21DPC Day 15 – Who is Someone You Dislike? What is 1 Positive Thing You Can Share About Him/Her?

This is Day 15 of the 21-Day Positivity Challenge (21DPC) for Mar 2012. View all posts made during the challenge: 21DPC Overview.

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21DPC Day 15 Question

Today’s positivity question is:


Who is Someone You Dislike?

…and …

What is 1 Positive Thing You Can Share About Him/Her?

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While there may be people who have negative, dislikable traits, us disliking them is not exactly all that positive either. It’s just like when we complain about energy vampires – they may be negative, but us harping about their negativity makes us no less negative than they are. While our negativity may seem justifiable from our point of view, it doesn’t make it change the fact that it’s a negative act.

The mark of a positive person is someone who is able to see positivity, even in the people he/she does not have an affinity with. My challenge to you today is to identify something positive about someone you don’t particularly favor. In amidst of doing so, you may find that – hey, maybe this person is not that dislikable after all. That perhaps positivity is more of a function of one’s perception than anything else.

Your Task:

  1. Reflect and answer today’s question(s). Write as few or as many words as needed to fully express yourself.
  2. Approach someone you don’t normally feel like talking to. It can be the receptionist, a team mate, a family member, an acquaintance, or a friend. He/she can be someone who is an energy vampire, a critical nut, a hypocrite, or has an off-putting character. Just say a simple hi, and engage in a short conversation for a few minutes, if you can. As you do that, see if you can identify something positive about this person.
  3. Identify at least one positive thing about your day. It may be something small or something big – as long as you deem it as something positive, it counts. If you have more than 1 thing to share, then by all means, go for it!

Share Your Answers!

After you are done, share your answers in the comments area.

If you’re doing this at the start of the day, you can post your answer for today’s question first, then work on your positivity task throughout the day, then return at the end of the day to share your results for your positivity task and your end-of-day positive reflection.

Check out other participants’ answers. Pick 1-2 participants’ answers and make a meaningful reply to them. Engage in the discussions. This is a group course, so let’s support each other in these 21 days!


Look forward to reading your responses!

Images: Happy girl in the field, Unhappy girl

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