Affirmation Challenge Day 11 [Career]: “I’m doing what I love, and earning lots of money doing it.”

This is Day 11 of the 15-Day Affirmation Challenge where hundreds of participants around the world gather to practice positive affirmations for 15 days in July 2014. The challenge is now over, but you can do the tasks in your own time. Visit the overview page for all Affirmation Challenge tasks and posts.

Affirmation Challenge

Dear everyone, welcome to Day 11 of our 15-Day Affirmation Challenge! :D

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Day 11: [Career]

Affirmation Challenge, Day 11 [Career]: "I'm doing what I love, and earning lots of money doing it."

 Today’s affirmation: “I’m doing what I love, and earning lots of money doing it.”

Work and money. These two areas of our life wheel are often intertwined. After all, for most of us, we work to earn money, and for more of us, we can’t earn money unless we work.

At least, that’s what we think.

I can understand this mentality, because it wasn’t too long ago when I was working in a day job, spending long hours daily doing work I didn’t love, and doing monthly salary budgeting just so I could save up enough money to “safely” to quit my job one day. Shortly after, I left my day job, and worked on turning my passion into a career. From first building awareness of my work, to building credibility about what I do, to getting my name out there, soon I was successfully earning a living from doing what I love.

And then subsequently, I decided that exchanging my time for money isn’t something I want to do forever, so I began to turn my business into a passive-income business. I identified ways in which I could deliver value to others passively, and then created those as passive-income streams. I identified the activities that were taking up my time, and worked on detaching myself from those activities, such as delegating and outsourcing, so that I wouldn’t be a cog in my business. (All of these and more, I share in my course on how to create your passive income business, The Passive Income System.)

It took about four years after I quit my day job before I was able to declare myself as retired… at the age of 28. Since then, I’ve pledged myself to a life doing only the things I want and I love, independent of monetary considerations. Sounds like a dream come true of course, but lest anyone tries to attribute this as the result of luck meeting opportunity and the like, I want to emphasize that it’s something that I worked hard every day over the period of four years to create for myself, out of nothing, where “no” visible opportunities existed, so that it could come true. And the thing is that it can happen for you too… if you want it to.

The process of successfully turning one’s passion into a career is by no means easy and requires many steps, one of which requires breaking many deeply embedded beliefs surrounding work, life, and money. It’s nothing short of me creating a six to eight module course just to adequately convey the lessons (and I do intend to create a Passion & Money course in the future).

Hence, my plan today isn’t to convince you that you can turn your passion into a (successful) career, as it’s way outside of the scope of this challenge. Rather, for today, I would like to get you thinking this question, What if it is possible for me to do what I love and earn money from it? and for those of you who are already doing so (congratulations!!!), the question to reflect on is, How can I earn lots of money doing so?

Now, let’s get started!

Your Task Today

  1. Identify your ideal career. If I am to ask you, What is your ideal career?, what would it be? Would you be running your business or working as part of a company? What would you be doing? Who would you be serving (since every career has a customer or target audience whom you are addressing)? How much would you be earning? (Remember, I said “ideal,” not “realistic”! :) Don’t give a realistic figure but your ideal one!!)
  2. Identify three things blocking you from pursuing your ideal career now. Every goal has obstacles, like we have learned in Day 4 on setbacks. As I mentioned in that day’s post, “the bigger your goals and dreams, the bigger your obstacles.” If your ideal career is a grandiose one, it likely has huge obstacles.

    Well, what are three things blocking you from your ideal career now? List them. (If you only have one to two main obstacles blocking you in this goal, then you can just list these one to two obstacles!)

  3. Identify solutions for these obstacles. How can you break the obstacles you listed in Step #2? Identify clear action steps.
  4. Take action! Take action on the steps you have identified in Step #3! Include deadlines where applicable, and get working on them — starting today if possible!
  5. Say today’s affirmation:

    “I’m doing what I love, and earning lots of money doing it.”

    (If you think it’s silly to say this out loud, you can say it silently in your heart.)

I encourage you to write down today’s affirmation so that you can always see it and commit it to your heart. Repeat it every day to yourself, for as many times and as long as needed, until it becomes part of your default thinking.

Affirmation Wallpaper: [Career]

Today’s affirmation wallpaper, for download:

Affirmation Challenge, Day 11 [Career]: "I'm doing what I love, and earning lots of money doing it."

