Live a Healthier Life in 21 Days (2011 Run) [Sign Ups Closed]

Healthy Living Challenge

Do you want to live a healthier life? Do you have some excess pounds you want to shed? Have you had enough of eating poorly planned meals and junk food? Do you want to be fitter and toner? Do you want to live your healthiest life EVER?

If so, this challenge is for you! ūüėÄ


“Live a Healthier Life in 21 Days” Challenge in Jan 2011!

Starting 1 Jan 2011, I’ll be starting a new challenge called “Live a Healthier Life in 21 Days” (from hereon known as 21DHL = 21 Days To a Healthier Life). Hear this guys – We’re going to be kicking off year 2011 with a HUGE bang. When I say huge, I mean HUGE. We’re going to exercise right, eat right, practice positive lifestyle habits and get enough sleep/rest all at the same time. Did someone say it’s impossible? I say it’s possible, and I say that we go ahead and PROVE ALL OF THEM WRONG!

So what’s going to happen? For 21 days straight, from 1st Jan to 21st Jan, we will all be working to achieve our best health together. We’ll be working on the 3 key areas that contribute to our health and wellness: (1) Diet: What we eat and drink; (2) Exercise: This refers to our exercise regime – How frequently we exercise and how long we exercise each time; and (3) Lifestyle: This refers to sleeping habits, waking time, sleeping time or other habits like meditation and good posture). In the true spirit of attaining a better health, I’ll be joining in this challenge with you, so we’ll be doing this together!

This is not just about weight loss, though weight loss may well be a benefit you’ll experience after these 21 days (of course – think about the amazing things that 21-days of exercise and healthy eating will do to your body!) This is about healthy living. About having a healthier body, being a healthier you, and having¬†a healthier life. Where you have boundless energy every day and you can get tons of things done without ever feeling a pinch tired. This challenge is for everyone, because hey – no matter how our diet or exercise is like currently, we can always have a healthier life!

Why now though? Because start of a new year marks the start of a whole new beginning. This is the perfect chance to start things on a high note and get things rolling for year 2011! What are your goals for 2011? Do you want to carry your bad eating habits over? Do you want to have poor fitness and lethargy in the new year? Do you want to be let your health get in the way of your goals and dreams? No, I don’t think you do. I think you want to achieve your best health that you ever have in your life, and that’s what all of us are here to do together.

And since we’re going to be doing this together as a Personal Excellence community, the results will be explosive like for all our 30DLBL runs. We’ll all be able to support each other every day, through the 21 days. If you have read my 21 Days To Cultivate Life Transforming Habits and my 21 Day Lifestyle Revamp Program articles, you’d know¬†21 days is the optimal period to cultivate new lifestyle habits. Once we get through the 21 days and have everything in place, we can then have a great foundation to achieve our goals and dreams for the year! After all, everything in life starts from having good health. Without a healthy and strong body, we can’t hope to get much done.

These 21 days will mark our leap into 2011 with fantastic, superb health!

So what’s going to happen?

21 Days To A Healthier Me


Here’s the plan for 21DHL come Jan 2011! Are you ready? Because we’re going to get rocking in a few days’ time!

  • 30 Dec (Pre-work) – We will work out our exercise, diet and lifestyle plans first as pre-work. As I understand all of us have different dietary preferences and needs, WE will be the ones working out our own healthy living plans! After all, we know our body and what we need the best. I’ll post more instructions and details on the blog on 30 Dec, so stay tuned. – Day 0’s Pre-Work is up!
  • 1st Jan onwards– Our 21DHL challenge officially starts!
    • From 1st Jan to 21st Jan, you are to stick to your healthy living plan!
    • Every day 6am, Singapore time GMT +8 (Refer to¬†The World Clock), I’ll post a new post at the 21DHL Forums that¬†shares a healthy living tip to succeed in 21DHL. In the post, I’ll also rally everyone together to achieve the best results.
    • Your job is to stick to your plan, follow the tip and then report your progress throughout the day (or at the end of the day as you prefer!). The forums is where all the action will be happening! There, all of us will be supporting each other in achieving our 21DHL goals.
  • At the end of the 21 days, I’ll round up the challenge and post a conclusion post of the challenge. We’ll round up how we’ve done, share our learnings with each other as a group, and work on our next steps to live our healthiest life onward and forward in 2011!

Start of 2011 = Enough of Junk Food and Poor Fitness!

What does this mean then? This means – ENOUGH of those lousy, crappy nachos, deep fried, oil-drenched fries, junk food, fast food, sugar laden cakes, food with little to no nutrition, high processed foods, sugar bars, starchy food, sugary pastries, low nutrition candy, gross potato chips, bad sleeping habits, sluggish metabolism, days of low energy, etc. Have you ever thought about what those foods do to your body? Yeah sure, it feels good when you first eat it, but how about after you eat it? I don’t know about you, but every time I eat something that’s unhealthy and oily I feel bad about it afterwards. I think about how it’s damaging my body – all the high fat, high¬†cholesterol¬†content that’s just making my system work extra hard, and getting no nutrition in return, and I just feel lousy at how I’m mistreating my body.

