Fasting: Day 10

This is Day 10 of my 21-day fast in Feb 2011. If you’re new to fasting, get the full background here: Fasting Experiment. Access all my articles on fasting: The Fasting Series.

Meditation at the beach

Here are my stats for Day 10:

  • Today’s Weight: 130.1lbs / 59kg
  • Diff vs. Yesterday: -0.7lbs / -0.3kg
  • Total Difference: -14.3lbs / -6.5kg
  • Water consumption: 1.4 liters
  • Body Temp: 35.5 C / 95.5 F

Almost at the halfway mark!


I’ve been talking about the light-headedness I’ve been experiencing but I realized I haven’t exactly described how bad it is. When sitting up from the bed (after lying for at least 10-15 minutes or so) , it felt I was having a hangover. There’d be a slight black-out, heaviness of the head and mild headache. Like my head was jammed up. This would last for about 5-12 seconds as it subside away. Same thing happens when I stand up from sitting after a while. Trying to stand up very slowly helps a little but doesn’t stop it from coming.

The issue lends itself to trivial incidences too. For example, when I kneel down at the supermarket to get something, I’d feel woozy when I stand up. When I tilt my head upwards to see something above me, I’ll feel mentally heavy too.

The black-out isn’t such an issue as the heaviness and the headache. Even if it just lasts a few seconds, it’s not exactly a pleasant sensation. It’d seem that the light-headedness only happens when I’m physically inactive prior. If I’m having a conversation with someone before that, it doesn’t happen.

I’d say this is one of the hardest part of the fast for me. Everything else is actually very manageable. Even the feeling of nausea has lessened – today I didn’t feel nauseous for a good part of the day.

Detox – Tongue

The white coating on the center part of my tongue has thickened. At the same time, the sides seem to be clearing up. I read that the coating will keep thickening till the highest point of the detox, after it’ll clear up, beginning with the sides and point of the tongue.

Detox – Stomach

I felt some aches and pains in my stomach which went away quite quickly. Pains and aches in different parts of the body are common as part of detox signs (the body processing past unrepaired damage), so it could have been a detox sign.

Physical energy

Today I went out to meet a friend. I was brisk walking to the bus stop, and was breathing very heavily after 5 minutes. When I reached the venue I had to climb up a flight of 30 steps and I was extremely exhausted when I reached the top, even though I was making an effort to do so slowly. I had to stop and recover my energy. The same thing happened when I climbed down 30 steps at the end of the platform.

Walking at a leisurely pace on ground level is okay though. After hanging out with my friend, I walked around the mall for about an hour with no issues. I tried looking for the spiral cutter and shredder (a more sophisticated kind) but the mart didn’t carry them. 🙁 Tomorrow I’ll check out another large mall in Singapore.

By the way, I noticed I need less sleep and rest now. Just now I watched through 3/4 of a movie without needing to pause and rest (I’m at Order of the Phoenix now), and before that I got some work done too. And I still have energy to write the update for Day 10 right now. All’s good! 😀


I haven’t covered this but thought I’d mention that my sleep has been nice and sound. Some fasters reported having difficulty sleeping or waking up repeatedly throughout their sleep. I haven’t faced either problems (at least nothing out of the blue).

Weight Loss

I’m at 130.1lbs / 59kg today, which is a loss of -0.7lbs / -0.3kg vs. yesterday. That’s the same rate of loss. I’m expecting about a loss of -0.2/0.3kg a day for the next half of the fast, since my daily caloric needs are about 1600~1700 calories, which adds up to 1700/3500 = 0.5lb or 0.22kg loss a day (3500 calories make up a pound). For those who are fasting and not seeing any changes in the scale, there’s no need to panic or freak out – since you’re not taking any calories, your body has to be burning them from your reserves. The fats are being burned, just that they may not register on the scale immediately (probably due to water weight). I know my weight can fluctuate about 0.3-0.4kg during a fasting day. It has become more stable now.

