Successful Businesses Interview Series

This is the overview page for the Successful Businesses Interview Series.

Successful Businesses Interview Series

This month, I’m launching a Successful Businesses Interview Series. :D In this series, I’ll be featuring 7 prominent and successful businesses that are making a difference in the lives of others. Many of them are famous local brands that the Singapore readers would instantly recognize; some are international brands, such as Groupon and CD Baby.

All these businesses have one thing in common – they have identified a very relevant need among their target audience and have subsequently met that need via delivering a superior, high value product / service. Most of them are also operating at a high scale too. All of them have picked up great business lessons which will undoubtedly be useful as you pursue your own passion projects and turn them into profitable ventures / businesses.

All the brands I’m covering as in the series have been carefully handpicked by me, as I only want to showcase the finest and the best at PE. These are businesses with messages that resonate with me. Through the interviews, I hope you can distill the important lessons, reflect them to your situation, and apply them accordingly as you pursue your personal projects and businesses in life.

There are 7 interviews in total, and all of them will be published one after another. The first one is up this week, featuring the highly popular Salad Stop! – with 7 outlets in Singapore, it’s quickly expanding faster than any food outlets here.

The other 6 interviews include features with Groupon (deal of the day service that’s taking the world by storm), Udders Ice Cream (popular ice cream chain in Singapore), Delcie’s Desserts (cakes and desserts), CD Baby (international music distributor online), Citrosox (trendy legwear store in Singapore) and Dann’s Daily (pescetarian cafe).

Stay tuned!

Update Jun 14, 2011 – All interviews are now up! Enjoy! :)

  1. Salad Stop! – Providing a Healthy and Tasty Meal Alternative for Modern People
  2. Delcie’s Desserts – Delicious, Healthy Vegan Delights
  3. Udders – Artisan Ice Cream Created with Care and Dedication
  4. Citrusox – Trendy Legwear that’s Fashionable, Comfortable and Affordable
  5. Dann’s Daily Cafe – Offering You Wholesome, Healthier Pescetarian Delights
  6. Millionaire Entrepreneur Derek Sivers of CD Baby Fame
  7. Groupon Singapore – Acquired for $24 Million in Less than 1 Year