Catch Me This Friday, 7:45am, on Channel 8: 早安您好! Good Morning Singapore! (Dec 28, 2012)

Good Morning Singapore

I’ve been invited on Channel 8’s 早安您好! Good Morning Singapore! this Friday to speak on new year resolutions, given that it’s now the end of the year and setting new year resolutions is the natural step to start off the new year! 😀

I’ll be a live studio guest, joined by two other guests, to share our experience setting new year resolutions and the resolutions I have achieved in the past year. I will be also be sharing my expertise as a professional life coach on how to set new year resolutions and tips to make them stick.


It will be a 24 minute interview (broken down into two 12-minute segments with a break in-between), which will start at 7:45am and end at about 8:20am.

This is my first time on Good Morning Singapore! and on Channel 8, so I’m super, super excited!!! 😀

Those of you in Singapore and who understand Mandarin, tune in to Channel 8, this Friday Dec 21, 7:45am, to catch me on TV. 😀 The whole interview will naturally be in Chinese, so time for me to brush up on my Chinese vocabulary this week!!

PS: My Channel News Asia interview last Friday (Dec 21) is now up!! View it here: Celes on Channel News Asia, AM Live! – Bucket Lists

Update Dec 28, 2012: The interview is now over! 🙂 Check out the behind-the-scenes shots:

Good Morning Singapore!

早安您好! Good Morning Singapore!

Me in Good Morning Singapore! sharing on my vision board

Me sharing on my vision board during the live interview. Those of you with 30DLBL/Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program, refer to the vision board task in the program!


Good Morning Singapore! Interview - Vision Board

A close-up of my vision board

Celestine Chua on Good Morning Singapore!

On Good Morning Singapore!, a highly watched morning segment on Channel 8, one of the most popular TV channels in Singapore

Good Morning Singapore! Interview Group Shot (Dec 28, 2012)

Group shot at the end 🙂 From left to right: Raymond (guest), Qiqi (host), You Yi (host), Myself, and Joann (guest)

Thanks Angela from Cassis Collections for sponsoring my clothing needs! 🙂

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