On the other hand, whenever I have a healthy meal, I never feel bad about it afterward. I feel fantastic, I feel fresh, I feel light, and I feel up and ready to go! While it may be tough sometimes to stick to the diet, I find all it takes is one moment of conscious choice – a conscious decision, and everything will flow naturally into place. And now we are working together to achieve our best health in 21DHL, it’s the perfect opportunity to set our health straight for 2011!

I want to join! How do I participate?

Participation is easy, and best of all it’s free. That’s right – 100% free! Programs like this can easily cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, but I’m having it free as I want everyone to join in and be able to enjoy the benefits of a better health. I truly want all of you to start 2011 with your best health ever.

In return, I sincerely ask for your active participation and commitment to be true to yourself and to achieve your best health. Please don’t sit back and just watch this challenge from the rear. Please don’t be the self-help junkie who reads but doesn’t do anything. Please don’t be the apathetic observer. Please don’t be the¬†howling dog.¬†I implore you to join us. You can read one thousand articles from this blog but nothing is ever, ever going to happen until you make the decision to join us. And I’m providing this platform right now, to you, for free, for all of us to transform our lives around. This is about YOUR health, YOUR life, and creating AND living your healthiest life ever. I can stand here and talk and preach until the cows come home but nothing is ever, ever going to change in your life until you make the decision to take action. And there’s no better time to start than now while all of us are here with you to do this together.

Here’s how to join in 2 easy steps:

  1. Subscribe to the Personal Excellence newsletter and RSS Feed. Subscribing means you get all future blog articles and challenge announcements delivered to your email, for free! Announcements include our upcoming 30DLBL runs, new challenges, 21DHL itself, etc.
  2. Post your introduction here! Bookmark the forums – you’re going to be visiting it daily from now on!

That’s it! After you subscribe to the newsletter and¬†post your introduction, head straight to Day 0’s Pre-Work. ūüėÄ In the meantime, get to know your fellow 21DHL mates in the 21DHL forum – all of us will be supporting each other come Jan ’11! ūüėÄ As all the action for 21DHL will be happening in the forum this time, no email updates will be sent for the tasks (also not to flood your mail boxes). Check it every day for the latest tasks and updates.

I highly recommend all of you to take part. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shy¬†and you don’t want others to know your identity – if so,¬†simply use an alias or a fake name or something. I DON’T CARE what name/alias you use, whether it’s Elizabeth Taylor, SexyLady123 or The Iron Man – I JUST WANT YOU TO BE HERE WITH US. The key objective here is to achieve your ideal healthy lifestyle, and the fact is if you participate, share, and join in, you’re just going to be much likely to succeed than if you don’t. This is a rare opportunity where you’ll get to work with a whole group of positive, conscious, and driven individuals to achieve a common goal of a healthier life, so do make full use of it. We did this for 30DLBL, and the energy was explosive. Participants were able to get a lot out of the challenge because they participated with everyone else.


Spread the Word!

The more people we get in this challenge, the more positive energy we are going to build, and the higher our chances of success! And since participation is free, you can get as many people as you want to join in! After all, you’d know that when you have a workout/exercise buddy, it’s just so much easier to stick to your plan!

Share about 21DHL to everyone in your network – your friends, family members, partner, co-workers, etc! Retweet, share on Facebook, share on your favorite social media and email to others via the buttons below! If you have a blog, feel free to rally your readers to join in. Let’s GET THE WORD OUT THERE to live a healthier life come 2011!!! 2011 is when we’re all going to be living healthy lives once and for all!! No more junk food, no more tired days, no more feeling crappy about yourself – this time it’s going to change!

#21DHL Hashtag for Twitter Users

For participants who have Twitter accounts, let’s stay in touch via the #21DHL (21 Days To a Healthier Life) hashtag! When you tweet about the challenge, include “#21DHL” in your message (without the quotes). Clicking on¬†this link lets you see everyone’s current tweets on the challenge!

If you want to have #21DHL as a saved search in your Twitter sidebar, do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. In the right sidebar, key in “21DHL” in the search box (without the quotes)
  3. You’ll see a string of latest tweets on that.
  4. Below your “Tweet” button, you’ll see a link to “Save this search”. Do that and you’ll see a quick link for “21DHL” in your Twitter sidebar. Click on it from now on to see all latest tweets for it! (You cannot see your own tweets though)

Thank You!

This is a thank you ¬†to all of you, whether you’re a current or new reader, for all your support. A few weeks ago, I asked you what you’re interested to see at PE and many of you mentioned challenges/group level activities like 30DLBL. I thought it’ll be fantastic to kick off 2011 with great health, so 21DHL was born. I’m also working through the ideas on audio/podcast, interviews, videos, etc, so stay tuned for that! Thank you for the amazing 2 years to date, and I look forward to a marvelous 2011 with all of you!

Get Ready To Live a Healthier Life in Jan 2011!

Meanwhile, subscribe to the newsletter and get started on Day 0’s Pre-Work! And spread the word about the challenge too so others who want to have a healthier lifestyle can join in!

Comments are closed because we’re shifting all the action to the 21DHL Forums! So join us there!


Update: The challenge is now over but you can still do the tasks in your own pace. Check out the challenge overview for the 14-Day Healthy Living Challenge in Jan 2015: 14-Day Healthy Living Challenge Overview

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