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Further Reading

  • Passion or Money? – My article where I share how I broke out of the common conundrum of choosing passion or money
  • The Passive Income System – My six-module intensive course on how to create a passive income business and achieve financial freedom for the rest of your life
  • Successful Businesses Interview Series – My seven-part interview series where I interview successful entrepreneurs who share tips on how they created their successful businesses

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  • VickiB

    I see a great value in this exercise for people who are starting their careers and those who are mid-career.

    My husband and I are retired though I still work some at the community college and privately teaching Spanish. I am going to do the activity focusing on what I do or can do part time.

    Identify your ideal career and how much you would be earning.

    I have done a variety of things and what I enjoyed most was training and teaching. I love to share what I know one-on-one and in groups. I enjoy finding ways to help people learn and utilize that knowledge.

    My ideal career would be pretty much what I am doing now. I teach at the community college and in
    private classes. I also do some work as an interpreter and translator.

    I’d like to get paid $100-$150 per hour for what I do. I pulled that figure almost out of the air; I have read of interpreters making that much or more. If I made that much, I’d be able to support myself on what I make without having to increase my hours. In order to support myself just on what I make at my current rate of pay, I would have to work full time.

    Obstacles and ways to overcome them:

    Where I live there is not a lot of need for these services. The need is growing, however. I can offer my services to people who are most likely to have clients that don’t speak English.

    There are quite a few native speakers in town who also are interpreters and translators. I am not a native speaker of Spanish. But a friend who is says that I speak Spanish better than she does. The woman who handles a lot of the medical and legal work is retiring. I can talk to her about what she does, ask her to refer to me people that she is not able to work with, and learn some of the specialized vocabulary. I have some experience as interpreter in a medical setting so that would

    I avoid commitments that might be affected by MrB’s health problems. My students are told up front that I might miss a class and not even be able to contact them if an emergency arises near time for class (as it has done). I have agreed to be interpreter for a delegation from our sister city but only on the understanding that I might not be able to make it so they need to have someone else available! MrB is in pretty good shape right now so I will probably be able to do it. I would like to find someone who can be with him when I have a commitment.

    Take action:

    I asked someone who works in a hospice program if they needed someone to interpret for them and he took my contact information.

    I will be going tonight to a fiesta held by the Sister Cities Association where I will do interpret for some conversations; that will give me a chance to connect with new people who have an interest in the Hispanic world and may want either an instructor or a translator.

    The retiring interpreter I mentioned may be at the fiesta tonight and if she is I will talk with her.

    I am already committed to be the interpreter when a group from our sister city in Mexico meets with city officials later this month. This may help get my name out there.

    When I was cashing some checks at the bank, the teller asked about my work and expressed an interest in learning more Spanish. I gave her my contact information.

    I am thinking about getting some business cards to give to people who express an interest in what I do.

    I am teaching Spanish and I love it. I am using what I know (Spanish) to help others and I love it. I am doing what I love, and earning lots of money doing it!

    • Celestine Chua

      Hi Vicki, this is beautiful! I love how you have very artfully outlined your current situation, broken it down, and identified next steps. In fact, I’ve observed this is many (if not all) of your responses in this challenge. You clearly have an analytical mind and it shines.

      That’s amazing that you know Spanish, and it’s useful given that it’s one of the most spoken languages in the world. When did you learn it, or was it something you learned since young?

      • VickiB

        Celes, I started learning Spanish in high school, where I studied for three years. Then I married and moved to a towns here there were few if any people who spoke Spanish and I forgot it! Twenty years later, we went to Mexico on vacation and just hearing the language reawakened my interest in it. I started taking adult ed classes (no grades, no exams) and picked it up again quickly. Then I was asked to teach the beginners class, and I have been doing that for 17 years now.

        Over the past 20 years, there has been a large increase in the number of people here who don’t speak English and therefore an increasing need for interpreters. Through students and people in the latino community, I have been asked to translate and interpret and to teach private classes. It doesn’t happen a lot because there are quite a few people who are native speakers.

        You are right about Spanish being one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is the official language for about 14 countries and is unofficial but widely used in others. I have used Spanish when traveling in the US and also in Europe. I spoke Spanish with a Russian in London and with a Portuguese cab driver in Paris! Knowing Spanish also helped in Paris when my rudimentary French failed me!

    • VickiB

      I went to the fiesta last night. The retiring interpreter was not there, but I met someone who is interested in Spanish class for his two daughters. I also talked with a woman who works in an after-school program for elementary school kids and might be able to set up a weekly or biweekly class in her program.

