Affirmation Challenge Week 2: Catch Up, Share, and Participate!

This is the second and last catch-up day for the 15-Day Affirmation Challenge where hundreds of participants around the world gather to practice positive affirmations for 15 days in July 2014. The challenge is now over, but you can still do the tasks in your own time. Visit the overview page for all Affirmation Challenge tasks and posts.

Affirmation Challenge

Dear everyone, welcome to the second catch-up day of our 15-Day Affirmation Challenge! :D We are now at the week-two mark of the challenge and this is the second last day before the challenge ends. :)

Today’s Task: Catch Up, Share, and Participate!

Part 1: Catch Up!

Today, your main task is to catch up on any tasks that you’re behind on. If you’re currently behind by a few tasks, not to worry as it is possible to cover a few tasks in one day, as participant Foli has been doing! (It’s not the recommended pace of one a day, but it’s okay as long as you’re doing the steps duly and not rushing through them!)

Here are the 14 affirmations so far (click into each day’s posts for the full task instructions):

Part 2: Share, Engage, and Interact!

If you’re up to speed, but haven’t been sharing your answers… then please, use this day to post your daily results in the discussion threads! Remember, it’s the sharing where you crystallize your lessons, give others the opportunity to know you, and get to learn from other’s feedback. Your challenge experience is entirely dependent on your involvement. If you stay passive, you’ll get a passive, one-way learning experience; if you open up and share, you may find that it paves the way for something new to come. :)

We only have TWO MORE DAYS TO GO before the challenge ends! So take this invaluable opportunity to participate, share your answers, and interact with the participants.

Unlike our Week 1 review, there’s no feedback session since I’ll be posting a roundup at the end of the challenge which will include your feedback for the overall challenge.

I’m going to dive into the comments section now to engage with the rest of you, so see you guys tomorrow for Day 15 and our last task of the challenge! :)

Once you’re done, proceed to Affirmation Challenge Day 15!

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  • Santas Inspirations

    Can’t believe it’s already finishing…

    • Celestine Chua

      I know!!! :O Time flies!!

  • VickiB

    It has been interesting to read other people’s responses — I really hope those who have not shared yet will do so during this catch-up day.

    One of the really interesting things is how so many people are sharing similar experiences — concerns about careers and relationships. I remember when those were my top concerns. I’d like to say encouraging things to every one of you — if you continue to be as thoughtful about these matters as you have been on this challenge, and if you follow through on your action steps, you will develop the ability to handle any problems you face in healthy and positive ways.

    I love the structured approach in these challenges. In so many problem situations, things feel chaotic and messy and the only way to get a handle on them is to break things down so that you can address each component. Earlier this year, I was in crisis, triggered by MrB’s situation and made worse by my son having a crisis of his own.

    We had a very hard winter, and MrB was not able to leave the house for three months because of ice or snow or both that made it dangerous for him to go out. Every time I tried to arrange to get away from the cold, the weather closed the airports. His health deteriorated; he was having heart trouble, his kidneys failing, and he got an infection in an open wound on his ankle that threatened to cause him to lose mobility and even possibly an amputation. And then my son’s wife called from where they live in another town and told me he was having a problem and wanted me to drive over there to help out. I had to say no! I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t know what to do. So I sat down and made a list of all the problems and all the complications and then started trying to come up with solutions, one by one. We can’t get away, how about just checking into a local hotel that has a swimming pool and lounge area? What questions can I ask the doctors? What do I know about his heart and his kidneys? What has helped in the past? When I came up with a list of things I could do, and started doing them, I felt so much better. I went from feeling paralyzed with anxiety to efficiently making calls and taking care of things.

    Including myself. I made sure that I started seeing a counselor, and had a physical checkup, and time with friends.

    All of that just to reinforce my statement about the value of the structure that Celes provides. What she is teaching us are really useful skills that we can apply in every area of life.

    Thanks so much, Celes!

  • ‘Nina’


    Here a photo of my whiteboard I use for my affirmations. I walk past this thing, am thereby frequently reminded of the affirmations and work with it: rewrite them, to make them have a bigger impact.

