Embracing My Passion

Heart in hand

(Image: Romel)

(Published on Mar 10, 2009)

Ever since I considered returning to corporate work three months ago, I’ve been thinking.

While it seemed that the decision was very clear to me at that point, a nagging feeling crept into me afterward. This was especially evident as I was making plans to return to work. Despite getting really great offers and opportunities for my next corporate assignment, with one paying an increment of over 30% of my previous salary, I felt surprisingly empty about them.

Instead, all I could feel was the nagging feeling getting stronger, to the point where I couldn’t ignore it. It made me cast doubt on my original decision.

I started to reassess my situation.

When I made my decision, it was because I didn’t think it was possible to sustain my financial needs with my personal development business before my savings run out.

Yet in the past few months, as I experienced higher consciousness from running my blog and immersing myself in personal development materials, the fear-based attitude I had towards money dissipated. This is especially so after coming to new revelations about my own attachment with material goods and shedding those attachments away. Money started having lesser hold over my thoughts and behavior. I realized that I didn’t need as much money as I thought to sustain myself (along with my family).

At the same time, things in my business are taking off, in a way I didn’t anticipate. Over the past few months, I have been continually receiving positive feedback from readers’ mail, other blogs, and forums. The kind of impact and value people are getting is really incredible, to say the least. Changes range from habit changes (waking early, quitting coke, removing time-wasters), developing self-love, dealing with setbacks, finding real meaning in life, to even making life-altering decisions such as quitting their jobs to pursue their passion. All of these just added a whole new depth to what I’m doing here. Compare this with what I would be achieving in a corporate job — the latter just felt hollow to me.

In addition, new opportunities have been flying to me by themselves, such as speaking invitations and coaching requests. It is as though the universe is challenging me on my original decision and asking me to reconsider.

All in all, after thinking about everything thoroughly, it seems very, very possible that I can make everything work out within my desired time frame.

Given that, I have decided. I’m not going to return to corporate work. :)

I’m going to continue working on my personal development business full time, including blogging, coaching, and branching out into speaking as I mentioned previously. If you want to engage me, please reach me via my contact page.

While there is much to be done before the whole foundations of this new career will be laid down, this is not daunting me at all. As I always advocate, when the passion is there, nothing else matters. I love all of what I’m doing so much that I want to do this every hour, every minute, every second of the day. Every day, I simply loathe going to sleep because it takes me away from what I’m doing. I know that I will be pursuing my purpose every day, for the rest of my life. I’m going to do whatever it takes to make everything work out!

Thanks to everyone who has been checking in regarding my plans! All of you touch me on a personal level and I’m very glad to be on this journey with you. :D

To everyone who has emailed me in the past week, thanks for your email and I’ll be getting to it in the next couple of days.

Here’s to embracing our passions in life! :D

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