NYC PE Readers Meetup on New Year’s Eve, Dec 31! [Sign Ups Closed]

NYC Christmas 2011: Celes

Me at a friend’s Christmas party in Brooklyn! 😉 Mosaicing the people’s faces because I’m not sure how okay they are with having their pictures displayed publicly on PE

A very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Yule and Winter Solstice to all of you! 😀

As those of you following my Facebook would know, I’ve been in NYC for the past month. Prior to that, I’ve been in Philly and Washington DC.


It’s been a great month in NYC (at times very cold though, brrr! Though the weather was much colder last year, so I’m grateful!), and I’ve really enjoyed all the sights I’ve seen and relationships I’ve built while I’m here.

My next step forward in my US travels is to go to the west coast because that’s what many have recommended me to do. My first stop will be LA (very sweet PE reader Whitney has very kindly offered to put me up in her place while I’m there ♥ – thank you so much Whitney), after which I may be visiting San Francisco and San Diego. I’ll be taking the Amtrak from NYC to LA, which I imagine will be a feast in terms of sights and scenery I’ll be exposed to in the 3-day train ride. 😀

Before I go to LA though, I would really love to meet up with all of you in New York City. I haven’t organized any meetup since I came to the states, and that’s because I wasn’t sure how interested all of you would be in a meetup. Given that NYC is one of the cities with the highest readership for PE, I hope we can generate enough responses for the meetup to push through this time!

So yes, I’ll be leaving for LA on Jan 5, and I’m thinking of having the meetup any day between Dec 28-31, and any day between Jan 2-4. Location to be confirmed, though it’ll definitely be a cafe/restaurant in Manhattan.

Ok, let me know if you’re interested guys! Please leave a comment to express your intent (or not), and which of the dates work for you. I really look forward to seeing your responses. 😀

NYC Meetup Confirmed

Update Dec 28, ’11: The NYC Meetup has been confirmed! Details below:

  • Venue: Angelica Kitchen* in downtown Manhattan (website)
  • Address: 300 E 12th St (at second Ave, East Village, Manhattan) (Google Maps)
  • Date: 31 Dec, Saturday (New Year’s Eve! 😉 )
  • Time: 3pm

*Note that they accept cash only and no credit, so please bring cash along!


I apologize if the date doesn’t accommodate to some of you. It was tough selecting the date – While many of you have helpfully shared the range of dates that work best for you, it seems like everyone has different agendas which clashed with each other’s. So I decided to go with New Year’s Eve, both for the significance of the day (last day of the year, where crowds will be bustling in NYC then) and that it’s a weekend, where people will be off from work. I’m inviting whoever can make it to join in the fun on the day. 😉

I picked Angelica Kitchen as (a) their items are decently priced compared to other vegan restaurants, (b) they have a good sitting capacity, with the largest table accommodating up to 12 people, (c) they have a convenient location in the East Village, (d) they have a high number of good reviews. So it looks like a good place worth checking out!

The only downsides are (1) they don’t accept credit – so please bring cash, and (2) they don’t accept reservations, so I was not able to make any reservations. I’ve picked a non-peak timing at 3pm though, so there shouldn’t be a problem getting seats I’m sure. Either way I will be there at 3pm (likely by 2:50pm), so just pop in and you should be able to see me. (I will be wearing a bright red coat and a black turtleneck.)

Unlike other meetups where I have a note of who’s coming and who’s not, this time I’m just making it easy – I’m posting the location, day and time, and I’m inviting any of you who will be free during that time to join in. 😀 Doesn’t matter if you’re in NYC for a vacation, or if you are a true blue New Yorker at heart – all of you are invited! 😉

As I mentioned previously, I’ll be leaving for LA next week, so this will be the first and last meetup I’ll have in NYC for a long while. So please come if you can!

The number for Angelica Kitchen is 212-228-2909.

Look forward to meeting you guys this Saturday! 😀

Update Jan 1, ’12: The meetup is now over! Pictures and afterthought here 😉 – NYC Meetup, Pictures and Afterthought Meetup!


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