating as much as I do. For the first time in a long time, I don’t feel crazy for wanting to eat healthy and to consume  vegan diet. I don’t have to downplay my interest in healthy eating from living in a society where businesses don’t seem to care about the lousy food they are selling. I don’t have to hop from restaurant to restaurant, trying desperately to find some semblance of vegan food. And I don’t have to always fret and scan through a menu just to see if they even have one vegetarian dish I can contend with.

In Ubud, good, healthy vegan food is aplenty. You will not find establishments like Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, or junk F&B outlets that have overtaken modern cities.

As I don’t know how to ride a scooter, I wasn’t able to explore Ubud freely to explore their veg restaurants. 🙁 I have, however, some very good vegetarian/vegan restaurants that I want to share with you! In this post I share my review of 6 popular vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Ubud. 😀 Because I ordered takeout at times, the food may not look as appetizing as the stylized “bokeh” shots you see on Instagram, but hopefully you can focus on the content not the presentation, like with the material at PE! 🙂

In no order…

1) Wulan Vegetarian

Wulan Vegetarian is AWESOME. Easily missable due to its humble-looking storefront located at the side of the road, it’s THE BEST vegetarian restaurant I’ve tried in Ubud in terms of QUALITY and COST.

Ubud: Wulan Vegetarian Shop

Wulan Vegetarian shop. It’s located along Jalan Sukma Kesuma (in Ubud Center) which has many other shops. You need to keep a close eye so you don’t miss it.

Ubud: Wulan Vegetarian Signboard

Wulan Vegetarian


Ubud: Wulan Vegetarian, Menu

Food menu (partial)

The owner is a nice lady from Sumatra who moved to Ubud several years ago and started the shop. She prepares her food herself, uses very fresh ingredients, and truly understands what it means to eat healthy. You can taste it in the food — this is real food, not the cardboard-tasting dishes added with tons of preservatives and additives typical of modern day food.

Funnily, despite me ordering from Wulan umpteen times — I think I bought like, 15 meals here in my entire stay of 1 month? — I always order the same thing: Nasi Campur with 7 veg. Part of it is because I always order takeout when I’m there (I need to be fast as I’ve a driver waiting) and Wulan can only do takeaway for rice items. I would really love to try their Veg Stuffed Pancakes and Exciting Noodles one day.

Ubud: Wulan Vegetarian Nasi Campur

Nasi campur is a common Indonesian dish that means “mixed rice.” This is “Nasi campur with 7 veg” dish (33k rupiah) — there are lentils, spinach with green curry, pumpkin, tempeh (YUM! it’s a common soy dish in Indonesia), veg “prawn,” edamame, and some other vegetables. All rice in Wulan is red rice; they don’t sell white rice.

Ubud: Wulan Vegetarian Nasi Campur

The owner varies the vegetables every other week. I’m usually full after eating 70% of the meal so I leave the rest for later.

  • Cost of Main Meal: 25–35k rupiah + 10% service charge if you dine in
  • Cost of Drink: 7—20k rupiah
  • What I love about this place:
    • Amazing healthy food that is cheap, that you can have every day. I’m going to really miss it when I go!
    • Large variety of vegetables (7 of them) in just a 33k rupiah nasi campur
  • Cons: I wish they could do takeout for non-rice items
  • My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
  • Address: Jl. Sukma Kesuma No. 14
  • Links: Trip Advisor | Facebook

2) Nine Heaven Vegan

Nine Heaven is just a few stores up from Wulan — they are located along the same street.

This store is very unique in that it sells VEGAN Korean food!!! It’s almost impossible to get veg food in a Korean/Japanese restaurant, much less vegan food, so this was a great welcome for me. The fact that their staff (2 ladies) are incredibly friendly is a huge bonus!

Ubud: Nine Heaven Vegan Warung



Ubud: Nine Heaven Vegan Warung, Korean Bibimbap

Korean Bibimbap (45k). Portions are huge with very fresh vegetables! There is a huge serving of rice underneath the vegetables.

Ubud: Nine Heaven Vegan Warung, Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur (35k). While okay/nice, it doesn’t compare to Wulan’s in terms of taste. I think Korean dishes are their specialty, not Indonesian dishes.

Ubud: Nine Heaven Vegan Warung, Kimchi Pancake

Their Kimchi Pancake (30k) is surprisingly good. It has 3 moderate-sized pancakes that are surprisingly NOT oily at all. I’m not sure how they did it but it tastes really good! MUST try.