  • Santas Inspirations

    My ideal career would be to become a worldwide known architect – spatial designer. I would have my own brand and my company would realize projects all over the world and that would give opportunities for young people to bring their ideas and projects. My dream is to somehow link the artistic and spiritual aspects of life to bring into existence something that would transform people lives for better, that would bring more beauty, light, meaning and function. I would work with other creative, inspiring and open minded professionals motivated to bring sustainable design solutions. I would have a beautifully designed office building in the city I absolutely love. Every day would be filled with purpose, inspiration and joy. I would have a healthy balance between my personal and professional life. Same time my husband would be successful in his own career and we would be a great support and inspiration for each other. In time when our children would arrive in this world they would have a natural role models that would show them everyday the meaning on living one’s dreams and archiving one’s goals. We would support them in any career choice they would make.

    Three obstacles for reaching this goals are:
    1) Degree and skill-set that need to be earned in order to become a professional architect – designer
    2) Professional experience, memberships, network
    3) Knowledge about opening and running the business

    First and most obvious step would be to return to university ( I have already applied for the school year 2014/2015)

    “I’m doing what I love, and earning lots of money doing it.”

    • Madalina S

      Your ideal career is beautifully described! I admire the fact that you would want your children to have good role models in the persons of their mother and of their father. Children learn a lot about life, success, value, and other such important things inside their family and from a the very first moments of their lives, so it’s important for their parents to provide a good example.

      I can totally related with you regarding the lack of confidence in your own drawing skills (since I’m insecure as well regarding my skills), but I’m sure that this comes out of the wish to create something truly remarkable and of good quality. The only suggestion/advice I could offer here is the same thing I say to myself: “Practice makes perfect.” :)

      I wish you best of luck with your studies (rooting for you to be admitted this year)!

      • Santas Inspirations

        These things are very important for me. I want the best for my future’s children. I want to provide them with best possible tools for life so that they can be successful in whatever they decide to do. Sure, I am aware that life is not perfect, and we always have some difficulties, but if I could teach them to view the “setbacks” as lessons, rather than “stop signs” I would be very happy as a mother :) I think it’s very difficult task to raise children these days, when internet and medias play essential part in our lives since so early age. The only way to give them the right education is through the life we live ourselves, and not through what we tell them life should be.

  • Samuel Lim

    1. Identify your ideal career.

    I would be running my own business since the sorts of things that I would love to do definitely don’t align with any companies out there. It would be an intelligent look at answering the age old questions like “Is there a God?”, “What is the purpose of life?” and all that stuff. The resulting answers, or beliefs, should result in practical effectiveness like increased health, emotional mastery, helping people overcome depression etc. For example, Buddhism seems to be a very empowering set of beliefs, or answers to the abovementioned questions. Its fundamental idea that there is no self leads to the notion that you are not your thoughts. This is the basis of meditation where you “watch” your thoughts which are like passing clouds in the sky. This “equips” one with all sorts of cool abilities like happiness, emotional mastery etc according to science. Of course as a belief system it has its flaws as well.

    As a business, this falls right in the personal growth niche I believe. So that means I would be targeting audiences with standard problems like weight loss etc where the answers I arrived at must provide some sort of effective solution in order to be valid. With regards to financial viability, I understand that financial potential depends first and foremost on the market. For example, people pay thousands for weight loss, but are only willing to pay a few dollars for foot massages. I would ideally be earning 10k a month, because reservist duty conflicts with my values. (It is a de facto practice for the army to not call back people who earn above this “magic number”. Also, I do not believe in the notion of blindly obeying the orders of superiors who may or may not be carrying out a just war, especially when you don’t know what is going on as a lowly grunt. So this is the best solution without giving up citizenship.)

    2. Identify three things blocking you from pursing your ideal career now.

    Firstly, I am stuck with some EE issues and still battling though them.

    Secondly, I have tried internet marketing and stuff like that before, and I realized that doing things for the sake of earning money so that you can be free is not enough to keep you going. You must be willing to do the work for itself regardless of pay, and I frankly haven’t found that stage yet.

    Third, I need to drop some limiting beliefs. I recognize that there is actually nothing stopping me from just starting a blog and experimenting, but something is holding me back. I will find out what is it and get rid of them.

    3. Identify solutions for these obstacles.

    Right now, I am working through a ton of these issues by addressing my beliefs. Actually they all seem to be connected somehow. I suspect that this experience will actually give me the necessary insight/experience to solve all these problems.

