Visiting Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain

(Posted on Oct 19, 2011)

Hey everyone!! I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be going to Ibiza (Spain) this Friday! :D

This is a last-minute arrangement — I was contacted Sunday (3 days ago) by a non-profit foundation about an upcoming initiative they are launching. It seems they have been following my work for a while, love the material that I have been producing and are keen to introduce elements of my work in their new initiative.

Knowing that I’m in London now, they offered to either come to London (their operational quarters is in Ibiza (Spain) or invite me to Ibiza. Since I’ve never been in Ibiza or Spain before, I picked the latter option — so within a few email exchanges, it’s decided that I’ll be going over on Friday.

I’m not sure how things will map out — it’ll really depend on how the discussion goes. But I’m definitely keeping my options open and keen to explore to whatever win-win, collaboration opportunities we can come up with. As long as something is in line with the mission and vision of Personal Excellence and contributes to my development plans, I’m all for it.

So that’s it — I’ll keep you guys updated if anything comes out of this. I’ll be there for the weekend, and returning to London next week for the London Meet-Up #2 on Nov 29 afternoon (will book the venue and share details on the meet-up next week!).

I heard Ibiza is a very exciting location, so I’m curious to check it out. I also heard it’s well known for clubbing, though I’m not a clubbing person — I prefer personal, heart-to-heart conversations over the boom-boom-boom and over-the-top music.

For the readers on my Facebook, I’ll be taking lots of pictures and sharing with you guys like I’ve been doing throughout my Europe trip – so stay tuned.

In the meantime, my US trip is proceeding as planned — I’ll be heading to Philadelphia in early Nov for the Wharton engagement, after which I’ll be visiting DC for a week, then NY.

This is so exciting! Loving you guys as always. ♥ Stay strong and remember to keep growing!