Live a Better Life in 30 Days Challenge (Apr 2011 Run) [Sign Ups Closed]

Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program

Last September, we started our first ever “Live a Better Life in 30 Days” Challenge – which subsequently became known as 30DLBL. In the short 30 days, discoveries were triggered, tears were shed, realizations emerged, decisions were made, actions were taken, and lives were changed, never to be the same again.

30DLBL became an integral part of Personal Excellence ever since and is now known as the 30-day life changing program. While you may have seen various other challenges at PE, 30DLBL is the core challenge at Personal Excellence. It tackles the fundamental personal growth pillars in life and leapfrogs us into our next level of growth – no matter who we are or where we are in life. Read more about 30DLBL here: Live a Better Life in 30 Days – Life-Changing Program


Today, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be kicking off 30DLBL again in April! Get ready to kickstart your growth in the next month! Given that it’s starting in just 3 days, we’ve got serious work to do!

Who Should Sign Up

Here’s a quick run-through of who should sign-up for the upcoming 30DLBL:

  1. If you’ve been feeling stagnant about your life/overall productivity in the past couple of weeks
  2. If you’re looking to get more clarity and focus in life
  3. If you’re looking to jump-start to that next level in life
  4. If you want to spend the next 30 days in the company of a group of highly driven, growth-oriented individuals and achieve break-through results in life
  5. If you want the next 30 days of your life to be your best 30 days ever in 2011 so far
  6. If you want to get to know other like-minded, passionate, and growth-oriented individuals

If any of the above applies, you should sign up for the upcoming 30DLBL right away! (For those who are doing BIB right now, I recommend to concentrate on BIB first) I’m looking at having the April Live Run in a small group this time (say 10-20 people), so sign up right away if u wana join in!

Doesn’t matter if you’ve joined 30DLBL before – all the tasks are designed to be timeless in nature. 30DLBL is meant to be a program to be done over and over again in life, so that you live your best life ever.

How to Sign Up Now

3 quick steps to sign up:

1. Get your copy of 30DLBL

Every purchase of 30DLBL comes with the 30DLBL Official Guidebook (211 pages), 100-page Workbook, and a life-time access pass to all 30DLBL Live Runs (including this one). Read more at 30DLBL Program sales page, or head directly to checkout.

For those who have already purchased the 30DLBL Program, move on to Step 2.


2. Confirm your participation

Reply to the registration thread (Update Apr ’11: Thread is now closed) with the 2 details:

  1. Userid of your paypal email you used to purchase 30DLBL Program. For example, if your paypal email is, just post helloworld. Do not post your email address publicly, as there are a lot of spambots designed to collect email addresses from online forums.
  2. The exact first name and last name as recorded in your Paypal account. This is to verify that you are the owner. If you prefer not to post this, then post your invoice number (NOT transaction ID. Your invoice is a long string of numbers and letters that starts with “2pp……”) and the date you purchased your 30DLBL copy instead as verification. You would have received this in your confirmation email after your 30DLBL purchase.

3. Join everyone in the 30DLBL private forum!

Once you complete Steps 1 & 2, I’ll reply your post within 12 hours to confirm that you’ve been added to the 30DLBL private forum. Once that happens, you’ll be able to enter the forum, view and respond to all threads inside.

The first task is pre-work for our best 30 days ahead in April, and the task starts on 31 March. I’ll see you guys inside the forum! Let’s get ready to kick off April 2011 on a huge bang!

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