    My challenge journey: My growth, is a slow one. here my expression on how I take part in the challenge (YES I commit to take part, and express this, which is a huge step for me personally!!)

    in fearing I couldn’t keep up the pace of this challenge, not make the most out of it, not do the challenge justice by just doing segments of it, not being able to find the right words to express myself or order of them right(dyslexia) or get to the point, I hesitated to take part at all.

    Although I know this challenge is perfect for me and would give me the structure that I long for to give myself an assignment to reflect and rephrase my believes. In a commitment that I made to myself in the past to take development step by step and to keep trying however slow it might seem, I did give it a try and see how this challenge could work for me.

    Here’s what I did. I read the articles (at first the entire ones) and intended to AT LEAST write down the affirmations multiple times. In the past this has proven to be a successful method rather than solely saying it in my heart/or aloud. The latter seems still somewhat difficult. (because of my stringent destructive self-believes that seem to still have some territory). But for when I am writing: although at first my commitment is ‘to write down the affirmations’ This will automatically be voiced in my head when I am doing it and takes away the possible uncomfortable feeling withholding me from ‘doing’ the affirmations all together. Method: I put an old whiteboard for notes that was not in use on the back of my apartment’s entrance door. (see picture) EACH time I walk across the hallway to go to the toilet, or go out the door, I am confronted with the affirmations and I do also take time to repeat them as I go past.

    Furthermore a bigger challenge I set for myself today, is one that I thought I would never do: Share my Challenge Experience! Admit that I am taking part. Admitting that it’s not going perfectly. And trying to (mostly for myself I presume) voice clearly, the effects of the challenge that occur in my life right now.

    I realized by reading the assignments writing out the affirmations, that I actually have the power to relief myself of limiting beliefs. And this does not have to be a painfully deep souldigging activity. Rather it can be a relieving, and even inspiring, activity. Still my process is a slow one. I have come to realize that, although I am a true optimist by heart, I have some grave fears ( resulting in procrastination, fear of faillure, low self esteem, toxic perfectionism) and misconceptions about myself that need to be overcome.

    As assumed at start, I pitty the fact I could not for many reasons take part and fully do the challenge, I learned a lot. I gained insights by participating in my own way, and how I reacted to the challenges. I actually got out of my comfort zone massively here: by admitting out in public I am not perfect.. but perfect as I am of course YAY. It is as well a practice for me to, express how I truly feel. I love the simple, positive, and structured way the assignments are build up. I am convinced the affirmations are good. The accompanying assignments are definitely something I will do in the future (more spread out maybe, so I can really let it sink in a bit more?)

    Some words on sharing your experiences. THANK YOU CELES, for spurring us to do so, because for some reason the writing of this piece, makes me more confident in my gradual progress and future succes, more clear in thought and focus (stuck in my head with my thoughts much, maybe I should write more: it really feels like relieving your feet from shoes that are to tight, and slipping into new ones that feel comfortable, offer solid support and express in it’s beauty, the beauty that makes up the foundation (feet) of being who you are) and feeling more supported: in viewing other people’s comments, it feels like a safe environment to ponder about ones self development, to know there are more people working on it, and seem very supportive of one-another.

    I wish to hereby urge people to comment on the article above, share your experiences too! Who knows what might role out ones you start typing. Who knows what you might learn about yourself, as you witness how you react to the challenge.

    May you all succeed in your own way, at your own pace, say YAY to every step of the way. It’s more fun than I thought it would be. GOOD LUCK ALL..


    little note: I adapted the affirmation: today is a brandnew day, the past no longer defines my, the future is mine to create –> to : today is a brand new day, I leave the past behind me, the future is mine to create (this to keep the entire thing a positive instruction to the brain)

    • ‘nina’

      the photo of the white board:

      • Educate Yourself

        I did it too yesterday, copy and paste in giant letters to post on my room’s wall. Thanks for reminding me ‘nina’!!!! It’s in my folder. It’s doesn’t belong there :) I want to add it to some other stuff I read on my walls, I have my scary wishes and dreams on it.

  • Educate Yourself

    I have been thinking what my next challenge will be. I have a list but I will make sure I stick to only one like this challenge. It’s hard for me to focus on one thing only. I will start with 15 day challenge then do it again to 30 day challenge. That’s my plan for everything. My list scares me but I will stick to one only. Even though i am thinking I could do at least 5 to make the list shorter. I will not I hope. I am going to do it one at the time no matter what.

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