Los Angeles PE Readers Meetup (Jan 14, 2012) – Pictures and Afterthought!

LA Meetup, Group Shot

Los Angeles PE readers meetup, Jan 2012 (Pictures here)

Our Los Angeles meetup took place as planned on Jan 14, at Sage Organic Vegan Bistro. It was a HUGE BLAST – We had readers coming from LA itself, to Orange County, to Ventura County (both of which are counties in California), to all the way from Australia!!!! We met at 1:30pm, and hung out all the way till 4:30pm. Thank you to everyone for turning up! 😀

 Sage Organic Vegan Bistro

At Sage – A popular vegan restaurant in LA. Kind Kreme is the sister brand of Sage’s, which serves raw, gourmet, organic vegan desserts. Having both brands share the same shop space makes it easy to get all of one’s vegan fix under the same roof!


Sage Organic Vegan Bistro, Interior

Cosy restaurant interior

The early birds

The early birds 😉 – Clockwise from the left – Katya, Amy, Cynthia, Michelle, Andrew, Anna. Thanks guys for sticking to the meetup time and arriving before me even! I need to follow all of you as an example.

Everyone mingling

Everyone mingling amongst themselves, while waiting for beverages to be served

Deep in discussion

Deep in discussion. That’s Whitney (the lady in blue), fellow PE reader and my kind hostess in LA. 3 weeks ago, she saw that I was coming to LA from my Facebook page, and kindly offered to host me while I’m in the city. 3 weeks later, and here I am!! Thank you so much, Whitney! ♥

Enjoying the conversations

Everyone enjoying the conversations, so much so that the food was hardly touched for some!

Andrew's self-introduction

The girls sneaking in a shot while Andrew was doing his self-introduction

Loving the company!

The lovely readers at the other end of the table. That’s Charmaine on the left, and Karen and Alex on the top right and bottom right respectively! Charmaine and Alex are twins – they migrated from Vietnam to LA 12 years ago. From what I’ve understood from others, there is a thriving Asian community in the west coast, especially San Francisco.


Celes and Anna

Me and generous Anna. ♥ We came up to be $18 short in our bill when it came to rounding up the checks for the table (probably due to miscalculation in taxes and tips for some guests), and a few of us chipped in $1-2 more, while Anna covered for the remainder. It was incredibly generous of her. Check out her tattoo on her right arm!

Katya, Amy and Cynthia

Thoughtful Katya (from Russia, who just came to LA 2 years ago), adventurous Amy (from Australia – she’s been traveling the world for the past 4 months, just like me!), and sweet Cynthia (who’s finishing up her final year in UCLA at the moment!)

Celes, Andrew and Anna

Me, Gung-ho Andrew (who recently quit his job in corporate finance, and is now running multiple start-ups!) and Anna! ♥

Michelle and Whitney

Beautiful Michelle and Kind Whitney!

Kari, Edwilk and Celes

Sweet Kari ♥, Mindful Edwilk, and me

Karen and Alex

Warm Karen and Lovely Alex

Celes and Charmaine

Me and long-time PE reader, Charmaine. She has been following PE for over 2 years, almost as long as it has been around!

Acai Berry

A very thoughtful present from Katya – this is Acai Berry powder, also widely regarded as a Superfood. I believe I’m supposed to mix this in water and drink it. Thank you so much Katya – I shall be having this as a in-between meal drink for the remainder of my travels! ♥


LA Meet-Up, Group Shot

Final group shot with all the attendees. A B-I-G “THANK YOU” to everyone for coming! It means a lot to me that you guys came!

That’s it for the LA meetup – Highly conscious people, amazing energy and beautiful conversations in a warm and beautiful city. The LA meetup is the fourth meetup I’ve organized since my travels 7 months ago, with the first 2 being in London (London Meetup #1, London Meetup #2), and the third in New York City.

Next up – San Francisco, and potentially my last stop before I return to Singapore.

Pictures © Personal Excellence

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