Los Angeles PE Readers Meetup, Confirmed! (Jan 2012) [Sign Ups CLOSED]

Hollywood Walk of Fame at Los Angeles!

The famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard!

(Posted on Jan 9, 2012)

 HELLO everyone!! I just reached LA, and am totally loving the bright, sunny, yet cooling weather here (relative to New York)! :D

LA is amazing so far! I haven’t had time to check out the place yet, as I’ve been catching up on work and some administrative stuff which piled up during my 3-day train ride, since  there was no internet access. (I took the Amtrak from NYC, to Chicago, to LA, thereby seeing a lot of lovely sights along the way, including large grassy plains, dry hot deserts, snowy mountains, small towns, little hilltops, and more.) I plan to get caught up with work

For those on Live a Healthier Life in 21 Days Challenge, we are on Day 10 now and going very strong! Today’s task is on going caffeine free. ;) We’ll be reaching the mid-point of the 21-day course very soon. Hurry over to the 21DHL forums now to get up to speed on your fellow participants’ journals, the tasks to date, and to share your progress with others.

I’ll be in LA this week and the next, after which I’ll be heading over to San Francisco, where I’ll be celebrating Chinese New Year (starts on Jan 23!) with my friend from New York, along with his family. I also intend to head over to San Diego for a 1-2 day trip before I go to San Fran. (Eventually took San Diego out of my agenda as it was too much of a hassle arranging for accommodation and commute between LA and San Diego.)

While I’m here, I was wondering if there are any LA/west coast readers interested in a PE readers meetup? ;) In the same fashion as the London meetups and New York meetup, it’ll be with a casual get-together with lots of lovely, like-minded, and conscious people. I’m planning to have it somewhere central, probably in/near Hollywood.

If you’re interested, let me know the date(s) you will be available in the comments area, after which I can consolidate the responses, and pick the most popular date for the meetup (if it goes through). At the moment, I’m open either this weekend Jan 14-15 (anytime, afternoon or evening), any weekday Jan 16-20 (evening) or next Sat 21 (anytime, afternoon or evening). Once the meetup date/time is set, I plan to use the other days for my personal travels, social calls and sight-seeing.

That’s it, and look forward to hearing from you soon! :)

LA Meetup Confirmed!

Update Jan 10, ’12: The LA Meetup has been confirmed! Thanks for your spontaneous responses everyone! :D Please find the details below:

  • Venue: Sage Organic Vegan Bistro, a popular vegan restaurant in LA (website)
  • Address: 1700 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (Google Maps)
  • Date: 14 Jan, this Saturday
  • Time1pm 1:30pm* (Reservation made under my name, Celes, so just let them know you’re there for me when you reach)

*Note we will be having brunch / lunch via the items on their brunch menu. They will have juices/shakes plus desserts, so you can always have drinks/ice cream if you don’t want to have the mains.

Sage comes highly recommended via Happy Cow and one of the readers of PE, so I’m quite excited to check out the restaurant myself. Cafe Gratitude is a really great vegan / raw vegan restaurant I went to on my first day here (in LA), but I didn’t choose it for our meetup as I wanted to try something new, and Sage seems highly promising – PLUS, it shares the same shop space as KindKreme, a raw vegan gourmet ice cream shop, so we will get to check out 2 vegan outlets at one go. Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone! :D

So yes, here’s our guest list so far for the meetup!

  1. Celes
  2. Whitney
  3. Kari
  4. Charmaine
  5. Alex
  6. Andrew
  7. edwilk
  8. AH888 (Anna)
  9. Karen
  10. Amy / Almo
  11. Katya
  12. Cynthia
  13. Michelle
  14. Armen
* Latest attendance list as of 13 Jan

If you’re interested to join the meetup, please let me/us know via the comments section right away. I’ve made a reservation for 12 people, but I’m sure the restaurant can accommodate for more people if we have more people coming. Also if we exceed 12 people, I’ll call to update the reservation. Either way, not an issue at all.

For those who have already RSVPed, please proceed to set this in your calendar. Feel free to invite your friends/family/guests along too. Just let me/us know. ;)

There is no specific outline for the meetup, just casual chatting and getting to know one another. ;) Treat it as a meet-up among friends you’ve never had, if you will. This will be a fun-filled gathering of like-minded, highly conscious individuals, all sharing the same passion for excellence and growth. If it’s anything like the past London meetups and New York meetup, it will be extremely fun! I can’t wait to meet all of you! :D

Number for Sage (in case you need it) is 213-989-1718. See you guys this Saturday! :D

Update Jan 15, ’12: The meetup is now over! Pictures and afterthought here ;) – LA Meetup, Pictures and Afterthought!

(Image: Los Angeles)