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2013 Countdown Challenge

Are you ready to countdown to 2013??? Because I am!! :D

A Year Has Passed…

It’s December 2012 now. It’s been 12 months since the start of the year, and soon, yet another year would have passed.

How has the year of 2012 been for you? What experiences have you gained? What new people have you met? What incidences have changed you for the better? What have you realized for yourself?

I’m sure much has happened to you this year. I’m sure it has been an eventful 12 months for you, just like it has been for me. And I want to make this year a memorable year, one that would stick in your memory. I believe an end of year reflections would be the perfect answer for that as we count down to year 2013.

Which is why I’ve decided to start a #2013Countdown Challenge!! :)

Introducing: #2013Countdown Challenge!!

Starting December 19, I will be kicking off an all-new #2013Countdown Challenge!!!

  1. For every day, from Dec 19 to Dec 31 (the last day of the new year!), I will be posting one self-reflection question here on Personal Excellence.
  2. Your job is to reflect on the question on the day itself, post the answers on the comments page for that day’s post, then share the post to your friends/family on your Facebook/Twitter/blog (if you can). It’s part of sharing the year-end-reflection spirit to everyone in your circle and to get them thinking about their year too, with you being the leading example.
  3. Throughout the day, you can read the answers by other participants as they reflect on the question for themselves. There are various ways you can interact with them:
    1. Comments sections of the daily task entries themselves.
    2. Twitter, where participants can connect with others via the hashtag #2013Countdown.
  4. There will be 13 questions, posted over 13 days (to usher in the year of 2013), which will culminate to the last day of the year (Dec 31), where we wrap up our year of 2012 with a big bang and get ready for the new year. (I will post my year end reflections as usual—something which I have been doing since 2008: 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.)

To Sign Up: 3 Simple Steps

You are invited to join me and the PE community in the #2013Countdown Challenge!!!

All I request is for you to do the following three steps:

  1. Subscribe for the Personal Excellence newsletter to receive the questions directly in your mailbox, starting from Dec 19. If you are already on the newsletter, ignore this step and proceed to Step 2.
    • If you sign up late (i.e. *AFTER* Dec 19), you will only receive the questions posted *AFTER* Dec 19; backdated questions will not be sent out. So please don’t post comments asking why you aren’t receiving the initial questions. You can, however, access all questions via PE website as and when they are posted.
  2. Add me on Facebook and Twitter (if you aren’t already there).
    • I will love you doubly much when you’re on my pages! ♥ That’s where you will get direct updates on the questions the moment they are posted on PE. There are now over 8,600 readers on my Facebook and over 6,300 people on my Twitter so far, and I’d love for you to be a part of the community!
    • (It goes without saying that this step is only applicable if you have Facebook and Twitter—if you don’t, you can skip ahead to Step 3 with no worries!)
  3. Finally, after completing Steps 1–3, post a comment reply @ http://personalexcellence.co/blog/2013countdown-challenge/#comment with your intention to sign up. In the email field of your comment, put the same email address as the one you used to subscribe to the newsletter (Step 1). This will help me verify if you are on the newsletter or not.

*Please do all three steps and not jump directly to Step 3. Thank you!

Provided you have completed all three steps, you will automatically be added to the participants list within 48 hours. Thank you!

Spread the Word about #2013Countdown!!

It’s very important to me that the challenge spreads to as many people as possible, so I hope all of you can support me in getting the word out!

If you have taken part in any of the challenges on PE before (which you would have if you have truly committed yourself to them), you would know how beneficial they can be. Wouldn’t you want the people around you to reflect on their year of 2012 and get moving to a better, grander 2013??

