All-New 21-Day Positivity Challenge!! Join Here!! (Mar 2012) [Sign Ups Closed]

This is the announcement post for 21-Day Positivity Challenge (21DPC) for Mar 2012. View all posts made during the challenge: 21DPC Overview.

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Update (Feb 28, 10pm GMT +8): Instructions are now up! Read on in this post for full details of the challenge and what to expect.

By the way, it’s been less than 2 days since the challenge announcement was posted, and we have over 200 official participants now!! Thanks to everyone for helping share 21DPC with your social networks! If you have not sign up, read the post and do so now!

Are you a positive person? Do you like being positive? What do you think about the idea of having even more positivity into your life?


If so, then this challenge is for you! Come the month of March, we’re going to be engulfing ourselves with oceans of love, warmth, and positivity!! :heart:

Introducing: 21-Day Positivity Challenge (21DPC)!

Starting March 1st, this Thursday, I will be kicking off 21-Day Positivity Challenge (21DPC), where we work on being a more positive person for 21 days!

Why 21 days? Because 21 days is the optimal period to cultivate new habits (Read: 21 Days To Cultivate Life Transforming Habits and 21 Day Lifestyle Revamp Program). Those who took part in the past 21-day challenges would know that. We recently had the 21-Day Fitness Challenge which I actively participated in, and I’ve been exercising on a near-daily basis ever since. When you take part in the challenges at PE, and you commit to it, your life changes, literally. I’m living proof of that.

21DPC is meant as the platform for you to cultivate positivity on a daily basis, so being positive becomes second-nature after the challenge is over. Even if you’re already a positive person, there is always room for more positivity. After all, abundance has no limits. 😀

What’s Going To Happen?

  1. Starting March 1st (which is this Thursday), we are going to celebrate positivity for 21 days straight. :heart:
  2. Your task for each day comprises of 3 segments:
    1. Positivity Question.
      • I will pose a question or a series of questions for you to reflect over. Please answer all questions, and not just the first or second question.
      • The question may be simple, like asking “What is your favorite movie?” to something deeper, like “What is 1 positive thing you can share about your least favorite person?”
      • The idea is to cultivate positivity in your life, via working on the root of it all – our thoughts. Asking ourselves the right questions will help us think in the right manner. And from there, the right actions, habits, and behavior will follow suit.
    2. Positivity Task.
      • Most of the days will have a positivity task assigned. This task is linked to the day’s question, and usually comprises of a simple action that can be done on the day itself. Do complete the task as part of your 21DPC participation.
    3. Positive Thing For the Day.
      • Last but not least, you are to identify and note down at least 1 good thing that you got out of the day, for every day of the challenge. If you can identify more than 1, that’s even better! The more the better! 😀
  3. Once you are done, share your answers in the comments section of the day’s post.
    • Feel free to do the first part of the task in the beginning of the day, post your comment, then return in the later half of the day to post a follow-up reply (click “reply” to your comment, not via posting a new reply, so others can follow your progress easily).
  4. The challenge will end after 21 days, which is 21 March. I will post a round-up and feedback post on 22 March. All comments will be closed on 25 March.

How to Sign Up

As with the challenges at PE, 21DPC  is 100% FREE! 😉 All you need to do is complete all 3 steps below:

  1. Spread the word about the challenge on your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, your blog, and/or Email (whichever way you want). Convenient share buttons can be found below this post!*
  2. Sign up for the newsletter and RSS feed so you get all challenge updates, as well as new articles at Personal Excellence.
  3. Post a comment in the comments section and confirm that you’ve completed steps #1 and #2.
*I run all the challenges at PE for free, never asking for any cent in return, and my only request is you help spread the love of each challenge with others so they can benefit from it too. Thank you – I really appreciate it! 🙂

Once you do the all 3 steps above, I’ll update the participants list with your name within 36 hours!


Tips to Rock 21DPC!

Firstly, bookmark Personal Excellence Challenges page. You’re going to check by this site very regularly from now on, at least for the month of March when 21DPC is underway.

Next, schedule a daily recurring item in your calendar now (spanning from 1st March, to 22 March) to check by PE Challenges for the daily 21DPC post and to participate in the discussion. I often get comments from past challenge participants about how they totally forgot they had signed up for the challenge just 1-2 days after they had signed up, which is frankly very unfortunate.

If you schedule this into your calendar (one you check every day, not one which you never look at), you will not have to rely on memory – which can be very unreliable. To quote Woody Allen, “80 percent of success is just showing up”. If you don’t even show up here at the site, how can you benefit from what 21DPC has to offer?

Thirdly, do, share, participate. Do the daily tasks. Share your results. Participate in the discussion. The more you do these 3 actions, the more you gain from the challenge. The more you stick to passive reading, the less you get to benefit from it.

Last but not least, consider getting a positivity journal for this challenge, to write down your answers, reflections, and journey in the 21 days of the challenge. It can be any unused book lying in your house. It can be a new notebook you just bought from the bookstore. It can be a digital Microsoft Word / Libre Office document. Whatever works for you. My preference is towards a digital one, because (a) it’s environmentally friendly (b) you can easily copy/paste your answers in the daily 21DPC posts, instead of typing what you have written.

Stay Connected!

This is not compulsory, but staying connected with the community will enhance your experience of the challenge. Many readers are on my social media pages, where I post latest updates on my life, including real time updates about challenges and more.

  1. If you have Facebook: Join my Facebook page (over 5,000 readers to date!!)
  2. If you have Twitter: Follow me on Twitter @celestinechua. Use #21DPC in your tweets so other participants who look up the hashtag can see your tweets too.
  3. Site comments: This is where all discussion on the challenge will take place. Bookmark Personal Excellence and check by daily posts. Read participants’ responses, post your responses, and join in the discussion!

Spread the Word!

The best way to make this challenge a real success is to get as many people on board as possible. Those of you who have been in previous challenges would have experienced this – When we have more people doing the tasks with us, we generate more positive energy, we gain momentum, and all of us benefit together. We get more people sharing their results, their insights, and we learn so much more in the process.

Hence, I need your help to share this to as many people as you can. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Email, etc (all share buttons can be found at the end of the article, if you’re reading this at the blog and not your email reader). Get all your friends, family and acquaintances to join. The more people who sign up, the more powerful this experience is going to be!


Get Ready for Positivity on March 1st!

Get ready, for we’re going to rock the month of March with endless bouts of positivity! 😀 Stay tuned for the first question this Thursday on March 1st.

In the meantime, share 21DPC with all your friends and family and get them all onboard! The more people we have, the more positive energy we generate! 😀

Update Mar 1: Day 1’s task is up. Start right here! Read: 21DPC Day 1 – On a Scale of 1-10, How Happy Are You? And Why?

Update March 21: The challenge is now officially over, but you are more than welcome to do it in your personal space. Check out all posts made during the challenge: 21DPC Overview.

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