Nine Heaven Vegan’s servings are HUGE. Their main meals like the Korean Bibimbap are the equivalent of 2 meals for me. I always eat half for lunch, then have the rest for dinner. Because of that, they are actually even cheaper than Wulan on a per meal basis!

I wanted to try their burgers but they said they ran out of vegetarian chicken for the week? o_O Subsequently when I ordered via GO-FOOD, I didn’t see any burgers in the menu. I’m not sure if it’s a permanent thing but hopefully I can try it next time.

  • Cost of Main Meal: 25–45k rupiah
  • What I love about this place:
    • Great Korean food that’s veganized
    • Very large quantities. It’s like food on steroids.
    • Very friendly staff
    • Amazing cost!
  • Cons: Don’t think Indonesian dishes are their forte; You should definitely come here for the Korean dishes
  • My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (order the Korean dishes!)
  • Address: Jl. Sukma Kesuma No.23
  • Links: Trip Advisor | Restaurant Website | Facebook

3) Dayu’s Warung

Ubud: Dayu's Warung

Dayu’s Warung’s food quality is right up there with Wulan Vegetarian’s. When you eat, you can taste how fresh the food is. According to their website, their food is pesticide, chemical, GMO and additive free. I’m not surprised too — you can tell that this food is different when you eat it. It’s very organic!


They serve meat too but have a good vegan selection (with some raw vegan items even). They also sell a variety of cookies (3 for 10k rupiah) and I bought some — tasty and light, not doughy and full of sugar like cookies today. When I was there, I met a German couple who were at the last leg of their 9-month world tour and were in Ubud as one of their final stops. They told me that they had been eating at Dayu’s almost every day. It speaks of the food quality!

Ubud: Dayu's Warung, Nasi Campur

Their Nasi Campur (30k before tax, +5k to change rice from turmeric to brown) is heavenly. Sorry if the food looks dry as I just took it out of the fridge. The curry thing on the right with some coconut/potato/pumpkin thing inside is AMAZING. Fantastic, A++.

My only “complaint” is that the rice portion isn’t big, though the large curry serving more than makes up for it. Also I don’t understand why they have to charge 5k extra (before 10% tax) to change the rice to brown rice, especially when the serving size is already so small?

Ubud: Dayu's Warung, Veg Burger

Veg burger (30k before tax) — I forgot the name. Unfortunately I didn’t like this at all. The ingredients are fresh and all; I just didn’t like the taste of whatever was used to make the burger.

  • Cost of Main Meal: 30–35k rupiah + 10% tax
  • Cost of Drink: 10–20k rupiah + 10% tax
  • What I love about this place:
    • Amazing, organic food at good price
    • Has a nice selection of desserts (gluten-free) and cookies
  • Cons: Preparation can be a little slow?
  • My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
  • Address: Jl. Sugriwa No. 28X (2 streets away from Wulan Vegetarian)
  • Links: Trip Advisor | Restaurant Website | Facebook

4) Warung Sopa

Ubud: Warung Sopa

Ubud: Warung Sopa Counter

Ubud: Warung Sopa Food

Food ordering station at Warung Sopa. You pick whatever dishes you want and the staff will tally at the counter.


Located on the same street as Dayu’s Warung, my experience with Warung Sopa was weird. I knew about Warung Sopa after reading reviews on blogs and saw that it has a great rating on Trip Advisor. But I was disappointed after my visit.

The rice portion for their Nasi Campur was just… underwhelming? It was like 1/3 or 1/4 of the amount of rice I get at Wulan. It was like 3 spoonfuls of rice? o_O It could be just me as I saw others’ pictures online and their rice quantity didn’t look so small (which means maybe Sopa has some QC issue). Hence I wasn’t full at all even though I intentionally ordered to match the same price as Wulan’s Nasi Campur. (Their rice costs 6k rupiah while each ingredient costs 8k, so my order of rice + 3 veg is 32K rupiah. Wulan’s “Nasi Campur + 7 veg” is 33K rupiah for takeout.) Honestly for 33K, you will get a much better deal at Wulan’s. 2.5X the quantity with fresher taste.

Ubud: Warung Sopa Nasi Campur

Nasi campur (32k) and Tamarind with ginger lime soda (20k)

As for the dishes, some are very nice while some aren’t. For example I ordered this fried tofu thing which was cold. Not even warm, but cold. Their tempeh wasn’t fresh, nothing compared to Wulan’s tempeh. Wulan’s tempeh is nice and crispy, while Sopa’s tempeh tasted like it had been left out in the open air for some time. The “Bali curry” vegetables were very good though. Even then this didn’t redeem my poor experience with the meal.

