New York City PE Readers Meetup (Dec 31, 2011) – Pictures and Afterthought! :D

NYC Meetup, Group Shot

Me and PE readers in a NYC Meetup

The NYC meetup went ahead as planned, and it was a lovely meetup! A *BIG* thank you to everyone who turned up! 😉

As opposed to the past meetups in London, this time we had a cosy gathering of 8 people, which enabled for more personal discussions. 😀 Despite it being arranged at the last minute (only 3 days before the meetup), plus on New Year’s Eve to boot leaving most people unavailable, it was a very positive turnout! Our group was pretty diverse, with people from New Jersey, Washington DC, Spain – and even as far as from Hong Kong!! Below are some pictures I took for the day.


NYC Meet-up, Angelica Kitchen

We met at Angelica’s Kitchen, a popular vegan restaurant in downtown Manhattan

NYC Meet-up, Angelica Kitchen interior

Interior of the restaurant

NYC Meet-up Settling down

Everyone settling down

NYC Meet-up deep in disscusion

Deep in discussion

NYC Meet-up Sandy and Camille

Sandy and Camille – International exchange students from Hong Kong!

NYC Meet-up Dillon and Meredith

Dillon and Meredith, who took the bus from DC all the way to NYC (4+ hour ride!). Dearest Meredith provided me with a place to stay and was such a fantastic host to me while I was in DC in Nov. Thank you so much once again, Meredith! 😀

NYC Meet-up Lena, Jodi and Dan

Lena (from Spain), Jodi and Dan!


NYC Meet-up Celes, Sandy and Camille

Me, Sandy and Camille

Recent PE reader Sandy was so sweet to get me a gift, and a very thoughtful one, at that! A bottle of maple syrup (see below). This maple syrup will come in very handy as a condiment for my food. Thank you so much, dear Sandy! ♥♥

NYC Meet-up pure maple syrup

Pure Maple Syrup, premium product by Gould Farm, a non-profit organization for people with mental illnesses.

NYC Meet-up Dillon, Meredith and Celes

Dillon, Meredith and Me

NYC Meet-up final group shot

Final group shot – Lena, Jodi, Dan and Me

All of us hung out for a couple of hours, had a great time getting to know each other better, before exchanging contacts and setting off for the evening for our individual countdowns to 2012.

Sandy and Camille headed to Times Square; Lena, Jodi and Dan headed for the church; Meredith and Dillon hung out around downtown Manhattan, while I went to Brooklyn for a friend’s house party, before finally counting down with my friends on the Brooklyn Bridge and getting to see some exciting fireworks. 😉

Manhattan skyline

View of the Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge, plus fireworks from the countdown 😉 (presumably at Times Square)


It’s now Jan 1, 2012 (Jan 2 as of the time of writing). Here’s to an *EXCITING* 2012 everyone! 😀 NYC has been an amazing city, but I guess it’s now time to move on to the next destination in my travels. Next up – Los Angeles! Hope to have a meetup too while I’m there? See you guys soon! 😉

Update Jan 15, ’12: I’ve since arrived at LA and conducted a Los Angeles Meetup! Read: PE Los Angeles Meetup (Jan 14, 2012) – Pictures and Afterthought!

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