Affirmation Challenge Day 12 [Wealth]: ‘I’m financially abundant, and money comes to me naturally.’

This is Day 12 of the 15-Day Affirmation Challenge where hundreds of participants around the world gather to practice positive affirmations for 15 days in July 2014. The challenge is now over, but you can do the tasks in your own time. Visit the overview page for all Affirmation Challenge tasks and posts.

Affirmation Challenge

Dear everyone, welcome to Day 12 of our 15-Day Affirmation Challenge! 😀


We’ve three more affirmation tasks till our challenge ends! As we’ll be having a break day between Days 14 and 15 (just like we had the break day between Days 7 and 8), we still have four more days before this challenge concludes. Let’s make the best out of these remaining four days, shall we? 😀

Here is the overview of all the posts for the challenge so far:

Now, let’s move to today’s task, which is on…

Day 12: [Wealth]

Affirmation Wallpaper, [Wealth]: "I'm financially abundant, and money comes to me naturally."

 Today’s affirmation: “I’m financially abundant, and money comes to me naturally.”

Have you ever had problems with money before? Some form of worry about money, even if in a little way?

Be it not having enough pocket money to buy your favorite stationery when you were in high school; to budgeting for a major goal like your apartment rental, wedding, or first house; to worrying about whether you have enough savings to pull you through for the next month, all of us have had our share of money concerns. For some of us, our money woes may have started from when we were young, from being born in a financially constrained household. For others, our money woes may have started as we grew older and started having needs that outweighed our financial earning prowess.

Because of the increasingly important role that money plays in our society today, it’s no wonder that so many of us have negative thoughts and emotions surrounding money — be it ad-hoc worries or general negativity toward money itself. For example, back in the 1970s, my mom could buy a bowl of Wanton mee for only 10 cents. People could also buy a four-room unit from HDB (Singapore’s Housing Development Board) for just $20,000 SGD. At that time, a graduate’s starting pay was about $1,000 per month. Well, today, merely 40 years later, a graduate’s starting pay has only doubled (for a typical graduate) to tripled (if you’re a strong contender), but Wanton mee and housing prices have increased by over 25 times (ouch)! Order a bowl of Wanton mee in a hawker center and it’ll easily cost you $2.50 to $3.00 (to over $4 if you eat at the food court), while a four-room resale unit in Serangoon area can easily cost you $500,000 (that’s half a million!). And I’m sure such rapid inflation can be observed in other countries too, especially developed areas.


Still, despite the increasing financial pressure on everyone, money is not at fault here. One thing that I teach in The Passive Income System (my passive income course) is that money is merely a neutral agent — a medium that we use to transact value. Inflation aside, in a world where everything is constant, we receive $X of money by virtue of X amount of value that we give to others. If we’re not receiving our ideal $X now, the issue isn’t really money itself, but our lack of means to earn this money (which can be tied to not having the right skills, not having figured out the mediums to earn this money, not offering value that people want, etc.)

Just like your ideal career, achieving financial abundance is a huge topic that can’t be covered in one simple affirmation task. Rather, today, I’m going to get you moving towards the goal of financial abundance: by identifying your self-limiting money beliefs, replacing them, and taking steps towards your financial goal. Now, let’s get started! 😀

Your Task Today

  1. Identify at least one self-limiting money beliefs that you have. Money is something that many of us have many deeply embedded (negative) beliefs about. Consider the following self-limiting money beliefs:
    • I hate money.
    • Money is the root of all evil.
    • If I didn’t need to deal with money, my life would be stress-free.
    • I don’t need a lot of money to live.
    • I don’t want to be rich.
    • I don’t know how to earn money.

    Select whichever belief(s) that resonate with you; write more if you like.

  2. Challenge these belief(s). All self-limiting beliefs have roots that support their existence. What are the roots for yours, and do they justify having such belief(s)? Chances are, the answer is “no.”
    • For example, someone who always thinks, I hate money, may be doing so because he/she has always struggled with money as a kid and has never been able to keep his/her money in his possession. However, does it justify having such a belief though? Maybe the issue is his/her lack of good financial habits, not money itself!
  3. Create new positive belief(s). What new positive belief(s) can you use to replace the one(s) from Step #1 with? It/They should support your financial goals (that you specified in Step #1 of yesterday’s task on ideal career). Continuing the above examples
    • I hate money. -> I love money.
    • Money is the root of all evil. -> Money is just a neutral agent; it is what we make out to be. It’s not evil.
    • If I didn’t need to deal with money, my life would be stress-free. -> Money has nothing to do with my stress. If money is giving me stress, then it’s about learning to handle it objectively and well.
    • I don’t need a lot of money to live. -> Regardless of my living needs, having more money allows me to make greater change in this world.
    • I don’t want to be rich. -> I want to be rich (so that I can pursue all my goals and dreams with no constraints)!
    • I don’t know how to earn money. -> Earning (a lot of) money is a skill that anyone, including me, can learn, starting today.
  4. Identify one positive step you can take towards your financial goal. For example:
    • Target to save 20% more than I usually do every month. (Frugality goal)
    • Read books on self-made millionaires to learn their financial secrets and practices so that I can practicing them. (Financial literacy goal)
    • Negotiate with my boss for a 10% raise as I’m currently being paid lesser than the industry average. (Income goal) — Note by Celes: In case this sounds crazy, PE reader and my personal friend Lizette has time and again negotiated for a higher pay from her company. How? By simply knowing her rights, knowing the industry standards, and knowing how to present her value artfully to her company. Here are some salary negotiation pieces that may help: How to Negotiate Your Salary @ Huffington Post | Forbes.
    • Launch a new product/service X in my business that matches my audience’s top needs. (Wealth generation goal)
  5. Say your new belief(s), along with today’s affirmation:

    “I’m financially abundant, and money comes to me naturally.”

    (If you think it’s silly to say them out loud, you can say them silently in your heart.)

I encourage you to write down your new belief(s) and today’s affirmation so that you can always see them and commit them to your heart. Repeat them every day to yourself, for as many times and as long as needed, until they become part of your default thinking.

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Affirmation Wallpaper: [Wealth]

Today’s affirmation wallpaper, for download:


Affirmation Wallpaper, [Wealth]: "I'm financially abundant, and money comes to me naturally."

Download (right click and save): [1366×768] [1600×900] [1920×1080]

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