Singapore PE Readers Meetup on 27 Oct, 2012 [CLOSED]


Hi everyone!! 😀

During the last Singapore PE Readers Meetup in June this year, I casually swung the idea of having a Halloween Meetup for PE readers. Much to my surprise, a number of attendees actually expressed interest.


Fast forward four months later, and Halloween is creeping up on us. So I thought, “There’s no way I’m going to pass up on the opportunity of having a Halloween meetup for PE readers!”

SG Halloween Meetup Details!

Here are the meetup details!

  • Venue: Real Food Restaurant. Same place as the first SG meetup!
  • Address: 110 Killiney Road, Singapore 239549 (Google Maps. Near SingTel building. Their number is +65 67379516 just in case you can’t find the place.)
  • Date: 27 Oct, Saturday
  • Time: 3pm (Reservation made under my name, Celes) – Please come on time as I’ll be doing formal introductions in the beginning and giving a (casual) few minutes speech, after which the mingling will begin. Unlike traditional Asian culture, timing is important here. So please come on the dot or before 3pm!
  • Dress code: In all honesty, if you do not wish to come in a costume, you don’t have to. I want to make the meetup about the people and connections you will make, rather than about the costume.

    If you don’t want to come in a costume, then please, at the very least, come with something Halloween-ish. Wear something orange, wear a Halloween shirt, bring a pumpkin, wear a witch hat, or something.However, if you are game enough to come in a costume, then please, by all means, do that!!! Come as Casper the ghost, be a bloody doctor, transform into a gothic fairy, be Dracula, etc. — there are no limits!

    People are always saying that Singapore people are boring, so please don’t live up to the stereotype! I think it’s fun to just embrace the spirit of Halloween and go crazy for a change. After all, how many times do you get to dress up in your life time?No need to spend a lot of money nor time for elaborate makeup or getup. It’s possible to get simple and fun costumes at low costs; it’s also possible to just create a costume yourself (a simple T-shirt with paint or toy knives stuck onto it) in just five to ten minutes.

    If you think about it, it’s actually quite easy to create a Halloween look. Just put some white powder on your face (and body), apply some some red lip gloss on the side of your lips, and you are done! Zombie version of yourself.

    Myself? I might come in an angel or fairy getup. Need to go hunt for the props first… (I’ll be coming over to our PE meetup right after another Halloween party.)

Confirmed Attendees So Far

Please RSVP to be added to this list! RSVP is necessary to attend.


  1. Celes
  2. Tian
  3. Tian’s friend
  4. Tian’s second friend
  5. Dolly
  6. Nikkiko
  7. Kydon
  8. Joyce
  9. Roxanne
  10. Yuan
  11. Wen
  12. Malcolm
  13. Yuting
  14. Teck Chong
  15. Wan Xuan
  16. Ngee Key
  17. Melia
  18. Hendri
  19. Jenny
  20. Claire
  21. Rongxiang
  22. Hendro
  23. Daniel
  24. Justin


I need to get a headcount of the number of people who will be attending soon for reservation purposes, so please RSVP now if you are coming! RSVP is compulsory to come. You are more than welcome to invite a friend or two or three—please include their names in your RSVP comment.

This is an awesome opportunity to network, mingle, and meet like-minded and conscious people, so you wouldn’t want to pass up on this opportunity. I ask for your help to pass this invite along to anyone whom you know are growth-oriented and passionate about self-betterment, because—hey—he/she may well be looking to meet like-minded folks and this would be the perfect place for him to do so!

All of you who have been to the previous SG meetup in June would know how awesome this will be. Please come to this meetup even if you’ve been to the one in June! Great chance to meet the peeps you met in June, as well as other new people (and I promise you there will be plenty of new people this time round).

Please only RSVP if you are planning to come. There were a number of folks who RSVPed but didn’t turn up for the previous readers meetup, and it’s not exactly good courtesy to do that because I do take the PE meetups very seriously. For me, it’s like meeting up my close friends in my life, and if I commit to meet my close friends, I will definitely make a point to turn up.

This is the one and only time I will be posting this meetup announcement. So secure the date in your calendar and RSVP now. Pass the invite along to others who are game for a conscious meetup of awesome folks and some Halloween fun. See you guys next Sat, Oct 27, 3pm! 😀

Update Oct 27, 2012: Thanks to everyone who turned up!!! 😀 Such an amazing crowd today! Appreciate those who made the effort to come down, as well as those who made the special effort to dress up. 😀

Singapore PE Readers Halloween Meet-Up

See you guys in the next meetup, whenever it is! 😉


Image: Halloween

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