My friend’s friend commented that I lost a lot of weight today. She didn’t know I was fasting though, so I just acknowledged the comment and smiled knowingly at my friend. 😉 Again, the key is on keeping the weight off post-fast.


I did a wardrobe decluttering today. I removed all the clothes that didn’t fit me anymore as well as clothes that I no longer resonated with. Some of them were dated from several years back; others were clothes I wore once or twice and never wore them again. I also took the chance to clear out my less popular accessories. It was therapeutic clearing out the clothes and accessories. Sort of like shedding off a past self that I had grown out of a long while ago. Since I haven’t bought many new clothes in the past 2 years, I look forward to going on shopping trips later this year.

Ease of Fasting Process

For those of you who are interested to try fasting, you might think you need a lot of determination to get you through. It’s not true though. Fasting isn’t supposed to be hard or painful at all. In fact if you find it difficult to get through the process, you’re probably doing something wrong.

The past 10 days have actually been pretty easy for me. There was Day 5 that was relatively rough (because of the transition into ketosis), but other than that everything has been manageable. It’s more of building the proper framework in Day 0 (via setting a proper action plan) such that you ease into the process and get on with the program. In fact, my decision to start my fast on Feb 4 came on the spur of the moment on Feb 3 late afternoon, and everything rolled from there. Every day I’m just going with the flow and seeing what the new day of fasting brings for me. Asides from the fasting signs, it isn’t all that different from a normal day.

If you have the benefit of an online / home-based business, you do have the benefit over others since you get to control your schedule. For those of you who are working in a day job, I mentioned in the forums to try out juice fasting instead, which gives you the benefits of water fasting and gives you energy for your daily routines too. Since you’re getting a daily caloric intake via juice, it does work slower than water fasting (about twice as long, depending on how much calories you’re taking in. The more, the slower), but it is a great alternative for those who can’t take time off.

Post Fast Eating Guidelines

On Day 6, I pondered over what to do post-fast, food-wise. I finally came to an answer a few days ago. Since conventional signs of hunger (stomach growling, thoughts of hunger), standard meal times and people eating are not true indicators to eat, the real question boils down to why exactly we need to eat – the fundamental function of food. The answer is – to provide us with energy so we can survive and live, as well as to grow and repair our body.

Hence, my daily objective in eating is to ensure that I meet my daily nutritional and energy needs, such that I can function at my best. This means not eating just because others are eating, but eating when I feel it’s time for me to eat. This means not eating just to clear my plate, but stopping when I’m done with the meal. This also means not leaving food options to what’s around me, but carrying my own food that’s healthy and nutritional.

I don’t plan to count calories every day (not to the T anyway) because I did it for a year before and it was very troublesome. Rather, I’ll just do a rough mental estimation each day. Having created my calorie list and my ideal meal plan during 21DHL, I have a good gauge of what and how much to eat to meet my daily requirements, so it should be good on that front.

I also plan to do a weigh in about once a week for the first few weeks. If I’m about the same weight, that means I’m on the right track. The goal is to eat just enough to meet my daily nutritional and energy needs (a little more or less each day is fine, as long as it evens out at the end). Doing this for a few weeks will help me get a hang of how I’m doing, after which I can just weigh in every once in a while.

By the way I plan to do a post-fast update (probably not daily) so you’ll know how things go after the fast. The fast isn’t the end but a platform to start a healthy lifestyle, so I want to share as much of that aspect as possible too.

Stay tuned for Day 11

Tomorrow is Day 11 and Valentine’s Day, so Happy Valentine’s Day! 😀 I’ll meeting up with a friend (I’m not having any food of course) to celebrate. Hope you have a wonderful celebration!

UpdateDays 11-13 update is up!

This is Day 10 of my 21-day fast in Feb 2011. If you’re new to fasting, get the full background here: Fasting Experiment. Access all my articles on fasting: The Fasting Series.

Image: Meditating at beach


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