    4. Take action!

    Doing it right now as you read this.

    5. Say today’s affirmation:

    “I’m doing what I love, and earning lots of money doing it.”

  • Calae

    So sleepy again! xD

    I really like the idea of today’s challenge, which is essentially to
    get us thinking about what is possible in terms of how we work and earn
    money. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I’ve been planning
    out my long-term goals and desires, so I’m interested to see if I come
    up with any new insights today!

    First things first: what do I want to be doing? Ideally, I’d love to
    be working for myself, making various articles, books, and whatever
    other forms of writing I can create and share, and apps and websites as
    well. I love technology and so I very much want to utilize it as my
    means of making money! It would be a passive-income business, which
    makes sense and things like apps and websites pretty well lend
    themselves to being published and available without actively working to
    make them so. Of course, they’d need to be updated, but there’s no
    reason that needs to take the time of a full-time job!

    My audience would vary based on what medium I’ve produced — a game
    app might be targeted to younger kids, but a guide on studying could be
    for high-school or college-aged people. As a whole, I want to encourage
    imagination, learning, and betterment, so whoever wants to engage these
    things more would be my ideal audience! In terms of an “ideal” amount of
    money I want to make…why not aim for a million dollars a year and see
    what happens? =p

    So now that I know what I want to do, what’s stopping me? My biggest
    obstacle is learning about web and app development where I’m able to
    create my ideal sites and apps. I know the basics of a lot of different
    web and programming technologies, but nothing much past a beginner
    level. Therefore, I need to continue to educate myself so I can get past
    these “lower levels” and reach the point of the professionals! My
    second biggest obstacle is my time/energy with which I can go after my
    goals. After I come home from work each day, I’m so thoroughly exhausted
    that despite my desire to get things done, I really just look forward
    to unwinding and vegging out. My third biggest obstacle is coming up
    with (and then focusing on) ideas. I tend to have a hard time coming up
    with ideas, but then if I do come up with a new one, I almost always
    want to stop whatever it is I’m currently working on in the name of this
    new idea. I very rarely see things to the end for this reason (and
    possibly others).

    (My list of my action plans did not translate well into copying over to PE..if you’re curious about mine, please visit my blog which is linked below!)

    Phew! I think that’s all I’ve got in me for today. Tomorrow, I plan
    to make more specific plans of my larger goals (yes, I’m planning to
    plan. xD) I’m really hoping that this planning –utilizing the action
    steps from the challenge so far, especially — will help me kick-start my
    path to the type of money-making I truly desire.

    View my blog post for today, here:

  • Madalina S

    My ideal career is pretty much any person’s ideal career: one which would bring me passive income; a career which would allow me to reach as many people as possible so that I may encourage them and help them see the beauty in their lives, while I may learn from them, too, since every person has something to teach you (about life, love, money, human connections, etc.). Ideally, I would do this through a website and through travelling. $4000 a month would suffice for me to live a great life and to be able to achieve my dream of travelling and connecting with others.


    1) I don’t really have a plan. For example, I said that ideally I would earn passive income from a site, but I know that you need a product in order to earn money passively. Given that my goal is to encourage others and to make them realize how beautiful this world and this life are, there isn’t any products I could create related to that (other than books maybe?).

    2) Even if I set up a site and created a product or two, I have no knowledge of marketing and of the legal implications of earning money from selling the respective product online.

    3) I’m currently a college student, earning about $120 a month from a part-time job, and living in my grandmother’s apartment. My dream seems a bit wild when confronted with reality.

    4) I allow myself to get discouraged when things don’t work the way I want them to in a short amount of time.

    Action steps:

    -brainstorm site/product ideas

    -learn more about passive income, marketing, and how to design a website (if I ever have a site, I would like it to be unique and created by me; I have no knowledge in this area, but I would love to learn)

    -fully realize that my current conditions don’t define me. Like Tony Robbins said “It’s your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine you destiny.”

    -instead of asking questions like ‘Why isn’t this working?” “Why aren’t things moving faster?” “Why do I have to be so limited in terms of resources?” and so on, I have to ask myself “How can I improve my work?” “How can I gain momentum?”.

    “I’m doing what I love, and earning lots of money doing it.”

    Side note: When I said that $4000 would be enough for me, I really meant it. With that kind of money, I would be able to get my own apartment in about a year (isn’t that crazy?!). I know there are site owners who earn more than $80.000 a month, but to me that simply sounds magical. I’ve been raised in a family whose members believe that money is hard to get and that those who have lots of money surely have earned it in “bad” ways (illegally or by exploiting others).

