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Why I Deleted My Facebook Page with 20,800 Likes

Celestine Chua Facebook Page

Hi everyone! Last month, I deleted my verified Facebook page with 20,800+ likes. To be precise, I deactivated it, but the page is as good as gone now. Today I thought to share the reasons why. The truth is that Facebook hasn’t been adding value to me as a business owner for a while. While I had previously deleted my...

New Layout, New Beginning

PE New Layout - 2016 (Screenshot)

Hi everyone! 😀 First off, sorry for the slow updates lately. I’ve been busy working on a number of things, many of which are meant to lay out the foundation for a better path ahead with PE. Today I’m super excited to unveil one of the things I have been working on: a brand new layout...

One Man’s Impact in the World

Silhouette of a man, before a sunrise

Some days it’s easy to undermine our impact in this world, especially when we’re just one person living in a world of 7 billion people. Yet, each and everyone of us has an impact on the world by virtue of living in it. Even when we think that we’re just quietly living out our life and being...

56 Most Inspirational Songs of All Time

Most Inspirational Songs of All Time

“Hi Celes, thank you for this post on movies. A great way to discover great inspirational movies. If I may request, can we have a post for list of most inspiring songs?” ~ Rajesh G You may have experienced this before: you feel down or frustrated about something. You catch a tune from the radio and you...


Man alone at the beach

In a world where everyone is increasingly connected, I feel oddly disconnected. While we have Facebook that links us with people, I feel that social media has become more of a tool for low level transmissions and knee jerk reactions. Because most social media channels (by most, I guess I really mean FB) showcase posts that...