Singapore PE Readers Meetup on 24 June, 2012, CONFIRMED [Sign Ups Closed]

Update 20 June: Meetup details have been lock and loaded! Scroll down for the venue, time, and attendee details! 😀

Hello everyone! 😀 Following the past reader meetups in London, London again, New York City and Los Angeles, several local readers have asked me if I’m ever going to have a Singapore PE readers meetup.

I guess I’ve always had the intention to do that, just that I held back from doing it as (a) I wasn’t sure if there would be enough people interested (Singaporeans can be quite passive) and (b) there was no driving reason to have one. (Whereas in the other cities, I only intended to be there for a short period of time, so that was a call for action in itself.)


Well, given that my birthday is coming up soon (25th this month, actually) and PE is such a big part of my life, I thought I should arrange for a meetup and finally get to meet my local readers in person! 😀

This isn’t really a birthday celebration per se though (please, no presents needed); it’s really meant as a PE readers meetup where (a) I get to know all of you and (b) I create a platform for all of you to know each other. I know many people often complain to me about how they find it hard to meet like-minded people (I feel that way sometimes), and I think this will be an excellent opportunity to get to know others who live in the same city/country as you do, just that you’ve never crossed paths with each other! My upcoming birthday really just gave me the added push to put this together and get things going.

If you’re a reader in Singapore (Singaporean or non-Singaporean, doesn’t matter), a reader in Malaysia, or if you’ll happen to be in Singapore this weekend, you are invited to attend!

Not only will we get to meet each other, you will also get to meet other like-minded, conscious people! This is an excellent opportunity to broaden your social circle and get to meet other people, who share the same interest and passion in growth, as well! 😀 Now, who’s complaining about not knowing any like-minded people?

Meetup Details!

Here are the meetup details!

  • Venue: Real Food Restaurant
  • Address: 110 Killiney Road, Singapore 239549 (Google Maps. Near SingTel building. Their number is +65 67379516 just in case you can’t find the place.)
  • Date: 24 June, this Sunday
  • Time3pm* (Reservation made under my name, Celes, so just let them know you’re there for me when you reach)

*Note the change from the previous timing of 2pm.

Our meetup will be at their Killiney branch, which is their new branch. (I always go to the one at Central Mall, Clark Quay.) I haven’t been there before so I look forward to checking it out with you guys this Sunday! 😀


Attendees List (Final)

My gosh, your sign ups have been overwhelming!!! 😀 Thank YOU so much to all of you who have signed up so far! We have 36 confirmed and registered attendees:

  1. Celes
  2. Ngee Key
  3. Cheryl
  4. yuting
  5. Wanxuan
  6. Yoyo
  7. Hang
  8. Hang’s friend
  9. Dolly
  10. Ruth
  11. Joy
  12. Clement
  14. Nikkiko
  15. pgmuthukumar
  16. pgmuthukumar’s friend
  17. Zhijing
  18. Teck Chong
  19. Malika
  20. Petra
  21. Vinod
  22. Vincent
  23. Hilda
  24. Jace
  25. Jace’s friend
  26. Cecile
  27. Peggy
  28. Samuel Zee
  29. Grace
  30. Andy
  31. Aloysius
  32. Mnemosyne
  33. Mnemosyne’s friend
  34. Isabel
  35. rudy
  36. Rainey

Feel free to bring your friend(s), family, and/or partner along! Simply specify in your comment whether you are bringing any guests and include their first names. If not, it doesn’t matter. Most people will probably be turning up alone anyway (like the past meetups). It really doesn’t matter since you’ll quickly get to know people once you’re there.

That’s it, and look forward to seeing you guys this Sunday!!! Gosh, I’m SO excited to meet all of you in person!!! 😀

Update: The meetup is over and I’d like to thank all of you for turning up! Unfortunately I was too busy talking and forgot to take a group shot of everyone present, and by the time I remembered some have already left. Here’s a group shot of those who stayed till the very end. 🙂

Singapore PE Readers Meetup, Group Shot #1

Singapore PE Readers Meetup (Oct 27, 2012), Group Shot #2

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