    I think I have discovered my life purpose. It’s exactly what I said I would like to do as a career. When I think about connecting with people, learning from them, inspiring and encouraging them, and making them see how beautiful life is, plus travelling, I get a tingly sensation in my stomach and my eyes get teary. I first got this sensation while watching Celes’s webinar on self-esteem which I’ve purchased about 2 days ago. As part of the webinar, we had to think about our life purpose and values. I said to myself “I want to contribute. I want to make a difference as much as I can, to find beauty in everything and then share it with others.” I started crying (not the crazy, intense crying, but a sort of joyful crying, smiling while being teary-eyed).

    • Santas Inspirations

      Hi Madalina,

      Your purpose sounds fantastic! ;) Good luck with every step on it! What exactly are you studding and why did you choose that programme over any other?

      One idea I was considering myself couple of years ago was TEFL English teaching jobs. It’s a great opportunity, especially for native speakers of English, to share their language and therefor open possibilities for others. If you work in Europe your salary would generally start from 1300 euros and up per month. But this would mean an engagement for at least a school year each time you sign contract. When you have traveled a little, gained experience and maybe saved some money you have an opportunity to open your own language school either in classroom or online.

      There are websites like italki, livemocha etc, which are language learning platforms and you can register as a tutor to teach the languages you know. This can be alternative source of income while you study. Same might be useful for VickiB, for teaching Spanish. Language is a powerful medium to connect with people and influence their lives.

      If languages or teaching is not exactly what you want to do, there are thousands of other possibilities you can choose from. It can be a product or service. You already mentioned that you draw portraits. That’s a great idea as well. And if you enjoy it you can think about various other artistic forms you could offer for people. Such as personalized cards or invitations.

      I believe that deep down in your heart you know which direction you want to take. Most of us discover their passion by being in the process. One of my friends got married couple of years ago, and she couldn’t find a wedding dress she had always dreamed about. So she decided to design her own. Soon after that she realized a “gap” in the market, and decided to offer her own wedding dress collection. Great business ideas comes from understanding what it is that people need.

      Let me know what you think! And good luck about your studies!

      • Madalina S

        At one point I considered TEFL teaching as an option, too, but the idea is that I don’t feel like teaching — in the traditional sense of the word, i.e. in a classroom, following a certain curricula, etc. — is what I am meant to do. It’s not my calling. I know people who are passionate about and incredibly devoted to being the best teachers; they wake up in the morning and their teaching career is the first thing they think of, it fills them with joy. That isn’t the case for me.

        Putting my creativity to good use has always been an option in terms of income source. Although people say that I’m talented (when it comes to drawing), I’m rather insecure and I think that there are others who have graduated from an Arts school and who are considerably more talented than I am. So in this respect, I just have to push myself out of my limiting pattern of thinking. :)

        The story about your friend and the wedding dresses is great! And I agree that the key is to focus on what people need.

        • Santas Inspirations

          In fact, during my first (and only) year of architecture school, our professors emphasized that drawing is only 1% talent and 99% work. And very positive aspect in art is, that no one else can bring into this world that you have. You have your unique experience, the way you see things, your style and expression. There is no concurrence! We might be so many in same discipline, but each of us bring another “touch” and perspective.

          Celes is also a good example. There are many couches out there, but those who choose her, does it because of something only she can offer to them, whether is her personal presence and touch, whether it’s a technique or subjects she covers. There can be better or worse couches across many fields of life out there, but she is unique to her own audience. ;)

          • Madalina S

            This reminds me of a quote by Thomas Edison: “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” What you said about each person bringing his or her personal touch to whatever it is that he/she does is true and, I think, encouraging for many. :)

          • Celestine Chua

            Hi Santas, thanks for your kind words! To add on to that, an example that I often give to my clients (who resist from pursuing their passion / ideal career because they don’t think they have anything to add to the table) — it’s exactly like how there are so many singers/musicians out there, from Mariah Carey, to Celine Dion, to Kelly Clarkson, to Lady Gaga, to — well — the singers who have gained immense popularly in the past decade, such as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, etc. If one singer is truly enough, then why not just have Mariah Carey or Justin Bieber rule the music industry? That’s because every singer has his/her unique style that no one else can replicate, and there’ll always be a unique audience that everyone addresses.