I also got their Tamarind with ginger lime soda drink which I wasn’t a fan of. It was just soda with lots of tamarind powder. Maybe I’m just not a fan of tamarind (I didn’t know what it was like until I ordered it).

So basically I left feeling half full and unsatisfied. After this encounter, I didn’t revisit Sopa. When I can simply go to Wulan which is 2 streets away and get great, filling food at a fantastic price, I didn’t want to risk another disappointing meal here. Perhaps next time when I’m back in Ubud.

  • Cost of Main Meal: 30–50k rupiah (their Nasi Campur is 6k rice + 8k for each ingredient. Based on the underwhelming portions, I think you need to order 5 dishes to feel moderately full, so 6k + 8x5k = 46k)
  • Cost of Drink: 20—25k rupiah
  • What I love about this place: Large seating area; you can sit anywhere you like
  • Cons: Small food portions compared to Wulan for the same price. Staff looked grumpy; I don’t know if they are underpaid or something.
  • My Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars (may be just a freak encounter though; I’ll be back next time)
  • Address: Jalan Sugriwa No. 36
  • Links: Trip Advisor | Restaurant Website | Facebook

5) Kismet

Ubud: Kismet Restaurant

Ubud: Kismet Restaurant

Kismet restaurant interior. They have a 2nd floor not seen here.

Kismet is a hip expat restaurant/bar that serves gourmet vegetarian food. It has a hip look, hip music, and the whole place looks very stylized and mod.

I actually didn’t have a pleasant encounter in my visit. When I visited the restaurant, I saw a staff smoking inside and the staff talking loudly amongst themselves, and I didn’t understand why someone, much less a staff, would be smoking inside. Then I ordered takeout and while eating, found a (dead) caterpillar in my salad. <.<

Put off, I decided to let them know what happened because, honestly, they can’t fix something if they don’t know what’s happening. I was pleasantly surprised when the owner (Mykah) emailed me to explain the whole situation. He said that smoking isn’t allowed in the restaurant and he had reminded the staff to only smoke on the patio. He also explained that their produce is organic and pesticide-free, and hence a high chance that it’d have special “friends.” They do clean their leaves with filtered water but one may slip by like in my case. He was very apologetic and invited me to revisit them with a gift certificate on his account. I’m impressed by his dedication to service and will definitely revisit when I’m back in Ubud.

That said, Kismet’s food is delicious. They have a large menu of choices, serving an eclectic mix of Western (lasagna, pasta, burgers, salads, nuggets, zucchini fries, etc.) and Asian (Pad Thai, Thai Green Curry, Paneer Tikka Masala, Tempeh Burger) food with a wide selection of desserts (cakes, ice cream). Here’s what I got:

Ubud: Kismet Restaurant, Haloumi Burger

Black coconut charcoal bun with grilled halloumi cheese, tomato, and avocado, along with fries and salad (80k before 20% tax and service charge)

Ubud: Kismet Restaurant, Haloumi Burger

A side look

Ubud: Kismet Restaurant, Vegetarian Skewers

Vegetarian skewers with peanut sauce (45k before 20% charge). The skewers are a mix of tempeh, tofu, grilled veg, and mushroom. The sauce is delicious.

They are quite expensive though. My 2 items above cost me 150k rupiah after 20% tax and service charge. Also I feel that Kismet’s food falls more under the category of “tasty, modernized vegan/vegetarian food” than “super healthy, super organic food that is tasty” (of which the latter applies to Wulan/Dayu’s food).

  • Cost of Main Meal: 60–80k rupiah + 20% tax & service charge
  • Cost of Drink: 20–55k rupiah + 20% tax & service charge
  • Cost of Dessert: 35–70k + 20% tax & service charge (ice cream, cakes)
  • What I love about this place: Amazing variety of food, great service, tasty food
  • Cons:
    • It’s quite expensive. 1 meal here can get me 2–3 meals at Wulan or Dayu’s.
    • It’s more like a bar in a modern city with loud music and a hip setup, so if you’re looking for that local authentic experience in Ubud, you won’t get it here.
  • My Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars
  • Address: Jl. South Goutama 27X
  • Links: Trip Advisor | Restaurant Website | Facebook

6) Alchemy

Alchemy serves 100% raw vegan food. Their food is divine. It’s like food that I had been missing my whole life but didn’t know what exactly I was missing until I had it. You can really taste the “life” in the food; it’s VERY fresh, like it contains the maximum energy from nature. It’s like the best food I’ve eaten my entire life. No, I’m serious.