Please help spread the love and share about #2013Countdown Challenge through the means appropriate for you:

  1. Tweet about the challenge: “Ready to countdown to year 2013? Join the #2013Countdown Challenge: http://personalexcellence.co/blog/2013countdown-challenge/. Starts Dec 19!”
  2. Post the link on Facebookhttp://personalexcellence.co/blog/2013countdown-challenge/
  3. Email your friends/family and get them to join in with you. Seriously, it’s so much more fun with you do a challenge with a friend or two.
  4. Blog about the challenge if you have a blog; alternatively you can start a blog just for this challenge too! Share your reflections for each day’s question on your blog for 13 days of deep, reflective thinking; this will also get your own readers to think about their year of 2012 too!

Let’s Rock the Final 13 Days of 2012!!

13 days, 13 questions, starting from Dec 19. Are you ready or are you not??

Sign up now (through the three steps above), spread the word to others, and once you are done with that, proceed to the kickoff question, #13: How has your year of 2012 been?

Let’s get rolling guys!!! :D

Image: Andrew Stichbury

  • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

    This is the final official participants list for #2013Countdown Challenge! Thanks everyone for participating and let’s have a fantastic 2013 ahead! :D

    294 Participants. Last Updated: Jan 02, 12:00pm, Singapore time

    #1-10: Celes, Anna, Geneveive, Neenah, Wendy, Brian, Bob, Lottie, April, Hetal_S
    #11-20: Ish, Yongjue Tan, Rebecca Tan, JadePenguin, Diana, Chestnut, Almond, Ecil, ozcaveman, Vasundhara
    #21-30: Tameka Franco, Helen, jessica, Beli, Kimberly, Viraj Patel, Kristen, Amanda, Alicia, Shannon L. Buck
    #31-40: Aida, Nafeha, Melissa, Mihai, Teresa, Donna, Tamm, Alex, Nimisha, Alejandra
    #41-50: Mallory, Valerie, Tiago, Margarita, Andrew Harris, Jen, Dimitria, Kamal, KK
    #51-60: Corrine, Fufu, Jan, Amy, Alyssa Choong, Andi-Roo, Maximilianah, ZLing, Melissa, Helena
    #61-70: Melinda Thao, ZLing, Kylie_Mac, N’diatchi Olivier, Megan, Fazal, Reb, Ketka zva, Tony, Ffion
    #71-80: Sylvana, Ivo, Shaily, Cherrymsdi, Ka, Nisha, Xhensila, Sejal, VickiB, Pushkar joshi
    #81-90: Tammy, Kathi, Julie W, Stacey, Moonsparkle, Madalina, Dolly, Caitlin, Julie, Krissy
    #91-100: squiggle, Paulina, CS, Manoj, TamTam, Glenn, Sherea, Jenn, mrs, Melanie
    #101-110: Chankeydria, Ken, tony, Cari, Okane, Allison Renee, Shyam, Aparna, jT ,Susan
    #111-120: Rolo, Katherine G., Hema, Alexa, Cat, Lynne, Matt, ugi, Sharon, Ninschubur
    #121-130: yatish, Nur Hidayati, Karen Baker, manpreet, Deanna, Laurina, Charles, Sam, Violet, Bruno
    #131-140: SandzD, Marsha Roberts, Katy, Dawn Hays, Dayana E, Strong By Choice, PC Kurien, Kaye, Kate, Elton
    #141-150: Lee, Dwight Felix, Dixit, Raman, Andrea, Nani, Ren, Mikey, Mandy, Rico
    #151-160: Claire R, Bill Van Hall, Leone, Trampas, Maya, DaVida, Jennifer RT, AvnvA
    #161-170: kelli, derrick, Rachel, Ben, dEsPaRcHaDa, Vulcan, Spencer, Jana C, Rachel, Kenya
    #171-180: Beth, Prem, Ed Dombrowski, Aline, Marion, Kyoko, Jeff, Crissy, saroj, Sandra
    #181-190: Venessa, Victoria Harrah, Star, Sunshinegirl, Kathy, Bill, Joey Baker, VIKAS MEHTA, Raman, Alta
    #191-200: Wamdozz, Anna H., Bharat, Denise Andre, PRIYANK GUPTA, Kim Drummond, Clara, Belle, Nana, Lili
    #201-210: Merve Ulku, Dr Bola Aromiwura, Bola, moka, Marette, Claudia, Addy, Rosie, Neeraj, Mary
    #211-220: Aptalkarga, Suzieana, Vania, Andrei, Heather, Russ Saturley, Jackson Nyarko, Edwin, Ray, bitcreek
    #221-230: Kjbeckham, Julia, Carolyn, Elizabeth, Hallyu, Dennis Noll, Gabby, jas, Ellen Katsidzira, jenne
    #231-240: Miste Anders-Clemons, iroshan, Leny Keo, Linda, nikki, Joelle, Kisha, Satish, LaTrice, baopro710
    #241-250: mireille, BetBet, Suganthi Nagarajan, Fraser, Naveen, emilie, Carmel McCormick,Harvard, Ara Mendoza, Janhavi
    #251-260: Jbmann, Jayann, Sumangal, olive, JP, Marika, Lina, Jennifer Hall, Debbie, Marggie
    #261-270: Alain Savard, Abdulahi Issa, Pratibha, vini, Robert, Tel, NM, Angels30, TAHER, KarmicIndian
    #271-280: Nazila, Bryan, Craig, Gail Shawyer, Gail, Freddy Rodriguez, Netta, Narayans, Ashley W, leechanghwang
    #281-290: Pie, Arion, Eric, Trish, Spencer, Mella, Janet, Enn, Sonya, Pavan
    #291-300: Terri, nihuu, Susan, James,….