  • Celestine Chua

    Hi Aatiya! If you ask me, now is actually the perfect time to think about your ideal career (which is what you’ve begun to do with today’s affirmation), and then subsequently work towards it, even if it’s still a hazy projection for now. Too many times I see and hear people entering into jobs they feel 50-50 about, and subsequently staying in these jobs for the next 10, 20, 30 jobs, just by virtue of the fact that… these were the jobs they entered from the start and jobs they’ve built up a large repertoire of skills and experience, and hence they are “not in the position” to switch jobs and risk losing the current salary they can command, their financial stability, and so on. So in the end what happens is that they literally stay on in a particular job field from the very fact that this was what they did in the beginning.

    Of course, just because we start out in career field A doesn’t mean we need to stay in it forever (I’m an example), but the opportunity to reflect on, and then plan towards, our ideal career is one that many people in their late 20s, 30s, and 40s would say they wish they had done that if someone were to ask them.

  • Vivian

    Based on my past experience, I will never come to this stage to say this affirmation. From the new beginning, to create a new future, it’s a possibility for me to create my own business.
    I have financial dream, just want to have financial freedom to support my family, make my dream come true and make a difference to more people.
    It used to be only happen when I achieve my dream, but I realized I can support my family, follow my heart and make a difference to others, just in different level. 1000 miles start from one step, I already in the journey, and believe I can make this happen.
    The biggest lesson I learned from Celes series on Money is all about value creation. ONCE I can create the value to universe, I will get it.
    Your Task Today
    Identify your ideal career.
    What is your ideal career? Dream Manager, realize my dream and enable others to get their dream fulfilled. Working as a professional in L&D field, and make a difference to others.
    What would it be? Offer sessions to leaders and female, 1:1 coaching to others, and write book to impact my readers to share my learning from life/marriage/parenting.
    What would you be doing? Working as part of the company, and conduct training sessions to leaders and female in different organization, and I also volunteer some session for free to schools.
    Who would you be serving : leaders and female, students. Because I believe both of them can change the future, they do impact the future. And students is the future for sure.
    How much would you be earning? 1 Million per year in first 5 years, before my 35 years birthday. Up to 20% travel for work, 20% travel with family. 10 million, then I can create a foundation for females, for working mother, who follow their heart to live a fulfilled life, to get their dream realized.
    Identify three things blocking you from pursuing your ideal career now.
    1) time for pursue my personal dreams.
    2) Habit on focus on time on unimportant things.
    3) Confidence –limiting self-belief
    4) Focus –I am too many passion, but should have focus to focus my energy on, like the 10000hours outlier.
    Identify solutions for these obstacles.
    1) Improve my productivity and block time for my dreams;
    2) Create the new habit to focus on most important things first in every day work and life;
    3) Continue this affirmation challenge, until I these powerful affirmation become part of my default thinking;
    4) Clear on my goal and make plan for the 10000 hours
    Take action!
    1) Get myself back on the priority list, block time for myself;
    2) Improve my productivity, practice the 80/20 rules;
    3) Do this affirmation daily, read these power affirmation every day in next 103 days July 21-Oct 31
    4) Read the goal setting in Celee from PE, identify the goal more clearly. Make detail plan for it.
    Say today’s affirmation:
    “I’m doing what I love, and earning lots of money doing it.”

  • Educate Yourself

    Affirmation Challenge Day 11 [Career]: “I’m doing what I love, and earning lots of money doing it.”

    1. Identify your ideal career. If I am to ask you, What is your ideal career?

    -My ideal career is to work in a garage, my own. I want to make it the cheapest garage service ever. I want to serve everyone from 8 am to 3 pm. I will be running my business alone. I will be earning infinife $$$.

    2. Identify three things blocking you from pursuing your ideal career now.

    -Fear, myself, and experience are blocking me to pursue my ideal career now.

    3. Well, what are three things blocking you from your ideal career now?

    - Fear: I am scared I might fail as I did in the past. Each time I go I was told “We are not hiring.”

    - Myself: I am my top enemy. I make plans to follow but fear keeps me trapped and I end up not doing it again because I think a lot about “what if?”. So I decided to volunteer if they say no but i didn’t go still.

    -Experience: I need experience before I open my business. I want to work for a Toyota Dealership. Why Toyota? I love Toyota. My dad used to have two vehicles back in my country. Toyota lasted longer than the other one. I won’t mention it. It also had less repair compared to the other one over the years. Also because whenever I go hunting for jobs Toyota people were the nicest! Someday I will work for Toyota! I want to see how they became #1 so I can imitate them. I was thinking if all else fails I will save money and pay for my experience. Or I can compete that will be my practice then.

