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How to be Productive, Not Busy

How to be Productive, Not Busy

In today’s world, it is so easy to be busy rather than being productive. That’s because we have so many notifications, alerts, to-dos, things screaming for attention. Oftentimes, when we are not aware, we could simply spend an entire day

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Girl alone in the forest, with a road before her

You’re not alone

Have you ever felt like you’re alone sometimes? That you’re facing life’s struggles but you’re going through so much pain alone? That no one seems to understand what you’re going through? I totally hear you. Today, I just want to record

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The Personal Excellence Podcast

The Personal Excellence Podcast (Logo)

My podcast on how to live your best life in today’s busy world. Get practical tips on personal development, from relationships to productivity, achieving happiness to entrepreneurship.

Videos to Live Your Best Life

I post videos answering your questions and sharing tips to live your best life.

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