Pictures of Singapore PE Readers Meetup (July 27, 2014)

Hi everyone! This is to share the pictures of our latest Singapore PE readers meetup, which was held last Sunday, July 27. 😀 This meetup was an informal celebration of my 30th birthday (which is already over) and also a farewell party for Wanxuan, a long-time reader and supporter of PE, who is leaving for China to further her language-teaching career.

The meetup was extremely successful, with 40 RSVPs — the highest RSVP we’ve had for any meetup to date! In fact, there were so many RSVPs that I had to close RSVPs and reject interested attendees (sorry Shweta and co; hopefully you’ll be able to come for our future meetups!), AND I had to book the entire restaurant space to accommodate everyone. Thank you 7 Sensations for your awesome hospitality! *bows*

Not only that, but pretty much everyone who RSVPed turned up, including ALL new attendees. This was a pleasant surprise as there had always been at least one or two no-shows from past meetups. I sincerely thank all of you for RSVPing and coming — thank you!!! *bows again*


Without further ado, here are the photos!

7 Sensations restaurant

7 Sensations, where we had our meetup. This is my first time conducting a PE meetup here, and my first time dining at this restaurant too. I’m extremely happy with their hospitality and service!

SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): Pre-event

Getting everyone settled down before the event starts

SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): Introduction

Addressing the group and getting everyone warmed up!

SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): Ice breaking

Inviting everyone to introduce themselves! Here, we’ve Ngee Key, a personal friend and long-time supporter of PE, sharing about himself! Ngee Key is a career coach and founder of Your Own 360, a career advisory.

SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): Ice breaking, #2

Everyone having his/her turn at speaking. Here, Ken (in blue) is introducing himself. He said he got to know PE a year ago, and he’s most probably going to be reading PE for the rest of his life…. after which everyone laughed. (And that’d be because he’s married to me. <.<“)

SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): Everyone laughing

Throughout the event, I was cracking jokes here and there to get everyone warmed up. I’d like to think that it worked as everyone seems to be laughing pretty hard here!


SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): Everyone mingling

And the mingling begins! I was busy facilitating the meetup the whole evening and didn’t get to mingle at all. Here, I’m ushering PE reader Dexin to meet new folks from a different table! She’s like a baby — she’s just 19 years old!

SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): Whye Wong, Chloe, Alvin, and Wen

Group shot! From left to right: Whye Wong (a long-time reader and great supporter); Chloe, an up-and-coming life coach; Alvin (Chloe’s boyfriend); and Wen (behind)!

SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): Mingling #2

More mingling going on! That’s Thoufic wearing the red shirt, Drew with the pink shirt, and Wanxuan (the lady with the glasses) at the lower right of the photo!

 SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): Tony, Corrine, Reeta, Kay, and Ken

Clockwise, from left to right: Tony, Corrine (Tony’s girlfriend) who is currently working in Brunei and just happened to be back in SG in time for the meetup (!!), Reeta, Kay, and Ken (my husband)

SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): Celes, Sam, and Wanxuan

Here, I’m with Sam and Wanxuan, both of whom are dear members of the PE community! Sam got me a BEAUTIFUL sunflower bouquet for my 30th birthday, and another BEAUTIFUL sunflower bouquet for Wanxuan as a farewell gift!! Thank you SO MUCH Sam for your flowers — it’s now in a vase in my living room! 🙂

SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): Celes and Sharon

This is Sharon, a long-time PE reader whom I met at Spark Summit last year (a conference which I was speaking at)! She is a lawyer, is incredibly intelligent, and is pursuing an interior design diploma at the moment. AND, she is musically-inclined too!! She recently composed a musical piece as a gift for Ken and me as a wedding gift which we absolutely love!!

SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): Celes and Wanxuan

Me and Wanxuan, who has been reading PE for many years and has been to all the SG PE meetups! Thank you for your kind support Wanxuan, and here’s wishing you bon voyage in your new journey! 🙂

SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): Drew and Celes

Me with Drew, who is a very mature, kind, and sweet! He made me a card for my birthday which I totally love — thank you Drew!! 🙂


SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): Drew's handmade birthday card

Drew’s lovely handmade card for me

SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): Samuel and Celes

This is Samuel, who was a participant of our recent Affirmation Challenge and achieved many breakthroughs for himself, particularly in the area of his relationship with food. Very smart and conscious gentleman and I see many great things ahead for him!

 SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): Birthday gifts for Celes' 30th birthday

All the birthday gifts I received from the meetup — thank you to Sam, Samuel, Drew, Yaleryn, Josephine, and John for your lovely gifts!! 😀

SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014): More mingling

After three-and-a-half hours of mingling, we had to leave as the restaurant was closing for the night. Many of us still stayed on to chat for another one-and-a-half hour outside the restaurant, until almost midnight!

SG PE Readers Meetup (Jul 27, 2014)

And here’s a group shot to round up the night! 🙂 Not everyone is in the shot since some had to leave early, but most of the attendees are here!

Thanks everyone for coming to the meetup — it was truly my honor and pleasure meeting all of you, and I hope you got to meet some new, like-minded friends at the event! 😀

Some attendees have suggested having the meetups more frequently, and this is something I’ll consider duly. Perhaps we may have another meetup later this year, and if we do, I hope all of you will join again as your response is the most critical factor to each meetup’s success! 🙂 As long as there’s demand and interest, I’ll look into having meetups more frequently than just once a year.


Till next time! 😀

Pictures © Personal Excellence

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