    4. Identify solutions for these obstacles. How can you break the obstacles you listed in Step #2? Identify clear action steps.

    - I recently bought a change a journal by accident. It says “Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You.” I am not following the the 365 days in order but I am doing it on and off. I was using it on other things I was scared of but I will try it on this too and see what it gives. I am scared.

    5. Take action! Take action on the steps you have identified in Step #3! Include deadlines where applicable, and get working on them — starting today if possible!

    -On Fear, it’s okay to be scared but I am going to go until they accept me. I will take out my lists of the garages and dealerships I want to work in now. I will go on days I am free. Or after College classes at noon.

    -I wanted to conquer myself. I wanted to master and control myself. I can’t let fear control me anymore.

    - I am on my way to get as much experience as possible starting from the bottom. I am so excited now!

    Say today’s affirmation:

    “I’m doing what I love, and earning lots of money doing it.”

  • Alia

    My ideal career is that of a helping job. I want to be able to help people, both in the short term but more so in the long term. With a BA in Psychology, I’ve been veering toward a career in Counseling (which needs a further degree). However, I’m not 100% set on that, plus there is pressure from parental forces who are not in complete agreement with that choice. I am also interested in the coaching field, which seems like something I may enjoy doing as well.

    I would love to incorporate my love of writing into my job, and have a self development blog that can bring in income where I share my insights with others, as well as, as a more long term
    goal, publish a book (or several?!) on the theme of self development. My *ultimate* dream job would somehow incorporate music into what I do. Music was my first love, the first thing I became passionate about and it’s something I’m very good at. It brings a lot of joy into my life and
    it makes me sad to see it fall by the wayside.

    Right now, in the interim between my BA and my Master’s I’m considering doing a certification course in TESOL. I’m sort of dragging my feet on it, because even though it’ll allow me to travel as well as to earn, I’m a bit (or very much -__-’) scared of the unknown.

    Things that are blocking me:
    - confusion. My confusion over what I really want to do always leads thoughts about my future into a black hole. I start with the good intention of figuring it out, but then end up confused at all the things I want to do and not knowing what I should put first, or what I would actually enjoy or be
    good at doing. I’m a person who generally tries to follow my heart, but I’ve lost confidence that I actually know what that is, and to some people to whom I have to justify my decisions, this is not good enough, they want more “rational” thinking. But I don’t want to do something just because it’s a good idea to do it, or because it’ll make a lot of money; I want to do something I’m passionate about, that I enjoy doing and that I’m good at and in which I’m actually making a difference in
    people’s lives.

    - fear/anxiety. I’m afraid of the unknown, and I’m afraid that I won’t live up to my expectations, or that I fail at reaching my dreams. I’m afraid of bad things happening if I do go after my dreams. I’m afraid that I won’t be any good at what I do and that I won’t be making as much of a difference in people’s lives as I want or in relation to the amount of time/money/resources spent on trying to do that.

    – knowledge. the first being a lack of knowledge of the ins and outs of the areas I want to have a career in. Also, for some of my future aspirations such as either becoming a coach or a counselor, I need further study in these areas.

    Some possible solutions:

    To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how to solve the problem around my confusion. I think perhaps one way is to find out the daily ins and outs of the lives of those in the careers I”m looking into. One way would potentially be to get in touch with these careers and with the qualifications I have or intend to get and ask them about their jobs and their responsibilities, etc.

    For the fear part of it, this is difficult because while there are larger fears that I mentioned above, I
    also struggle with anxiety at times, which can affect the “little” things, such as making phone calls to people I don’t know, or meeting with others I haven’t met before, etc. The one thing I try to do is talk to myself, and remind myself that everything is going to be okay. Even if I make a little slip up, it’s not the end of the world. And I can gain a whole lot more from facing my fears than from hiding behind them. I have to act in my brave moments, before the fear takes over again. Still, it’s a struggle, but one I’m trying to fight.

    I think this links back to the first solution: getting in touch with people in these careers. Having a better idea of what’s involved will hopefully make it easier to figure out where my niche lies. Also, further study in the areas I want to advance in.

    More here:

  • Hanna Sharpe

    1. My ideal career
    I’d love to teach kundalini yoga to 20 people in one class a day, five days a week, teach private 1:1 sessions and see five clients for counselling a week.
    I would earn £40k+ a year from these jobs.

