My Photoshoot With Simply Her Magazine (July 2010 Issue)

Simply Her Photoshoot (July 2010): Celes posing

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Simply Her Magazine to give coaching advice on workplace persona and how one should carry oneself at work. Simply Her magazine is a consumer lifestyle guide in Singapore, with a readership of 110,000. It offers practical solutions on everything that interests the modern, working women, such as home, career, family, consumer, health, fashion, beauty, travel and self-empowerment.

As a case study, I was asked to offer my career coaching to a brand manager in a local company. The task entailed (1) shadowing her at work for 2 days – from being in meetings, interacting with colleagues, liaising with customers, talking on the phone, giving presentations, etc -, (2) observing how she carried herself in these situations, and (3) coaching on those areas – what were the positive areas, what could be improved, and in the process helping readers learn how to project their best workplace persona.

After the coaching wrapped up, we had a photoshoot as part of the article feature. My past media photoshoots were done in my home, and this was my first media photoshoot in a studio. It was a very fun experience, and the stylists and designers were very fun loving people too :D.

Here’s some pictures of the photoshoot to share with you guys:

Simply Her Photoshoot (July 2010): Office

Entrance to Simply Her and Her World Office. These are some of the past covers!

Simply Her Photoshoot (July 2010): Office

Collage of past features in the magazine

Simply Her Photoshoot (July 2010): Celes preparing

Trying on my clothes and having the designer decide on the outfits for the shoot

Simply Her Photoshoot (July 2010): Celes at makeup table

Having my hair done. Jacqueline is the hairstylist, while Rachel (the lady with the stripped shirt) is the make-up artist. Check out her make-up kit!

Simply Her Photoshoot (July 2010): Celes having make-up applied on

Getting my make-up done 😀

Simply Her Photoshoot (July 2010): Celes getting ready for the shoot

Preparing for the shoot! The lady in green is the designer Sherry, while the photographer is behind setting up the camera.

Simply Her Photoshoot (July 2010): Celes posing

Lights, camera and smile!! 🙂

Simply Her Photoshoot (July 2010): Celes posing

Closer shot 😀


Simply Her Photoshoot (July 2010): Celes

That’s me with Lorraine, who is the brand manager I worked with in the case study. 😀 The metal bar-like things are more as placeholders. They will be removed in the final photos.

Simply Her Photoshoot (July 2010): Celes and Lorraine

Me and Lorraine again

Simply Her Photoshoot (July 2010): Celes and

Me with Jacqueline, the hairstylist

Simply Her Photoshoot (July 2010): Editing

A sneak peak of one of the shots 😀

Want to see the actual feature article and the outcome of the photoshoot? 😀 The feature will be out in the upcoming July issue of Simply Her (which will be out by third week of June, which is next week!). Singapore-based readers – You can grab a copy at local newstands, supermarkets and convenience stores 😀

Thanks Madeline and Lorraine – It has been wonderful working with both of you on this! 😀


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