Fasting: Days 11-13

This is update for Days 11-13 of my 21-day fast in Feb 2011. If you’re new to fasting, get the full background here: Fasting Experiment. Access all my articles on fasting: The Fasting Series.

Meditation at the beach

Here are my stats for Days 11-13:

  Day 11 Day 12 Day 13
Today’s Weight 129.4lbs / 58.7kg 128.6lbs / 58.3kg 129lbs / 58.5kg
Diff vs. Yesterday -0.7lbs / -0.3kg -0.9lbs / -0.4kg 0.4lbs / 0.2kg
Total Difference -15lbs / -6.8kg -15.9lbs / -7.2kg -15.4lbs / -7kg
Water consumption 1.5 liters 1.4 liters 1.2 liters
Body Temp 35.6 C / 95.8 F 36.1 C / 97.2 F 35.3 C / 95 F

Overall Review

There hasn’t been anything significant to report in the past few days. Generally I’ve been alternating between the different feelings I reported previously – from feeling normal and energetic to nauseous/light-headed and back. In the past 3 days I’ve been going out, with Day 11 being the longest (I was walking for about 4.5 hrs and sitting/talking for another 4 hrs), so it hasn’t been an issue going about daily activities.

About yesterday evening I started feeling generally annoyed and peeved. I think the mental heaviness (like in Day 9) and that combined with the nausea and not being able to do anything except either sleep (which I’ve been doing a lot of) or idle around made me feel annoyed. I’ve still been getting stuff done but not as much as I’d like to. Mostly just administrative stuff, which are lower value work that I do for the sake of having to get them done. Today I woke up feeling even angrier and generally pissed off at everything. After a couple of hours I tried to sleep it off, and by the afternoon I felt slightly better. I can only guess it’s mental and emotional detox at work.

The fast is helpful in helping me sort through my issues with food (and I believe there are still more things to be worked through) but right now I can’t wait for it to be over soon. I’m generally peeved at the whole nausea and feeling of light-headedness. The blogging aspect of it also takes quite a bit of work. It could well be the compounded frustration from facing this for the past week or it could be the emotional detox speaking here, or even both; I’m not sure which. It’s already the end of 13 days, so tomorrow will be Day 14. By then that’ll be 1 week left. I look forward to eating an apple when it’s over. (after 3 days of juicing of course; read the fasting article on “Breaking the Fast”)

For the record I’ve no intentions of breaking the fast before the 21 days (unless true hunger returns before then). I’m just openly airing out what I’ve been experiencing so far as part of my fasting logs.


My dreams continue to be vivid with an occasional bad dream here and there. Again, nothing that I remember. I did notice that the frequency of the bad dreams has reduced though.

Detox – Tongue

The coating on my tongue has been as white and thick. I can’t wait to see it disappear, which is a sign that the detox is coming to an end. There’s also been a bitter taste in my mouth due to the toxins. I haven’t done any tongue scrapping because I wanted to let my body do its work and limit any external actions.

Creativity Levels & Mental Clarity

I read a faster’s account of how his creativity levels improved dramatically while he was fasting. In my case I’m not experiencing any boost in creativity levels. My only guess is that I was already well connected with my creative aspect before the fast, so this wasn’t an area to improve on. I’ve never had any problems getting new ideas working on the blog (or workshops and coaching); most of the times I’ve a lot more ideas than I can execute at one time. My key opportunity areas have been the physical aspect (weight, physical detox, skin), and my relationship with food, and these are healing by themselves. So I’m very grateful for that.

I think everyone takes away different things from their fasting experience, and the benefits one gets are likely the areas that he/she needs addressed the most at that point in time. So say if you’ve been blockaded in your intuition, probably your fast will open up your creativity channels. If you’ve been lacking focus, your fast might help you regain your focus. And so on.

Likewise in terms of mental clarity, I haven’t experienced any marked changes. It could be possible that this isn’t an immediate area to work on, or that there has been a positive change, just that I’m not able to appreciate it cause of the whole nauseous feeling.

Weight Loss

Weight loss continues to be steady, as you can see from the table overview above. One weird thing was how my weight increased from Day 12 to Day 13 by 0.4lbs / 0.2kg. My only guess was I drank a bottle of mineral water on Day 11, which I later realized had trace amounts of sodium inside. I can’t imagine how the little bit of sodium would lead to water retention, but it’s a possibility. Either way since I’m not having any caloric intake, the energy has to be burning from my fat reserves, so I’m not worried about the temporary gain.

I noticed that one of my rings now fit nicely on my thumb (and loosely on the other fingers), when previously it’d fit my index finger. One thing I’m enjoying about the weight loss is that clothes look a lot better on me now, and I have a much bigger variety of clothes to choose from. High heels are also more comfortable to walk in, because I’m not carrying around all the extra body weight, so I’m very happy about that. Previously I’d shy away from high heels because it gets painful after a while but now it’s a lot better.

On-and-off I’d buy clothes that look really nice but are a little smaller, with plans to wear them when I slim down. So now that I’ve lost my excess weight, I’m really excited to start wearing them. Same for accessories (headbands, shoes, etc) which I wouldn’t wear normally but would love to one day. Having decluttered my wardrobe, I look forward to getting new clothes that fit my new self.

I got approached by an ad agency scout on Monday while I was shopping in the mall. Originally I thought it was someone trying to sell me something, so I kept saying “No thank you”; but then I realized it was a scout when she pressed on. She was saying that I looked photogenic and she wanted to invite me to their company. I thought that was very flattering, and it’s been a while since I was approached by scouts (the last time that happened was during my university years; granted that I rarely ever went out after I started worked – I was usually either in office working or at home working). Anyway I told her it’s okay and thanked her. In retrospect I could have accepted her card; perhaps next time if it happens again.

Next update will be in 2-3 days, depending if there are significant things to update. Thanks again everyone for your constant support! 🙂

Update: Day 14 is up!

This is update for Days 11-13 of my 21-day fast in Feb 2011. If you’re new to fasting, get the full background here: Fasting Experiment. Access all my articles on fasting: The Fasting Series.

Image: Meditating at beach


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