    2. Three blocks:
    My own fear of letting go of my current ‘safe’ job with its regular income.
    I am not a fully trained counsellor yet.
    I need a bigger space that I can rent to teach yoga in.

    3. Action steps
    Start looking for a new job that is 30 hours a week that will give me more time to focus on yoga and study.
    Get on the intermediate level of my counselling course, or else decide where I want to take this – perhaps another type of one-to-one support/coaching….
    Find a bigger space to teach in.
    Read up on yoga class marketing for ideas.

  • Foli

    Hi again,

    My ideal career is teaching English, Translating (English/French, French/English), consulting, Counselling, coaching. As an ESP (English for Specific Purposes), a Webskills specialist and
    an alumnus from the University of Oregon, USA, I have the ability to create something valuable. I would rather be running my business than working as part of a company. I stick to ceating a Language Center or a School. My market would be students, business professionals, traders, employees and workers wanting to build their capacities in English and open up to the globalizing business and professional world. I think I could be earning millions of dollars in this.

    By the way, I will join the Toasmasters this Saturday, July 26th and take part in a conference on How To Fight Anger (An “Angerless” Day) on Sunday.
    “I’m doing (and will do) what I love, and earning lots of money doing it.”

  • gwetin

    My dream job has been instructing Aboriginal Arts & Culture. Somewhere in there I’ve lost my pizzaz. I am following directions from superiors who aren’t passionate. I want to set up my own business teaching the arts, role out of bed with my paint brush so to speak ;) I am financially challenged, lack confidence that I will be successful and am “stuck!” My ideal salary $4000 per month too. I want to retire and “grow others” in their dreams through the arts. I’ve been working on a business plan but shelf it because I don’t think others will be interested in…lots of work on “positive” I need to do!

  • Vinay Kumar

    I would like to have multiple careers. I would like to be a programmer and a performance artist. I like exploring new things and I would just like to take each day as it comes. I would like to become a better programmer everyday and be involved with projects that make a huge difference to people’s lives. I find myself enjoying most of the things I do. I would like to give my best to whatever I take up. To strike a balance in everything I want to do.

    I do not mind working for someone else. I like not being involved in selling or marketting myself or my work. So for the time being I like working for someone else. It allows me to just focus on my work, and be good at it, and also have a life with variety, where I get to do my office work, then be involved in a performance and learn a new form all at the same time.

    I actually am earning as much(or maybe more than) as I would like to earn, and my income is increasing at a satisfying rate every year. So I’ve no complaints there. In fact I wouldn’t mind taking up something irrespective of it giving me any remuneration. In fact I do it quite often.

    My only challenge now lies in giving my best to everything that I’ve chosen to do and succeed in having two careers and be successful in both of them.

    I’m doing what I love, and earning lots of money doing it.

  • Fufu

    Day 11: Career

    1) My
    ideal career is anything related with working on my novels.

    things blocking me from my ideal career now is a lack of a personal laptop,
    lack of internet and that I keep placing excuses before me (such as

    3) Solutions
    for these obstacles:

    the shared laptops I have on hand or public computes until I find my own

    will be no issue by next month as my sister is getting an internet plan : )

    As for
    procrastination I just have to sit down and do my darn job and done.

    New Empowering Belief:

    I will publish my
    web-comics after I finish creating my video games, learning the skills that I
    need and have a useful laptop and internet on hand.

    Action Step:

    Download a program
    that I’ve needed for programming but which I hadn’t bothered to download
    because of procrastination.

  • JadePenguin

    1. Identify your ideal career

    Starting up and maintaining self-sufficient egalitarian communities until they take over the world!…I mean, until everyone in the world has the option to join one if they want :)
    Money? As much as is needed to keep it running, expand it and offer a decent standard of life to anyone in the community. We won’t need luxury goods but a little travelling would do us all good. This “business” would be offering value that’s even better than money ;)

    2. Identify three things blocking you from pursuing your ideal career now.

    Land prices, lack of farming and building skills, not knowing if there’d be enough people with fitting personalities on board.

    3. Identify solutions for these obstacles.

    Land prices – get a regular job that pays a decent salary (done!), then stay in that job for at least a year.
    Skills – learn online (will do), practice on a small scale (already doing).
    People – will recruit when the plan is more ready.
    Also, ask people in existing communities how they got started (will do over the next few weeks on our trip).