  • Anna

    Count me in! ;)

  • http://personalexcellence Geneveive

    To Personal Excellence:

    I will not be able to do your 13 Day Challenge for 2013, because I do not use Facebook or Twitter and will never do so. It is disappointing this is one of your requirements to participate, given I am not the only one who does not like to do social networking via the internet i.e. emails only!

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Genevieve: If you do not have Facebook or Twitter then simply skip that step. It doesn’t mean that you need Facebook or Twitter just to be able to take part! It’s merely a step to get all of us further connected with each other. Hope that clarifies your concern!

  • Neenah

    I’m excited to ring in the New Year with fresh perspective and motivation!

  • Wendy

    Can’t wait to count down to 2013!

  • Brian

    I’m ready …^O^ !

  • Bob

    Hi Celes,

    Another excellent challenge to not only reflect, but to highlight and fix in our memories different points during our past year. I look forward to this challenge. Please sign me up!

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hi Bob, that’s so awesome! Feel free to get the family to sign up too! :D It’ll be fun to do and reflect on the questions every day as one family!

  • new_me

    Looking forward to the countdown to 2013!

  • Lottie

    Ready and waiting

  • April

    I cant wait to get started! Thank you!

  • Hetal_S

    Am In :dance:

  • Ish

    Hi Celes, count me in. ;)
    Thank you for this opportunity :dance: :dance:

  • Yongjue Tan

    I’m in!

  • Rebecca Tan

    Participating! :D

  • JadePenguin

    Counting down! :)

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      That’s great Jade! Welcome aboard! :D

  • Diana

    Hi! Congratulations for your initiative!
    I’d like to participate to #2013 Countdown Challenge.
    I’ve completed step no. 1, but for step no. 2 i need a facebook/twitter account… wich I don’t have…
    Thank you!

  • Chestnut

    I would love to participate in this challenge, I’m sure it’s going to be a great experience! :)
    I don’t have facebook or twitter, but I hope I still can join?


    • Almond

      Wow, there’s more than one “Chestnut!” I’ll switch to “Almond” this time.

  • Ecil

    Challenge accepted!

  • http://charuzu.wordpress.com ozcaveman


    Count me in please!


    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Great to have you aboard Charles!! :D

  • Vasundhara


    I am in.. Count me!!! :D :dance: