Fasting: Day 9

This is Day 9 of my 21-day fast in Feb 2011. If you’re new to fasting, get the full background here: Fasting Experiment. Access all my articles on fasting: The Fasting Series.

Meditation at the beach

Here are my stats for Day 9:

  • Today’s Weight: 130.8lbs / 59.3kg
  • Diff vs. Yesterday: -0.7lbs / -0.3kg
  • Total Difference: -13.7lbs / -6.2kg
  • Water consumption: 1 liter
  • Body Temp: 35.4 C / 95.3 F

Mental Heaviness

Today I woke up feeling mentally “heavy”. It wasn’t sleepiness or grogginess. It just felt like my mind was very weighed down and wasn’t in the capacity to operate. That was about 8:30am and I had slept about 4-5 good hours before. I don’t normally feel this way, nor have I felt like this in the fast so far. The equivalent I can draw to is that of having a hangover.

So I went back to sleep, hoping to sleep it away. I woke up a few times in the next few hours with the same feeling, after which I’d shut myself off to sleep. It finally felt better at about 12:30pm, so I got out of bed. I’m guessing it’s mental detox at work. For the rest of the day I felt pretty good though – at least nothing abnormal from what I’ve been reporting so far.

Physical Energy

My physical energy has been picking up. Apart from the light-headedness which can be quite bad (even moving up from a lying position to a sitting position can create some wooziness), I don’t feel as tired as Days 6-8. I notice I’m able to work at the computer for about a set period of time before I feel tired and have to go rest. When I first wake up for the day, I can last 6.5 hrs or so, before I need to rest. After a 3 hr nap or so, I get up and I’m able to last for another 3+ hours before I feel like resting again.

Tomorrow I’m heading out to meet my friends at the mall, where I’m going to look for some kitchen tools for my raw meal preparation. I don’t foresee any problems going out as long as I’m not walking to the point of exhaustion. It’ll be nice to get out for a change I reckon. Lying on the bed the whole time when you don’t feel sleepy can be a dulling experience. I’m amazed at how people at fasting centers get through their 21-day / 30-day / X-day fasts, without communication devices or laptops.


Since my last update on my complexion in Day 5, I’ve gotten a few zits (3 on my forehead and one on my chin), which I take as a sign of detox. Other than that, my complexion has been improving. The pores are smaller, the skin is slowly clearing up, and I look younger as well. My skin is also a lot less oily than before. Normally I have oily skin, and now I’d say my skin is somewhat normal to slightly oil at most.

It makes me wonder how much our genes affect our skin type and how much of it can actually be attributed to our diet and lifestyle. For example, I know when I ate fast food and fried foods in the past, my skin would be oily, with zits and breakouts. It felt as if my body was trying fervently to purge out the toxins and my skin was one of the detox outlets. When I adopted the raw food diet in Jan this year, my skin condition improved quite a lot, with similar changes as what I’m observing now. It certainly feels good not to have to worry or bother about pimples or outbreaks for a change. Putting make-up is even easier now and the end effect looks better since you are starting off with a smoother canvas (i.e. the skin).

Weight Loss

My weight today is 130.8lbs / 59.3kg. That’s a -0.7lbs / -0.3kg vs. yesterday and -13.7lbs / -6.2kg since I started the fast. 🙂 My loss for the past 4 days has been alternating between -0.3kg to -0.4kg. Assuming a loss of -0.2kg per day for the remaining 12 days of the fast, that means I’ll end up at 128lb / 56.9kg at the end of the fast (which is still well within acceptable weight range for my height)! I’d be really excited if that happens because I certainly don’t remember the last time I saw that weight!

In the meantime, I plan to start clearing out my bigger size clothes. A lot of the clothes don’t resonate with me anymore, and frankly speaking when I was at my higher weight I couldn’t identify with myself (physically) anymore, because I’ve always been on the thin side when I was young. It was through the years of eating that I slowly put on weight, which made me somewhat disillusioned, resulting in further eating and bingeing. The past couple of days I started seeing semblances of a younger me in the mirror, someone whom I haven’t seen in a long while. I felt that I’m finally able to see myself behind all those “layers”, physically, mentally and emotionally, and at the moment there was peace, gratitude, and happiness.

Raw Vegan Diet

Today I spent some time combing through raw vegan sites and collected a selection of recipes which I’m most interested in. I skipped the high fat recipes and headed straight to the low fat ones. I also focused on the recipes which are easy to prepare, because I don’t want to spend so much time in the kitchen.

Seeing all the meals and recipes made me realize that it’s actually possible to make any kind of meal with raw ingredients alone. All the thoughts of “restriction” in what one can eat as a raw vegan is only a limiting belief, and it exists only because of how society is structured today. Our society today still very much caters for SAD (Standard American Diet, a diet marked by high intakes of high fat dairy products, processed foods, desserts, red meat, etc), partly because that’s what the main food demand is, and partly because it’s the industries pushing that.

On the other hand, if majority of people turn raw one day, there wouldn’t be any place for those diets – we’ll have raw eateries springing up everywhere, selling raw food, ranging from gourmet pieces, to take-outs, to daily food fare. That’ll be utopia for me when that happens, but for now it’s a matter of learning the raw recipes and equipping myself with the knowledge and tools to be a happy and healthy raw vegan. I’m just thankful that raw is not as obscure a lifestyle as it could be, and for the many raw vegans who openly share their knowledge and knowledge with others, with some even turning it into their life message.

With my raw recipes research done, my next step is to get the kitchen tools as I mentioned above. I’ll update you guys on how it goes.

Update: Day 10 is up!

This is Day 9 of my 21-day fast in Feb 2011. If you’re new to fasting, get the full background here: Fasting Experiment. Access all my articles on fasting: The Fasting Series.

Image: Meditating at beach


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