Ubud: Alchemy Restaurant

The building. It’s huge!

Ubud: Alchemy Restaurant Entrance

Entrance; there is a very large sitting area inside

Ubud: Alchemy Restaurant, Salad

Their salad which costs 65k rupiah for salad leaves, 4 ingredients, and 1 dressing. Additional ingredient costs 10k each. All prices before 16% tax and service charge.

Ubud: Alchemy Restaurant, Philadelphia Maka Nori Rolls

Philadelphia Maki Nori (69k before 16% charge). Raw sushi rolls filled with cauliflower rice and papaya, served with sesame shoyu dip and warm miso soup. It’s amazing.

Ubud: Alchemy Restaurant, Virgin Mojito Drink

Virgin mojito (25k before 16% charge), which is a green smoothie with mint. It was AMAZING. Exactly the kind of drink I’d like on a hot day. Cool, refreshing, energizing.

One big turnoff about Alchemy though is that it’s quite expensive for Ubud standards. They’ve been increasing their prices over the years from reviews I’ve read, and I think they know they can because they are so popular and they’ve built a brand for themselves (their place was packed when I visited).

Their serving isn’t exactly large either. I was pretty surprised when my order came up to 186k rupiah ($14 USD) for 1 person, about 4–5 times the cost of a decent veg meal in Ubud. And then I saw their desserts and was flabbergasted by the prices; it’s like the same cost in Singapore; maybe even more (after 16% tax/charge, one small chocolate truffle costs $2.3 USD; one wee little cookie costs $1.1 USD; a slice of cake costs $4 USD; same for ice cream). Their smoothie drinks are average of $4~5+ USD after tax/charge.

I’d revisit for sure, but I don’t think it’s a place for daily dining due to the prices, unless you’re just there to get 1 salad and a drink. I definitely want to try their breakfast smoothie bowl which I’ve read a lot about.

  • Cost of Main Meal: 55–69k + 16% tax & service charge (servings aren’t large so you need to order multiple items if you’re hungry. this means double the price.)
  • Cost of Drink: 20–52k + 16% tax & service charge
  • Cost of Smoothie/Shakes: 32–65k + 16% tax & service charge
  • Cost of Dessert: 40–60k for ice cream, 22–27k for one chocolate truffle, 45–50k for 1 slice of cake. All before 16% tax & service charge
  • What I love about this place:
    • Best food I’ve eaten my entire life
    • Nice range of options, from salads, to mains, to smoothie bowls, to cakes, to ice cream
    • Great setting; bright, cheery, airy, great availability of sitting spots
  • Cons:
    • Place feels like a confusing mess if you’re here for the first time. I think the staff just kinda expects that you’d know what to do and gives you piecemeal pointers. One New Zealander I met was actually surprised when she saw that I got myself a menu (this was after she finished eating; she thought they only had salads).
    • It’s overpriced, especially the desserts
  • My Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (fantastic food but just too expensive for Bali standards)
  • Address: Jalan Penestanan Klod
  • Links: Trip Advisor | Restaurant Website | Facebook

And More…

Of course, there are many other veg restaurants in Ubud. Bali Buda. Seeds of Life (raw vegan). Taco Casa (Mexican cuisine). Kafe. Clear Cafe. Pizza Umah (Italian/pizzas). Soma. Warung Semesta. Among many others!!!! Trip Advisor has nearly 180 listings!!!

I plan to return next time with Ken and explore more restaurants with him. When that happens, I’ll add on to this list! 🙂 So do bookmark it for your use.

More Ubud vegetarian restaurant reviews:

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful. 🙂 In the next part, I’ll share some miscellaneous points about living in Ubud as well as round up the series. Stay tuned! 🙂

This is part 4 of my 5-part travel series on Ubud where I share things to note as a traveler living in Ubud and how to make the best out of your trip here.

  1. Living in Ubud Series: Introduction, Visa, Accommodation
  2. Environment: Nature, Climate, Villages, Animals
  3. Transport: Scooters, Taxis, Go-Jek
  4. Living in Ubud, Food: Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant Reviews
  5. Others: Insects, Language, Internet Speed, and More (Conclusion)

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